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  1. As from today (11/9/2021) his stats are 8 wins, 12 2nds, 12 3rds from 95 starts at a strike rate of 34%. This puts him in the top 10 for total rides above 80.
  2. My speed map had Mascarpone trailing at least Manrico, Packing Rockstar and Shoshone to the first turn.
  3. T Where the hell do you think we live! This country does not have an abundance of resources that can pre-empt a virus before treatment. FFS dealt what’s in front you and make a decision. Right or wrong I will either step over you or lie down with you.
  4. I had family members involved with SAIGON. What comparison do you think justified this headline?
  5. Oh no you want to play you go first. Shit -101 stop being a fucking kid. I know its hard when you get challenge.
  6. Oh shit you make laugh -101. I'll take that comment as a badge. Come on, tell me about funding for mongrel mob. It was top of your list?
  7. My clients love me because I present them with the facts and truth. (and it pays my wage). Come on -101, give me the real links to the source of the truth, not jumble mumble your trying to sell.
  8. Oh shit. This is one of the funnies post I have read. I work in big data and if I had to stand in front of my client and convince them that source for their investment was based on social media will fuck me, I would be un-employable unless I find enough dumb shits to toe the line. Sorry -101
  9. -101. A video link is not an article. Link me to your resource please. Thanks
  10. -101. Articles not threads. There is a difference.
  11. And links to the articles you have listed. Thanks. Appreciate
  12. Which leaders are you talking about and what decision did they make? Could you post the articles. Thanks.