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  1. Then why ask a question about Desert Storm, why quote studies that the US Military have under taken...maybe discuss things you do know about like horse racing. By the way, the reason I called you "FULL OF SHIT" is because the US Military don't do studies. They perceive them to be a waste of time. They make a decision, act on it then handle the fall out later. They hold enquiries, get audited and move on. Any study involving any action is done retrospectively and when the data becomes available.
  2. "Should never have happened"... I'm sure a million + Kuwaitis would disagree with you and maybe the 119 Kiwi servicemen
  3. Were you involved in Desert Storm?
  4. If the study covers the majority of US covid testing and has been collated by the US military to create plausible outputs then, how they did that is off so much interest BUT then if not, your full of SHIT.
  5. Being ex-military and now a software engineer - do you have a URL link to this study? ( the synopsis and timeframe it covers would be so interesting)
  6. The most interesting thing right now is the EU trying to ban Americans from travelling to its borders. Has no political or religious overtones - just the fact they haven't got their shit together. Interesting they haven't stopped Mexicans though.
  7. Yeah maybe I will but more than likely, I probably won't unless your actually right - then that would make good reading.
  8. FYI - I remember reading the below links a while ago. While reading through this thread, I thought I had come across some of this rhetoric before.
  9. Yes kdt it would be interesting why your local closed. Are you able to establish why?
  10. I am interested why you think it should have a live chat function. The website to me, is about making a financial decision on what's being offered. If you need to discuss what is in front of you, then maybe using a good forum like this, or if you need help navigating the website, then they do have a Q & A and other tools available. Also, what is the distance they are far that behind other operators? Can you URL link me to those sites? It would be really interesting to see what is currently trending in the gambling industry. Thanks
  11. Hmm... Shane just looking at those images, are you trying to run the website on your phone, with limited battery power and not connected to a wireless link? If so, your device is telling you 'I can't handle whats coming down the pipe. Either plug me in and get me to a stable connection or download the app from whatever app store so to make my limited life easier'
  12. Yes I miss the old platform, It had holes in it that made winter enjoyable.
  13. Good, then the NZ tab website is doing what its supposed to do.
  14. If "they" are the nz tab website, and if they are 20 sec behind the event, make hay.
  15. Could you have taken advantage of the lag?