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    Eyespy reacted to yorky in SCHOFIELD PROPERTY FOR SALE,   
    We take this opportunity to thank all the interested parties who took time out to view our property. the property is now sold. 
    we have a had a marvellous time over the last 25years and met a lot of wonderful people and very fortunate to race a lot of remarkable        and exciting dogs who gave us a magnificent journey.
    The time has come now to close this chapter of our lives Pammie & i do not have the passion needed to continue since the sudden death of our only son DAVID ,we wish all participates the very best in the future.
    Pammie & Denis Schofield. 
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    Eyespy reacted to My Two Cents in Index of Starters at Wanganui   
    I also noticed the gap between the bigtime prefix. It seems to have come about since his court appearance. I’m thinking (and hoping) it was implemented by the GRNZ to make their job easier to determine how much stake money he has to repay when he’s found guilty and banned...
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    Eyespy reacted to My Two Cents in Getting big air   
    Both front feet are strapped, my guess would be it’s to prevent the dew claws from being torn off rather than for support.
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    Eyespy got a reaction from Patiti in Questionable Handling..   
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    Eyespy got a reaction from The White Poodle in Fare well Gavin Whiterod   
    did you manage to type that with a straight face? 
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    Eyespy reacted to The White Poodle in Fare well Gavin Whiterod   
    Race 12 at Auckland Sunday is an Appreciation to Gavin Whiterod. What an amazing innings this dedicated man of Integrity has had on our sport. Retire knowing you have always been so transparent and honest to us all Gavin.  Retire with a clear consiounce .. We will miss you.... 
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    Eyespy got a reaction from Jabba2 in Brendan Cole   
    I see race 1 and 2 at Wanganui today both winning dogs owned by Brendon Cole,  not bad for a person warned off, GRNZ thanks a bunch, your really letting the rest of us down with your lack of action throughout this whole fiasco, was once proud to be involved with the dogs, not anymore
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    Eyespy got a reaction from Jabba2 in Brendan Cole   
    I see race 1 and 2 at Wanganui today both winning dogs owned by Brendon Cole,  not bad for a person warned off, GRNZ thanks a bunch, your really letting the rest of us down with your lack of action throughout this whole fiasco, was once proud to be involved with the dogs, not anymore
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    Eyespy reacted to My Two Cents in Does anyone know of any training tracks in Timaru area?   
    Easier to list the 5 people you shouldn’t go near!!! My tip would be to seek as much advice as possible from trusted people and sift through it to devise your own methods. Once your training and winning (!) don’t change your ways and beware of two things, firstly, people wanting you to train dogs for them on deals, there’s a reason they no longer want to do it, and secondly that when your winning no one will like you! I’m certain I’ve read an article where the great master Ray Adcock mentioned being only to happy to help new comers out, his advice would be invaluable to you. Goodluck with your endeavours and be warned that once you start it’s very hard to “shake” the greyhound racing bug....it’s more addictive than energy drinks!!
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    Eyespy got a reaction from My Two Cents in An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.   
    Yes true but we all know how GRNZ and the RIU have turned a blind eye to Cole matters in the past, I have no doubt in my mind they will be looking after the chosen one
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    Eyespy got a reaction from Emotive in Question Regarding Coprice   
    Went off Coprice a while ago, just using Tux now, buy NZ made
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    Eyespy reacted to Emotive in Open Letter To Craig Rendle   
    Dear Craig.

    In My Opinion: Collateral Damage.

    Like most in this sport, I watched last nights news report with interest because the negative publicity that the sport has been subjected to for nigh on two years has a direct effect on us all.

    When you first came to prominence in this industry I like many others thought that your appointment would bring positive change. A change in attitude, and a new pathway that would benefit all. Most were disappointed. What we got was a vision that facilitated the building of an empire, anyone who criticised that vision was labeled "jealous" or a "trouble maker." We also got a new CEO and with him came the "Gagging Rule" which I believe was introduced intimidate anyone who criticised the new regime, namely you. Your vision was never inclusive, it was always about domination with collateral damage.  We have been experiencing the fallout of that vision in recent years which has brought us to this point.  Your interview last night was cowardly, hiding behind your front door, again blaming "jealousy" for the position you now find yourself in.

    Jealous, let's look at that word in context. Are those who form the collateral damage group jealous of your success? the answer to that is no. There are many successful trainers in this country who have earned the respect of our industry. Trainers who have been far more successful than you and your partnership. One such trainer currently sits atop the strike rate list and has done for many years. There are numerous other examples but most do not rely on a saturation model. Is it the money? Everyone dreams of winning lotto. Every trainer's dream is to train that one special dog, but that's not what it's about either. So do they want to be tied down to two or three hundred dogs so they too can have wealth and notoriety? most definitely not. That's about ego. Jealousy is just an excuse for a situation that has been manufactured by your vision.

    What scares the collateral damage group is their fear of being forced out of the industry by a business model devised to do exactly that. These are people who in some cases built this industry, people who have dedicated their whole lives to the sport, people who have sacrificed much to continue on, people whose absolute passion and love of the greyhound keep them turning up each race day. They have no ego, no wish to be the "Bigtime I Am", no, they just want to retain the right to earn a living in the sport they love. Be honest Craig, you could care less and quite frankly the industry could do without your ego. It's all about respect Craig.

    There have been a number of positive changes since your resignation and I applaud the GRNZ for their efforts. There will always be changes which members may not support, in those cases, I would hope that the GRNZ takes member concerns on board and engages in constructive conversation.

    It looks like the SPCA case is going to proceed, in the meantime, we all suffer.

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    Eyespy got a reaction from Emotive in Black arm bands   
    There was also arm bands worn at Wanganui on Wednesday for Terry, everyone was wearing them except one person
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    Eyespy reacted to tonkatime in Brian Martin   
    Completely agree with the above comments. On a Friday night in the pub his calls certainly added something to the event. Not knocking the other callers but he’s a class above. 
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    Eyespy reacted to lad27 in Brian Martin   
    Just watched the reply of the first two races from yesterday as I was working last night.
    Magic stuff, was like a breath of fresh air hearing Brian again.
    The passion in his voice for a job he is bloody good at!
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    Eyespy reacted to Craig Symes in Coprice   
    For those of you that are using Coprice Working Dog and have any concerns,
    I have been able to get a statement from Coprice to say where they are at, in regards to the Green Tea in the Working Dog.
    Hope this helps
    29th March 2019 
    CopRice Working Dog Food  
    CopRice has been using an antioxidant pack in its Working Dog products for the last 6 years. This antioxidant pack is sourced from a reputable supplier and as CopRice understands, it is commonly used in the pet food industry. In February this year, CopRice changed it’s Working Dog packaging, and in the interests of transparency, CopRice chose to show the ingredient breakdown of the antioxidant pack, an element of which is a very low level of green tea extract.  
    CopRice acknowledges that the greyhound industry considers caffeine a banned substance, owing to the fact that it is considered a diuretic and a stimulant. CopRice notes that the level of caffeine in the CopRice Working Dog products is below the recognised threshold and as such, it is unlikely that a Greyhound fed only CopRice working Dog in accordance with the feeding guidelines would return a positive result for Caffeine.  
    CopRice confirms that there has been no change to the recipe or ingredients contained in the Working Dog Product, nor to the recipe or ingredients of theof the antioxidant mix, CopRice also notes that it is not aware of any Greyhound that has returned a positive result for caffeine while being fed CopRice Working Dog.  Furthermore, to support this position, CopRice submitted three separate samples of Working Dog to an independent laboratory for testing, none of which showed detectable levels of caffeine. 
    Currently CopRice is working with the Greyhound Racing Integrity Unit who are independently testing CopRice Working Dog food for caffeine and we will share the outcome of these tests when finalised in approximately 2 weeks. If you require any further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to contact your CopRice representative who will put you in touch with our nutrition team.  
    CopRice Feeds– Bulk feeds 1800 267 742 (Australia)  Packaged Products    1800 029 901 (Australia)    Ph: 0508 267 742 (New Zealand)
    CopRice is a division of Ricegrowers Limited ABN 55 007 481 156 trading as SunRice                      www.coprice.com.au  
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    Eyespy reacted to POPA GAS in Thoughts for AGM   
    To whom it may concern,

     As the CD clubs have not asked for submissions for this years AGM I have
    a few for you to suggest.

    1. All high grade dogs get a start when nominated.

      Eg. If a reserve in a C5 you would get drawn into a C4/5.

          The highest form C4 would run against the lowest form C5.

          The highest form C3 would run against the lowest form C4, and so
    on till all the higher grade dogs all get a start each week.

          If a reserve in any high grade race you would be drawn into a
    lower grade field.

    2. Kenneling times to two hours,instead of the three hours.

      Eg. With split kenneling the norm and kennel staff there all day,If
    the trainer wanted a two hour kennel they should be allowed.

            This would mean the first four races would have to kennel,but
    the first seven could kennel if they wished, and so on.

    3. Shelter for the dogs outside the kennel block.

        Eg. A cover for the dogs and handlers from the sun or rain, for the
    10 /15 minuets before the race.

    4. Dress code, shirts tucked in.

       Eg.Under the human rights act men and women should not be
    discriminated against based on there sex.

            At the moment men must tuck shirts in, while women may choose
    if they want to or not.

            In Australia they know it is a human rights violation and that
    is why they do not have this rule.

            Most men will tuck them in, but it should be a choice in an
    equal rights world.

    5. Nomination closing times.

        Eg. Noms should shut in order of race days.

            At the moment

            PN Monday shuts before Auckland Sunday.

            Wanganui Friday shuts before Waikato Thursday.

            Noms should shut in order of race days.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

    Wanganui and Palmerston North member Earl Duganzich.
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    Eyespy got a reaction from Emotive in Cruelty   
    I recently took some dogs down to Picton and back on the Interislander, once I told them I had dogs in my van I was shepherded to an area on the boat that had good air circulation, that wasn’t inside the ship and away from exhaust vents, I think there’s more to this story than is being printed
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    Eyespy reacted to GOM in Cruelty   
    What kind of negilgence. BM. If you know the full details of how this happened then publish if not STFU.
    No doubt John would have been devastated by these events and kicking someone while they are down is gutless.
     Emily Robertson of the GPL uses the sad news to spray more false news with the statement that  "it is not surprising that it has happened". Thousands upopn thousands of greyhounds plus other breeds have been transported interisland by the same method over the years with no adverse results. We have made the trip many times and the dogs were in excellent conditon at the ens d of each trip. Mc Inerneys have made the trip more than anyone without trouble till this occasion . Obviously something out of the ordinary happened and untill we are all aware of what it was it is best to not comment.
    The fact the thread was started with the word Cruelty indicates the intention of the poster
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    Eyespy reacted to GOM in Not so Amazing chase   
    I don't know if it is just me. Or more correctly I know it is not just me that thinks this debacle is not so Amazing
    A game for the rich boys and their toys springs to mind.
    OK anything that brings the sport some attention and turnover must be good, but overall is it.
    Where is the benefit for the 95% of the participants who stand looking at the manipulation of rules and unease created by a few well connected who are just trying the old mine is bigger than yours trick .I take an analogy where if it was motor cars and you wanted to boost the image of your countries products with an event where the fastest and reliable was decided, and  you called for an event where all the Ferrari's, Porches, McLaren's and red Mustangs were entered is the result going to encourage anyone in the local industry.
    There is considerable money involved here and practically it will be only the flash Harry's who even participate. The average participant in the NZ industry has been hit with all sorts of levies and charges and restrictions that are making it harder work for the backbone of our industry while we go out of our way to provide incentive for the Aussie industry 
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    Eyespy reacted to Flabbergasted in WANGANUI club Cheaters   
    Haha Hedley
    What about all the times a bloody trot race or gallops race has gone way over time due to a false start or can't load or cast a shoe etc. and caused a delay to a greyhound race. Dogs already on track after a preview (stir up) which then basically becomes a waste of time as it's been too long so they've forgotten about it then having to stand around waiting some possibly losing interest and switching off. Even worse when it happens to a Group Race - usually only get one chance at them and it's ruined through no fault of the connections or club.
    Can't see any problem with any code holding and starting a minute or so late if it is going to help the turnover so long as it doesn't encroach upon or cause another race to be delayed. The more turnover the better for everyone. 
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    Eyespy reacted to jimbob in WANGANUI club Cheaters   
    What about the time it takes horses to load into the gates,  if they started loading them a few minutes before start time they  would start the race on time as well
    Quit this practice you cheating aerosoles
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    Eyespy reacted to Eagle Eye in Congratulations Team Cole   
    Lol fastest of the night lol faster than Paddy lol cheers
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    Eyespy reacted to POPA GAS in Appearance Money   
    On Catching pen the NSWGA have just put more money in to the pocket of the people  who bring the Greyhounds that put on the entertainment.   
    Now our GOVERNMENT have just told us they are going to put petrol up. 
    It is time the GRANZ put back money on the 7th and 8th.They got $1/2m from the RB after a year long wait from the court case.
    Now it is going to cost more for people to get their vehicle to the track.
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    Eyespy reacted to GOM in This is how it actually is   
    The Abuse of Perception Part 1
    By Dick Ciampa
    I love greyhounds and support adoption of retired racers. I donate to adoption groups and toward hauls to move adoption-bound greyhounds where ever they need to go. I am a racing greyhound owner, and there are many, in fact most, who are just like me. We make sure our hounds are well cared for from birth to adoption.
    Not long ago it looked like a failed adoption might go bad. When the racing kennel owner heard about the problem they moved heaven and earth to arrange to get the dog safely back. Ultimately the situation was resolved by the adoption group, but that owner knew, remembered, and cared deeply about the welfare of that hound. This kind of caring isn’t very newsworthy because it reflects the norm. Good news doesn’t sell.
    Does any of this surprise you? Then you may know less about racing greyhound owners and caregivers than you think. What we think we know depends on the sources we depend on for information.
    Who do you depend on? If you are skeptical regarding what I’ve just said, your source is probably an organization with a strong anti-racing stance, like Grey2K.
    In spite of your skepticism, if you have an open mind, consider some of the following things.
    Contrary to the perception carefully cultivated by self-interested fundraising campaigns, cases of wrongdoing are the exception. None are more outraged in such situations than those in the racing community itself. When a problem arises, those who discover it work with the proper authorities to ensure the situation is dealt with.
    We do not simply lament the issue on the Internet, nor do we characterize an exception as the general rule. We take constructive action.
    Since its inception 14 years ago, how many complaints has Grey2K, who constantly alleges abuse in their fundraising materials, filed with an animal control agency or with the National Greyhound Association? Ask them for a specific number.
    If Grey2K is outraged by alleged mistreatment they claim to have observed, why haven’t they vigorously pursued it? After all, their organization’s president is a lawyer whose salary, along with her executive director husband’s is paid by donations from people who want to help greyhounds.
    Have you ever considered why greyhounds in photos that appear in Grey2K material show little expression? Perhaps it is because they take advantage of how doe-eyed relaxed hounds look, or the sleepiness of a new greyhound mom.
    Why are there no photos, among the many available, of pups being hugged and kissed by their owners, and held close by their children and grandchildren? Of pups growing strong, running and playing with their littermates, sharing common food bowls, jumping for joy when someone passes by?
    Where are the photos of racers being massaged by their caregivers, being fed treats, and cuddled in their crates; photos of caregivers in tears when their hounds leave the kennel for another track or for a new life in adoption?
    Those photos do not appear because they don’t work well with the endlessly repeated messages of greed and mistreatment that work so well in raising funds.
    As a community we care about the welfare of animals, especially those we readily identify with, like the magnificent greyhounds so many of us have in our homes. The emotional bond that makes us to want to help a creature in distress leaves us vulnerable to impulse and manipulation by fundraising organizations. With emotions at the forefront, it is easy to discard the idea that we should do a little fact checking.
    Most people do research before making a purchase or investment. Have you done any independent research about the lives of racing greyhounds, beyond what you are told by self-interested organizations with a Donate button on almost every website page?
    Is the anti-racing organization you support confident enough to suggest you do some research of your own before sending them money?
    It isn’t hard to do. Visit a farm or racing kennel. If you don’t want to go on your own, contact an adoption group that organizes visits, or can refer you to fact-based resources. Contrary to what you may believe, there are many adoption groups who work collaboratively with farms and kennels, and know first-hand how their hounds are treated.
    If you can, visit a track, watch the post parade and see for yourself the magnificent condition of the greyhounds, then feel the exhilaration of watching them race for the lure. See the wagging tails at the end of the race, as the lead-outs come to collect them.
    Eric Jackson, who is on the Grey2K Board of Directors, and indicated he had never been on a farm, was invited to visit one. The closest farm to him was a couple hundred miles away. He said it was too far to travel; however, he travelled from New Mexico to Florida for a Grey2K meeting.
    I don’t know about you, but that leaves me shaking my head.
    What those who take the trouble to learn will discover, is that people involved in racing are passionate, and driven by respect, admiration and love for their dogs. Contrary to the greed-motivated portrayal of organizations like Grey2K, racing greyhounds are not a primary source of income for most owners, and in fact for many it is a money losing hobby. Greyhound owners are as diverse as the folks reading this article. They are parents and grandparents, many are veterans, and they have jobs in all walks of life.
    Many adopters discover their hound’s racing owner is thrilled to receive news of their retirees and happy to share information about their earlier lives. Friendships have formed starting with a simple enquiry, or a shared photo.
    Before you condemn a group of people you don’t really know, please do a little research of your own. As a greyhound owner, I urge you to, I want you to. Does the organization you are relying on for information ask you to do the same? If not, doesn’t it beg the question, why not?