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  1. On 7/31/2019 at 6:20 AM, John Clydesdale said:

    I have two mares from this family, whilst not black type horses, they have left plenty of winners. Blancpain, the best of them and all hers to race have won. 

    It was witnessing Il Tempo winning the Cups that prompted me to get in the family, backed up of course by Show Gate and her wonderful deeds. I just need to breed one with a bit of the class of those two horses and I would be happy.




    The Eulogy family, from memory Bruce Lowe No22 was prolific and produced many great horses. All the best to you John, persistence will eventually be rewarded!

  2. On 11/5/2019 at 7:49 PM, Breeder said:

    I was pleasantly surprised to find today's Melbourne Cup winner , Vow and Declare, descends directly from Tessa Gillian ( and further back to Mumtaz Begum  and Lady Josephine etc.).  so this is the family of Eight Carat, Octagonal, Very Ellegant and scores of other great race horses and producers.

    It goes to show if you are entering into the breeding and can buy a mare directly descended from one of theses great females families, your odds of breeding a good one can be vastly improved.

    She (Tessa Gillian), was also the dam of successful NZ stallion Test Case, so her blood will be seen in many of our thoroughbreds.

  3. 1 hour ago, Pam Robson said:

    Nope, not to my knowledge.  Plenty of do-gooders wanting to 'rescue' old or neglected horses to rehome,  but, well-meaning though they may be,  the fate of these old horses at their 'new' homes is often worse than the alternative.

    I remember Freda White telling me about Teak's euthanasia,  she groomed him until he was gleaming,  she said, oiled his feet, put on his black-and-white dress rug and walked him down to the end of her property where the deed was done.  The old chap thought he was off to a show.

    Would be great if everyone treated their loyal workmates in that fashion,  but will never happen.

    Gee he was a lovely horse, raced until he was 16 if my memory is correct.

  4. 14 hours ago, Red Rum said:

    I think industry participants , punters , racefans need to decide individually where morally they sit on this . Are you accepting of horse slaughter for food if it's done in a highly professional manner with strict guidelines, we'll regulated  , are you against eating horses full stop , are you accepting it  as only a  last resort . 

    Things to ponder , sell horses overseas they could eat them. KRA promotes horse meat , publishes quarterly stud book lists of those gone to Jeju Island food processing facility and by reading Korean news reports wants to expand consumption . Do you still want to bet on next at Seoul tonight ? If NZ industry is against horse slaughter should we be betting on this racing. 

    I've read ownership info from Japan, they warn this happens but I haven't read anywhere that they promote it like Korea but take a realistic approach as not masses of space for retired horses .Ferdinand never left Japan , in fact Exceller ended up in a tale of bankruptcy and a pet food factory in Sweden , tragic really .

    If you think all racehorses should all have a long retirement then surely any horse you own it would be slightly self serving if it's gets sold to certain countries , if you think it's part and parcel of the business and not all can be done all the time maybe do the hard yards face hard facts and actually make sure as best you can when time comes it's done right , if you not happy don't sell .Or maybe some not too bothered if the money in account , it takes all sorts I suppose .Some in these times of troubled  finance may have no choice to be fair to keep families  head above water ,or maybe case of sell one to have money to save 10 others in paddock .

    Maybe on this new TAB they could have a horse welfare donation option  , decent win,  good mood pay bit forward to the horses , the buggers who do the most  hard yards in all this. 

    I like your post RR. As Barry B pointed out, the issue is about animal cruelty and all forms of life that humans slaughter should not suffer pain and should be killed as instantly as is possible. Most abattoirs and freezing works would or should, be complying with strict animal welfare legislation and practices. So for me, this whole issue isn’t about whether we eat horse, goat, deer or whatever, but about caring for animals when they are alive and if slaughter is the end game, as it is with millions of animals everywhere, then show the animal respect and care when this done.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Red Rum said:

    It's a tough one , agree with earlier posts , it must be humane and dignified , the reality is there are not enough homes for all of them from all the outlets racing  yards ,  stud farms surplas etc.

    Red Rum, this is the key sentence in your response, - all animals destined for slaughter should be treated with respect and killed quickly and painlessly.

  6. 8 hours ago, hedley said:

    I guess that RITA has her sights upon Hawera as a 'get rid of'  track..silly bitch RITA

    No worries Hedley, they are going to keep Waverley going (population 1,000 people)!!! The integrity of the 'closing down tracks' decision was questionable from the get go based on decisions like this.

  7. 38 minutes ago, Gruff said:

    Who does Sophia blame? She has to live this everyday and you can guarantee she has gone over this 100s if not 1000s of times in her own mind. :rcf-sad-4: There are lessons to learn for all involved out of this but Sophia is the one who could teach those coming through the most. Wish her all the best,if we could only time back time :rcf-sad-13:

    Trying to find something comparable is tough but as a learner surfer you take chances everytime you go out, the unpredictable nature of the Ocean ,changing tides , Swell,conditions ,topography,Rips,big angry fish ,unpredictable trajectory of surfboards even getting in and out of the water on rock or reef makes it a risky pastime similar to Horseracing, you can even break your neck bodysurfing 2ft waves .At what point of the learning process do you take on bigger hollower waves in Sharkier waters knowing the chances of hospitalisation or death is a reality? When things go wrong who do you blame,the guy driving you to the beach? The lifeguard if any on duty? You cant control the unpredictable . can u ? 


    A key difference in your example Gruff is that the legislation only relates to work places, ie unless you good enough to be a professional surfer, a surfing “mishap” doesn’t fall under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

  8. The key outcome of track rationalisation should surely be to revitalise the industry to encourage the younger generation(s) to get involved. Racing clubs aren’t the only ones suffering from too few members and participants. Ask your nearest golf club, Lions club or bowling club how they are managing, it won’t likely be good news. As referred to earlier, it’s mostly grey haired people you see at the races. To at least try and redress the many reasons racing has declined (farmers now too far removed from horses being used on farms so most not interested, computers, TV, couples spending more time working to make ends meet, social media making it easy to spread the perception horse ing is cruel etc etc), we do need far better facilities than those provided at most courses, so I am in favour of whatever courses are closed which help the better good of the industry

  9. Probably a combination of the Gavelhouse two weekly sales, and the vicious circle which has been affecting the racing industry - to a greater or lesser extent, for thirty years, ie stakes poor (and costs always increasing!), meaning less people interested in breeding or owning, meaning less horses racing, meaning less money being punted, meaning less money to improve stakes and on and on it goes.

    It does seem a huge drop though, as although the Gavelhouse fees are cheap, being able to see a range of your prospective purchases in the flesh at one time would ensure better prices (in my view) for well conformed animals. It would be interesting to know who buys on Gavelhouse sight unseen??

  10. Interesting to see 25 broodmares in the Gavelhouse auction this week, and a good number over the last while. Although the studs like Waikato are putting a few on this site, many have notations such as "owner getting out of breeding", or "owner downsizing", or "owner has too many...." etc etc. Just another sign of the many issues surrounding racing which have been slowly accumulating for the last 30 years plus.

  11. Yes, a great little article. No reason why he (GP), can't sire more group performing horses. Like most stallions, their patronage (outside the stud owned mares) is often based on who provides the glossiest brochure and the biggest bull....t story about the wonderful ability of their sire, - forgetting of course all the races where they and their close relatives finished down the track. Aside from Tavistock, Gallant Guru now seems to be the only other son of Montjeu at stud here. I don't know what has happened to Guillotine, but he is bred on the same Montjeu - Defensive Play cross as GP, and had good opportunity to succeed at Windsor Park. His racing record was okay, although he won only half as much (400k) as Gorky Park.

  12. Interesting line breeding Gubes. I see Gorky Park finished second a good to Efficient in the VRC Derby, having been one off the fence the whole way (Efficient stuck to the rails the whole way except for the last 200 metres), and also finished third in the Group 1 BMW, so had ability. He looks a big strong animal as well. I see he is at stud in "your" area. Do you know the place etc?

  13. Just wondering why this stallion, Gorbachovs sire, who was twice group one placed in Oz, won over $800k, is by Montjeu, and from a tidy female line, hasn’t served even 20 mares a season since he has been at stud. Is it solely that he isn’t at a recognised stud, or does he have fertility, temperament, or conformation issues? Interested in others thoughts.

  14. Good work Trump. Hopefully there will be a taking up of the facilities layout concept when the new tracks go ahead (if and when that is!). I also think a facility near Foxton to replace Awapuni and Levin would be logical, and I do retain some optimism (maybe misplaced) that this could happen, along with a similar new central track to cater for Waikato racing into the future. 

  15. 16 hours ago, chevy86 said:

    No need WD unless you are providing sanctuary for our avian friends. (Pigeon racing on the up?)

    The millennials prefer the lawn or the Fashion marquee for their posturing.

    Grandstands, unless they are going to be well used - which most now aren't, are an anachronism. A really nice race-course set up with terracing, shade sails etc, but no grandstand as such is Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Aside from this, poorly maintained grandstands which are past their use by date, are one of the many "turn-offs" for people thinking of taking in a day at the races.

  16. On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 10:41 AM, Phar Lap Fan said:

    interesting but not overly excited.  La Mer was foaled in N.Z.of 100% European blood, related to Ribot.

    Distantly related. Ribot's sire Tenerani was out of Tofanella. La Mer's 5th dam was Tofanella. La Mer's sire Copenhagen spent his whole time at Wynthorpe stud just outside New Plymouth as far as I can remember. He was a champion sire and had some good sire premiership "battles" with Pakistan. Probably fair to say that being a bit isolated in the "naki, he didn't initially get top mares.

  17. On ‎10‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 7:27 PM, Chestnut said:

    Hi Sarah, it could possibly be a Shamrock, in that case it might belong to the O'Sheas/Poplar Lodge or the NZ Irish Horse Society, I think they also use a Shamrock style brand.




    yes, likely to be Brian O'Shea of Poplar Lodge, as he uses the shamrock brand.

  18. 8 hours ago, Catalano said:

    Caesars Comet will win one soon. Improving with every run. There was a wee stream running at right angles to the track at about the 300m and he seemed to hit it just at the wrong point of his stride and lose some momentum. But hard to argue the result. 

    Clonakilty black pudding has me converted! Can we get it in NZ?

    Hi Catalano, looks like a great trip you are having. Blackball Salami Co. Ltd make great black and white puddings. We buy their brand through Wholly Cow butchery in Grey Street Hamilton, and they are also in Cambridge. Cheers.

  19. 1 hour ago, Ohokaman said:

    Thanks Ohoka. I would love to see these figures as it 50,000 seems over the top to me, even including volunteers. Who exactly are "participants". Does this also include punters etc. Not saying the figures are lies, but would like to see substantiation of them. I wonder if anyone has access to them?