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  1. For anyone who may be interested i have finally found out who he is. Harvey raced as Deep Impact, a 1994 gelding by Rancher out of Royal Wagon. He was bred my MSC Taylor and sold for $20,000 as a yearling, then sent here to NZ where he raced 5 times for nothing whatsoever.
  2. I recently rescued a horse who was to be sent to dog tucker and am now interested in finding out anything about his history. Harvey is a 16.2hh ish Brown/bay TB gelding 19 years old. He has no white on his legs and only a few white hairs on his head-nowhere near enough to call it a marking. He was a racehorse then was used as a polo pony but thats all i know. He has no brand on his off shoulder and a sideways M, then a 3 and T with curved edges(photo shown below) on his near shoulder. Below this looks like a 5-cant be seen in photo. Below that is a 4. I have been told that this type