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    1970s sire - Roland

    Thanks for that. I bet there were times you wondered why you kept all those old registers!!!
  2. bazach

    1970s sire - Roland

    Thanks heaps Gubes. Is this all in your (very good) memory, or is there somewhere I can go online to see this info? Roland had a lot of potential as a stallion. Do you know why he only seemed to serve for two seasons? I used to handle and 'strop' Kija when Fred had him. I was there the morning he died doing track work - a sad day
  3. bazach

    Wgtn Cup

    Hopefully will encourage more people to go back to breeding stayers and giving their horses more time to mature. Okay, it is expensive waiting, AND people don't seem to have the patience they did have, but if we want to go back to having horses be competitive in races like the Melbourne Cup, then its a good thing taking the Wellington Cup back to 3200 metres.
  4. bazach

    Please Expalin

    This has been a very interesting thread to read Tom and Ted. Re the lack of crowds at Auckland. There will be many reasons, some of which bestbets has alluded to. Another one is the complete chaos trying to get from A to B in this 'world class'(!) city. If I was bestbets I would be staying on my sofa too!. We spend a bit of time in Melbourne - went to Caulfield on boxing day, and the comparison between Auckland and Melbourne could not be better shown between the public transport available (or not in Auckland's case).
  5. bazach

    Machiavellian Sire Sons

    I was very impressed with Jakkalberry at the stallion parade recently. He is a beautiful walker, and a very well balanced horse. What he has over Shocking, in my opinion, is a stronger female line descending in direct female line from the dam of NZ stallions Crest of the Wave and Palm Beach, and further back from the dam of champion NZ sire Summertime. A mare with some pace would be good to stop breeding a horse which was too dour.
  6. bazach

    The Whole Game is F#$%@D

    Interesting comments about the stakes in 1989 Chris. It's all related to what people are earning as well. My first horse as an owner trainer won a race way back in 1977. I cannot recall the total stake, but do know that my winning gross stake was exactly $1,000. In 1977, the average annual salary was about $7,000, so my stake for winning this race was about a seventh of an annual salary (as an owner trainer it was enough to cover all my expenses for a year). To have maintained this relativity, and taking the annual average salary today of say $48,000, the stake for the winning owner of a maiden race would be....wait for it $6,800!!! Is it any wonder I am now out of this game, and that horse racing in NZ is "knackered"!
  7. bazach

    Festival sale looking a bit grim?

    This "collapse" of NZ racing has been building up for 30 years, and in addition to the excessive cost structure to run the industry, the other big factor leading to its demise, is that there has not been the rationalisation required to reduce the number of courses where racing is held. Racing cannot expect to get support from the next generation of people when nearly all of the courses provide 1950s-1960s facilities and deteritorating, poorly maintained assets. No-one has been prepared to deal with the empty stands and see that few clubs have the finance required for capital works. What needs to happen is radical but necessary. For example, in the Waikato, I would close EVERY current track for racing, and that includes Te Rapa where the track surface may be great, but the 1960s facilities are a joke,- purchase a farm in central Waikato and build a brand new multi purpose race track which would also have facilities for other equine and non-equine income. Without this radical approach, racing in NZ is haeding for oblivion.