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    My local TAB store gone!!

    Yes kdt it would be interesting why your local closed. Are you able to establish why?
  2. JOT

    Please outsource TAB

    I am interested why you think it should have a live chat function. The website to me, is about making a financial decision on what's being offered. If you need to discuss what is in front of you, then maybe using a good forum like this, or if you need help navigating the website, then they do have a Q & A and other tools available. Also, what is the distance they are far that behind other operators? Can you URL link me to those sites? It would be really interesting to see what is currently trending in the gambling industry. Thanks
  3. JOT

    Please outsource TAB

    Hmm... Shane just looking at those images, are you trying to run the website on your phone, with limited battery power and not connected to a wireless link? If so, your device is telling you 'I can't handle whats coming down the pipe. Either plug me in and get me to a stable connection or download the app from whatever app store so to make my limited life easier'
  4. Yes I miss the old platform, It had holes in it that made winter enjoyable.
  5. Good, then the NZ tab website is doing what its supposed to do.
  6. If "they" are the nz tab website, and if they are 20 sec behind the event, make hay.
  7. Could you have taken advantage of the lag?
  8. JOT

    Ok.. time for a fun game

    Yes. The topic was Time for a fun game. Ha...
  9. JOT

    Ok.. time for a fun game

    Makybe Diva – I wouldn’t really bash her but I wanted too when she beat She’s Archie in the 2003 Melbourne Cup (I had a sizeable bet on) Sunline – a bitch but stood up when it counts Young Ida – the most graceful horse I first saw as a young lad Kingston Town – say no more The horse I had my last losing bet on - but I think I’d have to stand in line
  10. JOT

    Hard Luck Stories

    Yeah leaving the missus - she was a cool chick.
  11. JOT

    Hard Luck Stories

    In the early 90’s I been looking to buy a Ford Falcon ute and came across one at a car retail business in Auckland. I knew the car salesman from a previous place we had worked at so negotiated a price and told him I’ll collect the ute the next day. When I went back to get the vehicle, the car salesman was in heavy discussion with 2 young blokes about a car they wanted to purchase. When he eventually got to me, he tells me the 2 blokes want him to hold the car till Monday and by then, they will have the money in cash to purchase it. He asked why Monday and they said they have a horse running in the 1st at Ellerslie which will pay for the car. So he tells me the horse, I look it up and it had no form, drawn wide but David Peake was on it. In the race it sat 3 and 4 wide, went to the outside rail on the turn and bolted in paying 18’s. I didn’t have a cent on it but I did tell a mate about the horse who made enough off it to leave his missus for his girlfriend (which he endlessly regales to me when drunk). Missed opportunity.
  12. JOT

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    Yeah good question. $50 million to just get a bet on an event, no. $50 million to create sustainable platform that can be expanded with a realistic user experience, debatable. One thing though, they had to move on from the old platform as it well past its use by date.
  13. JOT

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    Thanks Shane - IMO there are a few things that could cause this but yes the website probably needs some help. I noticed you were on 4G and not wifi which can cause network fluctuations. The site has most likely been throttled back due to the current climate so priority wise, a phone browser using data would have to compete for a connection with those hard wired or wifi. The other sites have been in the game a lot longer and spend heaps to display there product.
  14. JOT

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    Hi Shane - Just a question. Are you using the TAB app or trying to connect via your phones browser to the website?
  15. I think they changed so the 2 win options are now next to each other instead of separated by the fix odd place.
  16. Its typescript they use not javascript. why? If you have coded on a digital platform you would know the answer.
  17. JOT

    TAB First 2 Races Promotion

    Baz your more than likely taken them for a ride (with your punting skill). Once they did the sums and banished the Product Manager who came up with the idea, they have to figure out how they can kept you in the game but tip the advantage towards them. Bail while your ahead.
  18. JOT

    TAB website down for maintenance

    HI Baz - I ended up placing the same bet multiple times. Tried to cash out but no option. Rang and sat on the phone for 25 minutes waiting then the Chiefs game kicked off. Jaguares score so I quietly hung up. Bet won. :-)
  19. JOT

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    Why the Bahamas? Its over marketed, over priced, unfriendly, greed filled .. ok I see what your doing
  20. JOT

    Name for my horse please.

    NOLE (pronounce no-lay) Between 2014 and 2017 Djokovic defeated Wawrinka (2015 – semi) and Federer (2016 - semi) to win the Australian Open. Wawrinka won the final in 2014 while Federer won 2017 Wawrinka, Federer – Swiss Ace 2015, 2016 – Between You And Me NOLE is Djokovic’s nickname
  21. JOT

    Trackside does it again

    20 years ago trackside showed racing that the TAB allowed betting on. Today they still do the same. The youtube channel because it was live, offered no rehearsed segues or analytical comments, just personal opinions from those who had invested interests. Quite ground breaking I thought.
  22. JOT

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I completely agree with you. I think the TAB may have outsourced the work to create the new platform which is understandable as the skills required are not in abundance or available in NZ at the moment. The big issue IMO is when a new platform is up and running and the contractors step away with their pot of gold, who takes responsibility of maintenance and making improvements. That’s where people like you are important. The TAB need locals who have passion and smarts for the product to ensure it keeps punters interested, creates opportunities and offers careers.
  23. JOT

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Having developed in Java, it is my least favourite language due to the overwhelming IDE choices, unsupported libraries and versions of the Java engine. I have a friend who has turned down contracts to fix Java bugs instead he would rather mow lawns. Node.js allows React to use JavaScript functions (nothing to do with Java) outside the browser. React allows the render of the webpage. JavaScript developers are currently the most sort after due to the growth of the digital platform. The current system I work with, we have developed an app which allows the user to set a target when they decide to spend depending on events they have subscribed too. Once all criteria have been met, they are messaged with options to proceed.
  24. JOT

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I was under the impression you worked in IT. If you can’t differentiate between software, infrastructure, legacy and digital platforms which is confusing by your reply, then its hard to answer your diatribe. I was talking about the React and Node.js software platform the new system has been developed in. It is customer focus because it is accessible via https, api’s and end points using containers. This allows it to be flexible, scalable and responsive when an end point has been updated passing messages to all subscribers to that end point. This is one of its major features. Scaling and changes are simple because there is no infrastructure, just a stop and start of the new container. It allows users from anywhere to access the platform. (This is only a small part of what it can do)