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    bazach reacted to Nerula in Waikenae Stud?   
    Gubes you've surpassed yourself!!!!!!!!!
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    bazach reacted to puha in George Simon / Luke Radich. Weigh in   
    Seems to have a better grasp than anyone I’ve heard to be honest.Certainly made GS look like a possum in the headlights.
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    bazach reacted to morayfm in Foals - 2018   
    Vadamos/Aplomb filly three weeks old
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    bazach reacted to Gofta in There is only one disappointment John Allen...   
    PVL: The biggest challenge facing racing is to attract the next generation. There is now significantly more competition. We need to find ways to take on this competition and have the next generation engaged in racing. It’s not simple but we have to make every effort otherwise we may become an industry of the past.  Racing has to continue to evolve to remain relevant. 
    Finally someone speaking with clarity about the future of this sport,  The next generation, and how much more competition there is for their dollar.  To many on this site who want things to go back to the good ol days, that is what will extinguish this industry. we need fewer but better facilities, higher stakes, re-branding of the industry from a sport to an entertainment spectacle.  If your not on board, step back and let those with this shared vision take us forward
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    bazach reacted to scooby3051 in Messara report... Luv it!   
    So we just all let it die a natural death...pull up stumps and say well you can take anybody else club and race days but you aint touching mine...thats the self centered inflexible stuff that got us to hear...keep doing the same always gets the same result...nobody can guarantee what the report says will work...but what is guaranteed is the status quo will end in disaster. But as long as my club is not touched lets close someone else down, my patch of turf is not for negotiation..adapt or die people..adapt or die.
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    bazach reacted to Berri in Race Fields Amendment Bill withdrawn   
    I don't necessarily agree. The rural folk aren't supporting racing anymore. Their lives have become too busy, too much stress and the rural folk aren't the rural folk of old. I used to part own a bar in Parnell called the Windsor. Very successful in its day and I got out a long time ago. The reason I got out is that the school residential requirements changed. You had to live in an area to get into a specific school. So many of the people living in Parnel, Remuera, Newmarket etc are there to get their kids into school in those areas. Those people don't go out at night so no matter how good the bar was, parents don't like to look after kids with a hangover.
    The population of alcohol swillers moved to Ponsonby.
    The farming industry has changed. It's corporate farming with young underpaid and under acknowledged workers looking after the dollar now. Not the family that has passed the farm down after generations of toil. It's not machinery that needed people to operate, it's machinery that operates itself.....just look at the robotic milk sheds. It's not a horse  in the side paddock to race any more, its the motor boat or the trip offshore.
    We are a changing society and one thing that guys like Contentious doesn't get is that the model has to change. Gambling is now the internet or mobile phone. Gambling is not the rural folk who gamble, its some unanimous offshore parasite that trying to arbitrage the value of any bet, coupled with the odd dinasour coupled with a person that our leaders cannot identify because their systems are being created by people who don't know the game well enough.
    A race track is simply a piece of land big enough to cater for a group of horses to run against each other. The racing industry funded the amenities for a time that has since passed us by and we don't have the management and capex to change the monolithic phalanxes called race stands that were not paid for by the communities, but by the respective racing administrations. So all this hocus pocus about who paid for what and who owns what is a misnomer. If the community cared that much they wouldn't be in the shit they are currently in!!!
    This needs new thinking. There is a plan that probably needs a lot of tweeks. Who's gong to fight for the piece of pie? I for one will be making a submission.
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    bazach reacted to Berri in Race Fields Amendment Bill withdrawn   
    You're all still bitching about the concept of rationalizing racecourse assets to maximize racing's market share in the gaming/ entertainment industries. What about the rest of it? We need great surfaces to race on. Why haven't the clubs managed to do this to the extent that we don't have a disproportionate number of cancellations at a time of the year when we shouldn't be having any. Why haven't the clubs taken matters into their own hands to produce a viable business opportunity because currently racing is not that. 
    Get off the merry go round and start to think big picture. Small thinking has failed. In my humble opinion, the real mojo is held by the owners. They pay for the game
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    bazach reacted to scooby3051 in Race Fields Amendment Bill withdrawn   
    No but if nobody is prepared to move and do WHATS BEST FOR ALL, how can anyone ever make the industry work.??? 
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    bazach reacted to scooby3051 in Race Fields Amendment Bill withdrawn   
    But does that deserve it to stay I am sure there are plenty of clubs that are self sufficient but if racing is not rationalized we won't have much left soon. Just my opinion but something HAS to give.
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    bazach got a reaction from Catalano in Laytown   
    Hi Catalano, looks like a great trip you are having. Blackball Salami Co. Ltd make great black and white puddings. We buy their brand through Wholly Cow butchery in Grey Street Hamilton, and they are also in Cambridge. Cheers.
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    bazach reacted to Nearco in Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points   
    I don't post very often, but I guess this is too important to ignore.
    I've bred and raced horses most of my adult life. In my seventies I still keep an active interest, although I no longer have land to raise my own horses. My latest 3yo might even pay her way. None of the 20+ horses I've bred and raced have so far.
    First, closing racetracks. Yes, we have too many, but closing some of the 'iconic' country tracks doesn't seem sensible, if they can survive with community support.
    We loved racing a horse at Kurow, for their once a year meeting, where the whole town played a part in a making it a great success. Horse won there the year before, came last this time, but we still loved the day. Woodville has always epitomised the country track where visitors are welcome, and it's always fun to participate. Can these tracks be sold and the proceeds go to support racing? Well, maybe, but if they're going to line the coffers of NZTR who will fritter it away, the answer must be a resounding NO! I do not trust our racing administrators.
    Some city tracks could definitely be sold for much-needed housing development, but I wonder how much money would be generated for the benefit of racing?
    Racing administration. Poor, and in need of thorough revision. Turkeys will never vote for Christmas, but we have more than our share of these birds as administrators, who no longer have a place in modern racing. I wouldn't advocate eating them at Christmas, but putting them out of their misery would be a good idea.
    I'd hate to see training centralised around a few 'big' training centres. Closing tracks all over the place might close down a lot of marginal trainers upon whom racing will always depend. Have the NZRB achieved anything?  By now John Allen must at least have a superficial knowledge, but at what cost? No more of these overpaid renegades from the Post Office, please.
    TAB. Would it be a disaster if it were sold to a foreign operator, as long as they were bound to run it for the benefit of we people who enjoy racing? Trackside should revert to free to air.  Our TV presenters should at least be able to emulate their Australian counterparts. Right now they're pretty cringeworthy.
    Breeder's contribution. As a breeder who has sold the odd one abroad, I wouldn't object to a (say) 10% levy on all horses sold abroad, whether they're from the yearling, RTR, broodmare or private sales. If that money were to go to stakes, that would help increase stake moneys. Time the breeders played their part.
    All weather tracks? Hmmm.. well I detest Awapuni, but then not as much as Trentham. I think Trentham is well past its use-by date. Sell it for real estate development, use the money for a decent (maybe all-weather track within fast commute from Wellington)  We need better tracks where horses can race fairly. Better tracks, better track management and a realisation that racing is part of the entertainment business is a must. If we can't encourage younger people to participate and enjoy racing as owners & punters, then the outlook is pretty bleak.
    Racing has been poorly managed from the top down. A new broom needs to sweep out the dreadful administration and make it a pleasant experience to watch horses racing.
    Winston, love him or hate him has delivered us an ultimatum of sorts. Rather than whinge and pick it to pieces, we need to get in behind and broadly support the initiative, ensuring that the bad bits are neutralised, and the broad thrust is supported.
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    bazach reacted to Michael Roustoby in Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points   
    Might be time for some of the clubs to give Dennis Denuto a call.
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    bazach got a reaction from scott_ in linwood park stud   
    Echoes of Heaven, Ekraar. I see it doesn't look like Tony Mudgway is the Manager there anymore.
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    bazach reacted to fitzy in Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points   
    After reading the largely ill informed and negative comments in this section about the Messara report i can only conclude that the industry is stuffed and we might as well close it down now and save ourselves another 10 years of stress and pointless arguments.
    Yes the report may not be correct in every aspect (what business plans are??) but the overall direction is spot on.
    i can only conclude that those of you who choose to bag it either have vested interests which colour your opinions or have no idea.
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    bazach reacted to Ohokaman in Date For The Messara Report Release   
    They were quoting these figures in the 2010 NZRB Report....

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    bazach reacted to chelseacol in Date For The Messara Report Release   
    The "one in 83 NZ residents is employed (paid or unpaid) by NZ racing" statements is a terrible spin on the reality by including owners. 
    In the same way the 1 Million on course attendance figure being used to support  a significant proportion of NZ population have a direct involvement claim is rubbish. I reckon there are easily 2,000 diehards who attend 20 meetings a year. That is 400,000 on course attendances ? Or am I missing a point here ?
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    bazach reacted to fitzy in Saundry on AW tracks   
    At last a leading trainer actually at the coal face admits we have too many racing facilities, maybe there is some hope. Well done Pitty I hope others are listening.
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    bazach got a reaction from Pegasus 9 in Dark Horse - The story of Dream Alliance   
    Just watched this and really enjoyed it. Shows anyone can still live the dream, you just need a hell of a lot of luck!
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    bazach reacted to poundforpound in Chautauqua....has he had enough....???   
    His principles are based on those of the American Indians ( I presume you know that so apologies if I’m talking down to you ), they being that as herd animals horses will respond well to leadership, and they develop strong relationships between reward and good behaviour 
    Clearly we don’t know how Monty Roberts applied those principles ( and others ) in this exact instance, but I could guess.
    I’ve seen a video of him working with unbroken horses that belonged to Betty Windsor, and he broke and rode them within a couple of hours.
    Pretty fucking amazing I’d have thought, and further evidence that horse abuse ( spurs, whips, jagging their mouths, over working them, screaming at them ) has NO place in racing.
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    bazach reacted to Blue in Help wanted   
    Yes, of course, how could one possibly forget that jingle.
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    bazach reacted to CBT in How many club games of sport attract a crowd of over 100,000??.....   
    That’s the crowd they are expecting at the MCG on Saturday for the AFL top of the table clash between Richmond and Collingwood. 
    The Melbourne Cup and Derby Day are the two that have attracted more than 100,000.
    The State of Origin match this year attracted a crowd of nearly 90,000 to a sport that barely gets a mention in Victoria.
    Melburnians love their sport! 
    Go the Tiges!! 
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    bazach got a reaction from scooby3051 in Disgusted by NZ Herald article on upcoming apprentice   
    In my opinion it was a good article. Let’s face it, if he had been a perfect child the article wouldn’t have been written. The media need a ‘story’ and this is a good one with a sensible message about needing to knuckle down to turn your life around.
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    bazach reacted to Pam Robson in And this bloke will save the Industry.....???   
    Interesting and informative,  thanks,  R.R.
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    bazach reacted to Kloppite in Don Grubb   
    I don't think you have to be a leftie to be comfortable with Whanganui.  You just have to not be a bigot.
    Whanganui? Wanganui? Each to their own!
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    bazach reacted to Insider in And this bloke will save the Industry.....???   
    Sadly I agree. It will be more wasted money, both to start with and ongoing that we clearly haven’t got. 
    For the last 50 years when racing was much stronger than it is today, when we had more horses in training, when we had a foal crop twice the size it is now we didn’t need them.
    What we did have 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago was money invested in track management and maintenance which we don’t have now to the level as back then. 
    When did you last see a track being tapped back, during a raceday? It did happen regularly once upon a time. 
    If we don’t have the money to maintain the current tracks properly, how the hell are going to maintain three AWT’s, which cost a small fortune each year AND need complete replacement within 10 or 12 years?