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    bazach reacted to We're Doomed in Not a good look   
    MV has the short straight. I just can never get excited by Ruakaka for some reason. And it is of course NZ's newest racetrack. Give me Caloundra any day. That should be the model for anyone building a new race track.
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    bazach reacted to Shad in Thatz David   
    To be fair, I've never been a fan of 2yrold racing, but that's just my opinion,  I have an interest in a modestly bred rising 5yr old, sire leaves stayers, dam won over ground, he has been well feed, broken in and hopefully be mentally and physically developed, if we get to the races the rest will be up to him. You know the odds.
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    bazach reacted to Baz (NZ) in N.Z Racing   
    Close all these goat tracks and build one super racing centre. Build it and they will come!
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    bazach reacted to fitzy in waimate   
    Reading these comments I cant help wondering if some of you are missing the point. Punting pays for racing - no betting = no income = low stakes.
    Unfortunately for clubs like Waimate as a result of only having 1 or 2 days a year its hard to punt with confidence when you dont have a good understanding of track conditions. Yesterday was rated as a Good 3 but they were running close to 1.13 + for 1200 m - really ? Even allowing for the class of horse going around that seems off.
    If we want to grow turnover then we need to provide punters with racing surfaces they can bet on with confidence. Clubs like Waimate will always struggle in that regard. Inconsistent racing surfaces when you cant follow the form must end up being a turnoff for punters. Eventually they give up and spend their money on something else. This is a major issue with the problems of NZ racing, and in my view is the major factor which suggests racecourse rationalisation is essential.
    That said the big clubs are not exactly showing the way forward on this issue, and need to improve dramatically. 
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    bazach reacted to tripple alliance in waimate   
    How much more proof do you need that restructuring is imperative , one of the reasons stakes have fallen is the bottom has been propped up at the expense of the better grades , money down the drain .
    Racing must change , it's in a similar position to where movie theatres were when home video were all the rage , they restructured , went upmarket , comfortable seats , coffee and food delivered to your seat , they turned going to the movies into a desirable experience and have never looked back , it can be done but not with crap facility's in the middle of nowhere , it's time to wipe the board clean and rebuild . Do nothing and failure is guaranteed 
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    bazach reacted to eastern whipbird in Now the sh#t hits the fan   
    I have never belonged to a political party and never will. I prepared and presented submissions  to the select committee on the Racing Bill in 2003. The only person on the Committee who had any idea as to what was going on was Sue Bradford who told me afterwards that she had a couple of broodmares. The National Party have had an abysmal record of non-support for Racing typified by their most recent Ministers but even worse by the political hacks they they have foisted on the Racing Board like the current Chairperson.
    The current spokesperson, if that is what she is, probably doesn't  know where her closest TAB is..
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    bazach reacted to Gofta in There are very real positive changes ahead for Racing, my thanks to Brian de Lore for keeping us updated. Read the latest here   
    I will put my hand up as a lifelong National voter and someone who dislikes Winston for his usually self serving hypocrisy.  He has done more  for racing in a year than Nationals Guy and Bennett did over a decade.  I think based on recent events he should be given the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise.   
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    bazach reacted to Insider in There are very real positive changes ahead for Racing, my thanks to Brian de Lore for keeping us updated. Read the latest here   
    For fooks sake Leo, just became the “Nikki’s of this world hang around the Viaduct, it doesn’t mean that the real people of the rest of NZ don’t know what they are talking about. 
    Again for fooks sake, your mob had 9 years to fook everything up, and what a bloody good job they did. 
    Lets see who gets more likes, your post above or mine!
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    bazach reacted to Berri in Big news right here   
    Waikato's short sighted version  of events is to sell Te Rapa and buy Bodle's property and turn it into a race track. Well that's smart. Let's just replace one with another FFS. Why not invest in 2500 ha three times? Build 3 race tracks per property, 900 ha of training tracks (long gallops, all weather gallops and any other gallops that are required. Build accommodation for 3000 people (there's a housing shortage), replicate Bistre Village and build a town (that'll pay for all the race tracks), build an equestrian centre, a leading edge educational centre and a horse rehabilitation centre. Let's look after the future of the industry, the people and as important, the horses. We have one more.
    Think 50 years in advance....not the time it takes to relieve yourselves. 
    Waikato...greenfields....yeah right....
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    bazach reacted to We're Doomed in Big news right here   
    Very interesting, there is a lot of significant stuff in there. Whatever anyone thinks of Winston he is the first Racing Minister to actually take action. Nothing like this would have happened under a National Govt. We may not all agree with the detail, but the intent has merit.
    I do hope this transitional board of 7 does have some racing knowledgeable people on it. I note there will be no specific code reps and they are only aiming to have a "collective" knowledge base. There is a lot of reliance on the income to be had from off shore betting. For this to happen there needs to be pretty swift work done to improve the quality of the product we offer at key times. Changing the distribution process will be interesting, but it does free up the landscape to optimise returns to the industry as a whole.
    I just hope we can find the right people with the intelligence, integrity and industry respect to carry all this through. As an industry we don't have a good record at attracting top tier people to important management positions.
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    bazach reacted to Caroline in Cheap purchase gets better and better   
    Thank you breeder and ruby I agree with the sentiments of the family.  Exquisite Jewel foaled a beauty little brown  colt who is going and growing strong. She is my 'dream' mare  and that big step to racing. Yes i did look for the family and I hope I have found one in Grand Prospect tracing back on her family. To say I am a little bit excited in his  half siblings performance is an understatement. We can only try and try again.
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    bazach reacted to Insider in Zed   
    If only NZB would put some of the better bred ones (Zeds’) into books one and two so that they at least get into Aussie hands. 
    The “fashion” that dictates the sales company leaves a lot to be desired. 
    Just saying. Liz
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    bazach reacted to Trump in NZTR in state of “deep contemplation” for the last ten years   
    There seems to be a lot of people against “track closures”. I’m not sure why? Golf Clubs merge and benefit greatly as do the members of merged Clubs. The National at Victoria’s Cape Schank is a prime example. It bought a “heavily in debt” Club, absorbed their membership and invested in that Club to improve the course (Long Island). As for Race Clubs, the most successful Race Club in Qld is Tattersalls Racing Club. It has a 152 year history, hosts the richest G1 race for Fillies & Mares (The Tatts Tiara) and conducts 4 Race meetings per year and is profitable. Guess what? It doesn’t have a race track! It rents the Doomben and Eagle Farm courses at a rental agreed incl it’s staff for race days. Why can’t that model work in NZ and with merged Clubs could become stronger. How much would the Trentham land be worth as a residential or light commercial development site? Why couldn’t they merge with say, Otaki, and build a new facility there? Just an example. Riccarton land must be worth a lot? Anyway, there’s too much talk and not enough “action” in NZ racing imho.
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    bazach reacted to hedley in Consensus! You Darling!   
    Outstanding hit and run Win with the mare in the peak of her powers
    Great stuff Leo and the whole team Consensus
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    bazach reacted to tim vince in Syndicators   
    Personally  I'd would rather be in an m Pittman syndicate as above.he is a hero.
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    bazach reacted to tim vince in Syndicators   
    I'm just questioning putting them up on a pedestal.they r in it for one reason.the volume of horses syndicated by our main syndicates is pretty big
    .hardly any pay their soon as they have a winner the media seem to flock to them. i asked do syndicates take management fees or get a cut and also thought it was a fair question to ask them what they paid for a horse.
    I guess melody belle is great example.of course the same stable paid 2.2 million for 0ne  a while ago at it won 30 bucks,don't c the media buzzing around them then. As for the rotorua winner today.i wouldn't say it was headed much further.hhope for owners I'm wrong of course. Maybe if we got dollars back to the investors compared to dollars spent my guess it would make mainzeal a better investment.
    All I'm saying don't make heroes out of these guys.
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    bazach reacted to tim vince in Syndicators   
    I do chuckle how they Trump themselves up
    .a jakleberry horse won today.75k at th ready to run.with gst  I'm guessing up to 110 to 120 k so far.probably 5k to the owners .after a training bill for the month probably in the 3 to 4 region   150 bucks every 10 percent share.i am 8nterested to know if Fortuna take a cut or do they charge a management fee. Let's hope it will excel over ground in the will need to if it's going to go to pay for itself.
    We all know lots unlikely any horse will pay but I'm not sure if the syndicates  should get the praise and tv exposure they do. The tv guys are all over them.
    Of course never seem to ask how much they paid for them.
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    bazach got a reaction from Insider in 2019 new stallions   
    Interesting to see 25 broodmares in the Gavelhouse auction this week, and a good number over the last while. Although the studs like Waikato are putting a few on this site, many have notations such as "owner getting out of breeding", or "owner downsizing", or "owner has too many...." etc etc. Just another sign of the many issues surrounding racing which have been slowly accumulating for the last 30 years plus.
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    bazach reacted to flockofewes2 in Capital Gains Tax   
    Labour Govts are progressive(apart from fake ones like Rogernomics).
    National Govts retain the status quo,and primarily enact  legislation to enrich a minority.They are very good at embedding urban myths as to them being 'sound financial managers',and a' safe pair of hands'.Good PR and plumbing new depths in black ops are hallmarks of the last Nat Govt.
    Most of the good things average NZ'ers enjoy,healthcare,education,minimum wage,holidays,are a result of Labour initiatives.
    National are very good at disowning their ex leaders and P.M's...Muldoon,Bolger,Shipley...(add Key..soon) as they contour their principles  frequently to reflect popular voting patterns.
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    bazach reacted to Peter Jenkins in Dundeel   
    Thanks Maria. Yes I actually suggested DD to John Messara after Dundeel won his maiden at Ellerslie. 
    Service fee will be determined by the market. We are fairly conservative with our pricing as we only discount for multiple bookings. Fee will be set at Easter. Plenty of water to flow under the bridge before then.
    The attachment shows where Dundeel is at now compared to where Snitzel was at the same stage of his career.

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    bazach reacted to Shad in Gorky Park   
    Think Guillotine was exported overseas.
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    bazach reacted to chevy86 in Karaka on TV?   
    No bitterness, no envy, years of experience, more than grateful for my successes in the industry but fully au fait with how the "system" works , even if you are not. Seen many associates "scorched" ( Chris Cairn's words!) by the racing mafia.( In saying that it was their decision to dance with the devil).
    Any forum worth a crumpet has controversy/confrontation/contrary views, but most of all informed opinion, even if it is not PC and offends some delicate petals who are not up for robust debate.
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    bazach reacted to chevy86 in Karaka on TV?   
    Well Scooby it is in the racing mafia's interest to have it on TV! It is not there for any altruistic reasons, it is a business decision and besides it gives polis (Peters, Collins, Bennet all spotted there today) a chance to ponce around, eat and drink at other's expense, and pretend they are interested in the welfare of the racing community.
    It is basically a wank-fest for a privileged local few who trade amongst themselves, probably pay no sales commissions, and get dribbled over by Rodley, KFE and the other sycophants.( Would love the consummate professional Sheldon Murtha to be fronting the telecast) Why was Leo not sought out after his purchases so that he could drop a few expletives on how he outbid the hierarchy? JMO also.
    BTW, the true heart of the Sales will be Books 2 &3 where the toilers of racing will present their stock who have been excluded from Book One, not because of conformation, pedigree or honest endeavour, but because they are not considered part of racing royalty.
    PS-interesting that out of nearly 300 Lots, only 17 went to HK, 4 to Singapore and 1 to China. Must be a massive increase in local stakes coming.
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    bazach reacted to Davey1 in Gorky Park   
    Seems like it could be an interesting story this one. Any one that knows Wayne should encourage him to come on here and tell us a bit about him. Maybe how he come to own him, how many mares he has been serving and what he is like as a stallion. It could convert to a few bookings!
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    bazach reacted to Ruby in Gorky Park   
    Also I doubt much wrong with his conformation - he was a 360k yearling and was in line to run in The Cup before injury