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  1. harewood

    Inters night 2.....

    An interesting article on Aus Harness web that shows where each horse will have to finnish to gain a place in the final if the racing goes to plan. Well worth a read if you want to keep up with the racing tonight and follow the respective horses progresses in each heat. http://www.harness.org.au/media-room/news-article?news_id=42179
  2. harewood

    jewels fields

    Be tragic if they postpone it till Sunday and scrub the sunday Ashburton meeting Talk about rub salt in the wound
  3. harewood

    Dexter winning everywhere this weekend

    Thanks that was great to watch Yes an agressive drive and killed them by 6? lengths Bettors Wish trained by former Kiwi as well Chris Ryder
  4. harewood

    UMC still at it

    Not sure if you are in jest, I hope so If not how is it pointless, I would have thought every victory anywhere by any horse is worth cheering for by the connections. In this case the more wins UMC has the quicker he goes thru the grades the sooner he can take on the best at Adders Hardly pointless in fact the opposite.
  5. harewood

    Methven Sunday- Counter Punch

    Yes a very clever and what I would call a gutsy drive. 99 out of a 100 drivers would have stayed on the rails or got one off and looking for a gap which looking at it seveal times may have come to at least finnish in a placing. Others would have looked very unlucky but to Blairs great credit he summed it up perfectly, had great vision and I would say a fair share of luck as well. He knew what motor it had and used it. Well done and should win a lot more on that effort.
  6. harewood

    RIU investigates TAB

    To use the free bet you must first take a fixed odds bet. The free bet sign then becomes active. Click it and then you have two options, a multi or a single bet. If you want a single bet tick the right hand box and then go to accept as you would normally do. When its confirmed it will show your possible winnings minus the free bet amount. No money is taken out of your account only the free bet amount that you have available. Not easy is it.
  7. harewood

    RIU investigates TAB

    To all those "waiting" for their free winnings off the match 3 it doesnt appear in your account. When you place a fixed odds bet a small FREE bet sign comes up underneath the bet Click on this and then you can either take a multi or a single bet with your free winnings. It only appears on fixed odds not the tote. If you win your account is credited the amount minus your free bet amount. Hope this helps if you havnt sorted it out. It is rather confusing and hard to find especially if your new to the Tab.
  8. harewood

    Mrs Dickie R.I.P.

    Dear Uncle Thriller.
  9. harewood

    Mrs Dickie R.I.P.

    Thriller Dee springs to mind as one of the first trotters I used to follow. Always went a good race. Any connection e;jay.
  10. harewood


    Globe Derby, Adelaide did the same starting procedure for standing starts a few years ago. Maybe 2016. They did it for one or two years and then canned it. There were more false starts than the normal way which wasnt the way it was supposed to be. Both for trotters and pacers. Not really what you would call a standing start in my opinnion.
  11. harewood


    So as to make it black and white which ALL rules should be and keep everybody equal and knowing what the outcome will be in such events YES!
  12. harewood

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    If you want to see a "Workout" drive and you havnt seen it yet watch this at the Central Otago meeting on the 2nd Jan. Balraj driven by Craig Thornly Hot fav in 7 horse filed and goes 4 back on the rails. `Week excuse given and punters left out of pocket and wondering again by Stipes. https://infohorse.hrnz.co.nz/datahr/results/010249rs.htm#Race3
  13. harewood

    Interdoms 2018

    No probs.By far the best pace in the series. Hows that for confidence!!
  14. harewood

    Interdoms 2018

    Yep Kiwis going great guns. Monty ran out of his skin sitting parked as well and Spankem, well another great drive by Nat. Judged the pace to perfection to make her move at the right time and then power away and Pats Delight must have 5 legs the way he sprinted twice in the race. Certainly has set the IDs up for great viewing. And carnt forget Your Spurs cruising win. Will be great battle with The Valley Im here front and centre with bourbon in hand in the lounge back in sunny Chch