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    bazach reacted to fitzy in Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points   
    After reading the largely ill informed and negative comments in this section about the Messara report i can only conclude that the industry is stuffed and we might as well close it down now and save ourselves another 10 years of stress and pointless arguments.
    Yes the report may not be correct in every aspect (what business plans are??) but the overall direction is spot on.
    i can only conclude that those of you who choose to bag it either have vested interests which colour your opinions or have no idea.
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    bazach reacted to Ohokaman in Date For The Messara Report Release   
    They were quoting these figures in the 2010 NZRB Report....

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    bazach reacted to chelseacol in Date For The Messara Report Release   
    The "one in 83 NZ residents is employed (paid or unpaid) by NZ racing" statements is a terrible spin on the reality by including owners. 
    In the same way the 1 Million on course attendance figure being used to support  a significant proportion of NZ population have a direct involvement claim is rubbish. I reckon there are easily 2,000 diehards who attend 20 meetings a year. That is 400,000 on course attendances ? Or am I missing a point here ?
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    bazach reacted to fitzy in Saundry on AW tracks   
    At last a leading trainer actually at the coal face admits we have too many racing facilities, maybe there is some hope. Well done Pitty I hope others are listening.
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    bazach got a reaction from Pegasus 9 in Dark Horse - The story of Dream Alliance   
    Just watched this and really enjoyed it. Shows anyone can still live the dream, you just need a hell of a lot of luck!
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    bazach reacted to poundforpound in Chautauqua....has he had enough....???   
    His principles are based on those of the American Indians ( I presume you know that so apologies if I’m talking down to you ), they being that as herd animals horses will respond well to leadership, and they develop strong relationships between reward and good behaviour 
    Clearly we don’t know how Monty Roberts applied those principles ( and others ) in this exact instance, but I could guess.
    I’ve seen a video of him working with unbroken horses that belonged to Betty Windsor, and he broke and rode them within a couple of hours.
    Pretty fucking amazing I’d have thought, and further evidence that horse abuse ( spurs, whips, jagging their mouths, over working them, screaming at them ) has NO place in racing.
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    bazach reacted to Blue in Help wanted   
    Yes, of course, how could one possibly forget that jingle.
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    bazach reacted to CBT in How many club games of sport attract a crowd of over 100,000??.....   
    That’s the crowd they are expecting at the MCG on Saturday for the AFL top of the table clash between Richmond and Collingwood. 
    The Melbourne Cup and Derby Day are the two that have attracted more than 100,000.
    The State of Origin match this year attracted a crowd of nearly 90,000 to a sport that barely gets a mention in Victoria.
    Melburnians love their sport! 
    Go the Tiges!! 
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    bazach got a reaction from scooby3051 in Disgusted by NZ Herald article on upcoming apprentice   
    In my opinion it was a good article. Let’s face it, if he had been a perfect child the article wouldn’t have been written. The media need a ‘story’ and this is a good one with a sensible message about needing to knuckle down to turn your life around.
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    bazach reacted to Pam Robson in And this bloke will save the Industry.....???   
    Interesting and informative,  thanks,  R.R.
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    bazach reacted to Kloppite in Don Grubb   
    I don't think you have to be a leftie to be comfortable with Whanganui.  You just have to not be a bigot.
    Whanganui? Wanganui? Each to their own!
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    bazach reacted to Insider in And this bloke will save the Industry.....???   
    Sadly I agree. It will be more wasted money, both to start with and ongoing that we clearly haven’t got. 
    For the last 50 years when racing was much stronger than it is today, when we had more horses in training, when we had a foal crop twice the size it is now we didn’t need them.
    What we did have 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago was money invested in track management and maintenance which we don’t have now to the level as back then. 
    When did you last see a track being tapped back, during a raceday? It did happen regularly once upon a time. 
    If we don’t have the money to maintain the current tracks properly, how the hell are going to maintain three AWT’s, which cost a small fortune each year AND need complete replacement within 10 or 12 years?
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    bazach got a reaction from Belinda in The Informant Price Increase   
    That is almost certainly correct La Zip. It is also one reason we have more expensive building costs (only two major players), and more expensive food (again, only two major players). There are advantages to living in a beautiful country with a low population, but economies of scale isn't one of them!
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    bazach reacted to crustyngrizzly in Choke ya bastards   
    Created nothing but still won.
    Lets hear it for England.
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    bazach reacted to Chris Wood in Brian DL's Informant Article $1.0m disgrace   
    Our local paper, The Waikato Times doesn’t even have the local Rugby Comp results or any game reports anymore!
    We are treated like second class citizens!
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    bazach reacted to slam dunk in Purple Comet   
    It would be enlightning to know some background to the win. Why could no one see a five length win coming up? Why did it win by 5L.
    And did it ever duplicate the effort in subsequent starts?   Surely if a horse is going to win by 5 len there must be some sort of clue.
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    bazach got a reaction from Cubes in Purple Comet   
    Great, thanks Gubes. I was talking to Peter (Meynell) about this a while ago, and he remembered it well. That would have to be one of the largest dividends ever in NZ I would think. Does anyone know of any which were larger than $348?. At that money, you would think only a couple of people would have backed him!
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    bazach reacted to gubellini in Purple Comet   
    bazach Monrana was a brown colt foaled in 1969 by Monitor out of Kirana. He had his first start at Wanganui on the 12/2/72. Ridden by Scott Hammersley he was unplaced.His second start was on the 26/2/72 at Otaki. Ridden by Peter Meynell he won by five lengths and paid $348.95 and $62.25. Second was Ari and Don Foley. Third was Haut Sifflet and Des Harris and fourth Rose Mellay and Scott Hammersley. At his third start at Manawatu on the 25/3/72 he won again ridden by John Skinner. He was trained at Otaki by his owner G. Blenkhorn.He was then sold to Australia where he raced as Lord Monrana.
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    bazach reacted to Tauhei Notts in This is why we are buggered   
    So I looked at a 1952 book and saw that the average at the Melbourne yearling sales was 467 guineas compared to 532 guineas at the Trentham sales.  Balloch was NZ's leading stallion with progeny earnings of 47,798 pounds compared with Midstream in Aussie with 64,404 pounds.  The Auckland Cup' stake of 12,500 pounds compared favourably with the Melbourne Cup stake (won by Dalray) of 15,000 pounds.  Keep in mind that at that time the Aussie pound was worth just 16 shillings NZ currency.  So the Auckland Cup was worth, get this, 15,625 Australian pounds!
    That is how far we have slipped.
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    bazach reacted to Huey in Gavelhouse   
    I think you're missing the point of the Online Auction, most of the stock is sold like the May Sale , It's very well operated and there are some well priced horses available. I think the most important thing about these online auctions is that the horses are potentially going somewhere where they are being given an opportunity to be a race horse or a broodmare instead of sitting in a paddock or worse. 
    There has been a number of winners come out of the sales and its great to see. One thing it does do though is make you think why would you pay stallion fees when you see the price some of these go for.
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    bazach reacted to Leggy in Winston in free fall ?   
    A better question might be what has the racing industry done for racing in the last 20 years?
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    bazach got a reaction from Lloyd Vivian in Underrated Broodmares   
    Miss Distinction - by Bletchencore, was a one race winner herself, but has left a couple of great stakes winning offspring by less high profile sires, Miss Jessie Jay by Spectacular Phantom, and Gee I Jane by Jahafil. She also produced The Silencer Sir by Istadaad to win nine races, plus a number of other minor winners. She was born in 1991 and had her last foal, a Super Easy colt, in 2014.
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    bazach got a reaction from Lloyd Vivian in May Sale - as a vendor is it worth it?   
    Exactly Ethereal, he is a very good judge of horse flesh, and great opportunities if you are buying because, as you say, his broodmare band is pretty good. From a selling point of view, with Dan's lifetime dealing with horses and his knowledge of horse flesh, if he can't even get the service fee back from thirteen of his nineteen lots, what chance is there for any breeders other than those owning group winning mares, or the studs with the stallion?
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    bazach reacted to ivanthegreat in Minister For Racing intoxicated by tax payers money ?   
    A weekly ( weakly ) struggle to overcome her own irrelevance.
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    bazach reacted to drewandjo in Minister For Racing intoxicated by tax payers money ?   
    yes....Heather's only reader is Barry...oh and P4P