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  1. Robin Wales

    Broad Bitches

    Both bitches have gone. Thanks
  2. Robin Wales

    Broad Bitches

    Broad Bitches now in season. Give away with pup deal of one male pup at 3 months from first litter. Opawa Janet (Cosmic Rumble-Perfect Token) Opawa Kim (Fabregas-Opawa Gem) Robin Wales 0274-766-949
  3. Robin Wales

    Pups for Sale

    Pups for sale Dyna Vickkers - Opawa Rob (a very strong bitch out of Opawa Patty) Whelped 29-3-2017 4 Dogs 4 Bitches Available 29-6-2017 Only $1,000 each Contact Robin Wales 0274-766-949
  4. Following for sale. All sound. Opawa Idol $400 Opawa Opal $600 Opawa Extreme $800 Opawa Rocket $1,500 Opawa Crusade $1,600 Opawa Minstrel $3,000 Opawa Faith $1,500 Opawa Norris $13,000 Opawa Lean Meat $800 Idol Star $2,500 Idol Eve $2,500 Opawa Millie $5,000 Opawa Judy $4,000 Opawa Ash $800 Opawa Cheviot $10,000 Opawa Mine $3,500 Opawa Sledge $1,800 Opawa Lass $5,000 Phone Dave Fahey 0272-264-062
  5. Race Dog for sale Opawa Minstrel $3,500 Won last Friday at Addington over 520 in 30.39 Racing Tuesday at Addington for us or a new owner. Phone 0274-766-949 Robin Wales
  6. Broodbitch avaliable "Opawa Rob " has just come into season. give away for one male pup from her 1st litter when 3 months old Robin Wales 0274-766-949
  7. Robin Wales

    Goat beaten

    Utter crap.
  8. Robin Wales

    Race Dogs for sale

    Opawa Shiloh sold Opawa Blair sold Uno Brent sold Others still for sale. Regards
  9. Following dogs for sale. All sound Opawa Viv $1,200 Opawa Marguerite $1,200 Opawa Gavin $1,200 Opawa Paul $1,200 Opawa Shiloh $ 800 Uno James $1,500 Uno Brent $3,000 Opawa Blair $5,000 Need kennel space. Robin Wales 0274-766-949 [email protected]
  10. For sale OPAWA LAZ $2,000 (best on one turn track) CHILL OUT RALPH $500 (needs wire lure) OPAWA VIV $1,200 (needs change of kennels) Ph. Robin Wales 0274-766949 email. [email protected]
  11. Robin Wales

    Dogs for sale

    sold Regards Robin
  12. Robin Wales

    Dogs for sale

    Cheap bitch for sale or lease Opawa Goodie C1 Trials very quick. New environment could get the best out of this bitch. phone 0274-766-949 [email protected]
  13. Robin Wales

    For sale

    sold regards Robin
  14. Robin Wales

    For sale

    For Sale "Daisy Dear " C1 Whelped 24-2-2013 Black Bitch "Johnny Midnight - Winsome Daisy" (Winsome Daisy won NZ Oaks, NZ Cup and 2nd in Auckland Cup) Only had 3 starts including a winning one at Southland 4 days ago. Sound Price only $1,000 Robin Wales 0274-766-949 [email protected]