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    hsvman reacted to JackSprat in Ricky May - deary, deary me.   
    What an absolute load of hogwash on the part of RT May!
    if he genuinely thought that the horse was in "trial mode", it would have been all the more reason to wake him up, put him in the race, and drive the horse, instead of just following him around the track!
    I've been around this game for long enough to have heard all the excuses, all the stories, and all the lies, but you soon learn that that's just what they are ... excuses, stories and lies.
    He simply got out driven, which is what happens more often than not when he drives in Australia. He's a top driver in NZ where the racing suits his patient style, but I'm afraid he doesn't have the aggression and intensity needed to compete at the top level over there.
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    hsvman reacted to beerwithduncan in Ricky May - deary, deary me.   
    Haha. Please don't say that Kakama. I'm known for being a little sadistic at times but not to that extent  
    I'm the first accept it's a lot easier driving horses from the grandstand or lounge suite. I've driven a few over the years in my ownership and media role but all I achieved was to have my arms grow six inches  
    Having said that if you look at the TTL drive bit by bit it leaves you feeling a tad confused by Rick May's comments.
    The Australians are harder on their drivers that get it wrong than we are. It's been a long long time since I've heard Australians be as scathing toward any drive as they have been in big numbers in regard the Terror To Love drive.
    Nothing to do with the horse being a machine or being asked to do to much. The horse has a very familiar race pattern. Obviously that is open to variables.
    Very few people would have expected TTL to lead from the get go. Seeing him sitting at the rear early on was no surprise. The fact he stayed there when the leader was walking them getting away with blue murder was a surprise. The fact he made no attempt to improve was a shock. That pattern continued until TTL attempted to grab the lead or at least go sit parked and dominate the race from that position. You wouldn't attempt to do that unless your horse was going ok?
    Unfortunately for TTL Uncle Wingnut came out in front of him. That was no advantage whatsoever for TTL in fact quite the opposite. 
    When the leader put the foot down TTL not only had to go wide around Uncle Wingnut but he would have to catch the front runner who was low flying at that point with a decent head start. If you do the maths on how fast the leader ran his last half and quarter in and how much ground TTL still had to make up he would have needed to run earth shattering sectionals to catch the leader. The fact he almost did is testament to just what a great horse TTL is. That makes it difficult to accept TTL was not right on the day. Just my opinion.
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    hsvman reacted to Thejanitor in Shane Warne   
    I also have a problem with the stakes distribution in the Cup itself. I cannot understand how Christen Me picks up $17,500 for running fifth yet the also rans 6th to 15th collect $14,000. Why do tail-enders Pemberton Shard and Pass Them By deserve a stake at all? Pass Them By was beaten 1000m from home in the Cup but collects $14,000 for his feeble effort. This horse is racing poorly, and in my opinion, he and Pemberton Shard should not have got a start in the cup as their form did not warrant a place in such a prestigious field. The way Pass Them By is going in particular he would struggle to run a  place in a conditioned pace with a $10,000 stake.
    I believe it would be fairer to do away with the losing stakes in the Cup and just reward the first five home. If this was done the Met would have an extra $140,000 to redistribute and increase the stakes in supporting races. 
    Just a thought.
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    hsvman got a reaction from Al Feilding in Punters Club Collation And Results   
    Good effort by all really
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    hsvman got a reaction from jasonmccook1 in Punters Club Collation And Results   
    Good effort by all really
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    hsvman got a reaction from Chestnut in WTF! "Tractor" in harness race   
    It was funny that the video of that workout wasn't shown of hrnz website. ATc trying to hide it so soon after they complained about a trainers horse getting loose in track work there, surely safety didn't come first in this workout.
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    hsvman reacted to langas in J & D DUNN   
    This old chestnut, KC Monet had to go forward over the shit mile at addington, Big Jivin was dropping back in class after leading up a NZ record fresh up and is and always been a free going front runner, and if no one else has the balls to make a move than why continue to crucify the Dunns when this happens. John is one of the best front running drivers we have and NEWSFLASH his brother is the best driver in the country. Time and time again these boys put there horses in the best possible positions to win the race and that's why they are so good.
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    hsvman reacted to eljay in D G Jones Trotting Cup   
    Why was "discretionary handicaps" a condition of this race?    It was a group race so surely O.C. horses should start together regardless of their present form.      But no, Stent & Habibti were penalised 10 metres over the other O.C. runners.     Also The Fiery Ginger which had dropped back to a C.7 assessment was made to start with the O.C. horses - so much for drop backs!     Perhaps further thinking is required by the handicapping sub committee!
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    hsvman reacted to what a post in The Jazz Man...Butt Stable   
    The jazz man was most impressive at the trials before he raced and at the time I thought he looked to have the ability to make a good horse in time.  Unfortunately for him he debuted in  a race run at breakneck speed throughout and after a very hard run he ended up a very meritorious 6th. That run flattened him and he hasn't looked the same since.     If you look at  T G Butts udr for last season its actually not that far off what they normally achieve.  Its just there good horses such as Vulcan, Choice achiever  & ,Mah sish  all lost a leg last year.  The butts in my opinion have proved for  decades that they are the best trainers  in nz,possibly Australasia of  horses 5 year old and over.  Maybe its getting harder for them to get their hands on an untapped in ability horse that they can mould into the next  open class star. So many horses these days have had many a gut buster by the end of their 3yo season and never improve much, if at all after that.   There should be  no one doubting the butts  talent.
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    hsvman got a reaction from DC9 in WTF! "Tractor" in harness race   
    It was funny that the video of that workout wasn't shown of hrnz website. ATc trying to hide it so soon after they complained about a trainers horse getting loose in track work there, surely safety didn't come first in this workout.
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    hsvman got a reaction from hedley in WTF! "Tractor" in harness race   
    It was funny that the video of that workout wasn't shown of hrnz website. ATc trying to hide it so soon after they complained about a trainers horse getting loose in track work there, surely safety didn't come first in this workout.
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    hsvman reacted to Swede in Michael Guerin Trackside Rehabilitation.   
    Don't think harness racing folk fully appreciate what Mick does for the game. Coverage in the NZ Herald, for example, still exists because of him. Take him out of Auckland and watch the profile slide.
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    hsvman got a reaction from napier in Rangiora Race 2 What a disgrace   
    It's because of the punters that this shit happens, they say it's not fair to start a race if theres a result from the previous race not declared, which means punters who invested on that race can't reinvest and buggers up odds for all ups doubles an so on , it's bullshit and all the horses , trainers ,drivers and all stable workers get mucked around for to long
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    hsvman reacted to eljay in Tomorrow at Cambridge   
    When the field came out the first race was shown as 6.12 and the last 9.08.      Now I see they have changed it to 1st race 6.38 and last at 9.33.   In other words back one race.     It's a Thursday night, it's mid winter, - sorry I can't see their logic unless they trying to reduce their already dwindling patrons!
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    hsvman reacted to JTK in Michele Neilson   
    Well I think the baggers are far to tough  on Michelle! she has shown a lot from very limited chances! she made a split decision that may have turned out to have been the wrong decision in the end!!! but when she made that decision the horse she was following was under pressure and most drivers would have thought that it would not have got you to the passing lane. I have seen every top driver make the same decision but the only thing Michelle didn't have in her favour was 3 or 4 more drives in the night to make things right! If she had stayed in the position she was and the horse she was following had dropped out which at that point and time it looked like it would and probably should you would still be talking through your pocket! 
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    hsvman reacted to Haymaker in Michele Neilson   
    it was a junior drivers race? they are all learning all the time, you cant expect them to all be like dexter.
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    hsvman reacted to cantab matt in 2YO Winners   
    stunning effort, regardless of what is spent to secure horses you still have to have the skill to get them going.
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    hsvman reacted to eljay in TCO2 Testing   
    Just read this weeks list of testings and note not a single thoroughbred on the list.     Surely the RIU tested some horses, which makes me wonder if the results were either "not good" or that NZ Racing has directed results not  to be published?
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    hsvman reacted to JTK in tc02 levels to be increased   
    For a start since when have all thinks in the press been fact! 
    1. it is not our third TC02 charge it is our second FACT
    2. Westburn Creed actually tested 31.9 for us 4/7/13 FACT and that was probably his best run for us! But unfortunately as we found in our first case the RIU only produce the evidence that best suits there case! 
    Yes you are right they did fined Baking Soda at our stables as they would find it at most trotting stables!
    And on our first charge they found the same containers and also the bag that it was purchased in with the 
    label on it and they thought they had struck the jackpot! They went to the feed store and investigated all our 
    invoices and took photos of these invoices. And they discovered we had not purchased it within the the last 
    4 months and if we had have milkshaked a horse with the quantity that was in that original bag there would 
    have only done maybe 4 horses and there was still at least half of that left in containers and still some in the bag!
    But once again since that bit of information didn't suit the RIU case they lost that photos of those invoices!
    The person we were dealing with believes that any trainer whose horse is testing over 34 is up to something!
    Well I say looking at the lists that have now been put up by the RIU there must be a lot of trainers up to 
    something BULLSHIT. Any vet will tell you it is not an exact Science. And I will give you a prime example,
    we had a horse tested in blenhiem where they were using the Istat machine her first test at 1.07pm 37, second
    test at 1.32pm  36, and a third test at 4pm approx 2 hrs after she raced 33. And the lab tests came back in order 
    at 34.10 , 32.80 and 28.60. Where is the exact science there? And for the record in the USA they use the after 
    race test to prosecute as if they have been given an alkalising agent it always continues to rise! This was the only
    time we were ever offered this test! 
    There are many factors that can affect a horses TC02 level Respiratory complaints, Dehydration, Nervousness,
    Feed just to name a few!  
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    hsvman got a reaction from Gruff in Big Lucy 1.40 shot   
    I guess we could back the gallopers but then again those meetings keep getting abandoned and then when they do race we here the trainers say they don't like the wet tracks . Funny how they still have them in training all winter tho
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    hsvman reacted to Portfolio in Big Lucy 1.40 shot   
    I thought it was a good drive also?
    Not sure why the moaning. I love it when a great drive beats a red hot fav.....Only if I am not on it thou!
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    hsvman reacted to tim vince in Franklin Meeting   
    Did anyone go ?- I couldn't make it- what was the result?
    Did they bow to the pressure of the ATC board.
    Given they have used bully boy tactics on Kumeu and Thames and told them they cant race at Alex Park unless they take over their assets  they might have folded under the pressure.
    I don't see how refusing clubs permission to race at Alex Park helps anyone.
    I wonder if HRNZ has any opinion  of ATC board tactics-
    Mind you   given  the board must be smart coz they wear suits and get paid  to be directors it is probably wrong for the rank and file  to question them.  They must know everything-.
    The suits have been presiding over harness racing for quite a few years now and as everyone in the games know we are flying except for declining turnover - declining ownership, declining stakes(in real terms) and decline in horse population and declining attendances- other than those minor topics they have done good!
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    hsvman reacted to 2Piper in Sailesh Abernethy - Thames race 7 tonight   
    Lite Jagermiester flew home for fourth, and broke after the line, heading straight out towards a parked vehicle . Sailesh managed to pull the horse up in the nick of time , avoiding injury to his horse and himself. Well Done I say !
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    hsvman reacted to Turny in Lessons from the Jewels   
    Great thoughts Eljay - just felt this years Jewels had "lost something"
    Time for other venues too I believe
    Nelson and Alexandra Park must get a shot surely
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    hsvman got a reaction from hedley in Punters Club Collation And Results   
    You can shout yourself a few beers with my share Bruce thanks for organizing this comp again great way to spend the day watching them