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  1. Interesting to see from my original post detailing the likely cost/benefit ratio for Dan Myers horses at the May weanling sale, that this weeks Gavelhouse on-line auction features a number of Dan's mares for sale, and advises that this will be a complete dispersal of his mares. If a knowledgeable person like Dan can't justify continuing breeding, then what hope is there for the industry?
  2. bazach

    The next generation

    And it wasn't born with two heads or five legs! I guess using a human comparison it is your grandmother on your paternal side and your great grandmother on your maternal side being the same person. As humans we are (or were?) allowed to marry first cousins - and often did when communities were isolated and insular, maybe this equine cross isn't that close, however, I wouldn't personally breed horses this close. What do others think?
  3. bazach

    Purple Comet

    Great, thanks Gubes. I was talking to Peter (Meynell) about this a while ago, and he remembered it well. That would have to be one of the largest dividends ever in NZ I would think. Does anyone know of any which were larger than $348?. At that money, you would think only a couple of people would have backed him!
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    Purple Comet

    Gubes, on a related note, you may be able to find this one for me - goes way back to the 1970s. A two year old called Monrana (hope I have the spelling correct!) - by Monitor I think, won at massive odds in the CD, ridden by P Meynell.
  5. Exactly Ethereal, he is a very good judge of horse flesh, and great opportunities if you are buying because, as you say, his broodmare band is pretty good. From a selling point of view, with Dan's lifetime dealing with horses and his knowledge of horse flesh, if he can't even get the service fee back from thirteen of his nineteen lots, what chance is there for any breeders other than those owning group winning mares, or the studs with the stallion?
  6. bazach

    The Informant Price Increase

    That is almost certainly correct La Zip. It is also one reason we have more expensive building costs (only two major players), and more expensive food (again, only two major players). There are advantages to living in a beautiful country with a low population, but economies of scale isn't one of them!
  7. You are correct breeder. I understand this is his total breeding crop, so no way is it a "cull" sale. I would think that apart from the two lots which sold well above the service fee, he will however, be considering his options for next year!
  8. That's "Dan", not Dam - God damn it! Dam Myers is a very astute person and a dedicated horseman, so it's good to see him supporting the sale with all his weanlings being sold. He is also one of the few bigger breeders with no stallion, and his broodmare band is of reasonably good quality, so I thought it would be interesting to make up a table of his sales and compare just the service fees of the applicable stallions in 2016:
  9. bazach

    Book on great nz broodmares

    that's Sunline - not sublime - bloody spell check!
  10. bazach

    Book on great nz broodmares

    Eulogy, Belle family, Entreaty ( dam of Phar Lap and ancestress of Sublime), maybe the “Heights” family????
  11. bazach

    Underrated Broodmares

    Miss Distinction - by Bletchencore, was a one race winner herself, but has left a couple of great stakes winning offspring by less high profile sires, Miss Jessie Jay by Spectacular Phantom, and Gee I Jane by Jahafil. She also produced The Silencer Sir by Istadaad to win nine races, plus a number of other minor winners. She was born in 1991 and had her last foal, a Super Easy colt, in 2014.
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    Here is a pedigree back to generation five showing no duplications: WOOTTON BASSETT (GB) b. 2008 IFFRAAJ (GB) b. 2001 ZAFONIC (USA) b. 1990 GONE WEST (USA) br. 1984 [IC] MR. PROSPECTOR (USA) b. 1970 [BC] SECRETTAME (USA) ch. 1978 ZAIZAFON (USA)* ch. 1982 THE MINSTREL (CAN) ch. 1974 MOFIDA (GB) ch. 1974 * PASTORALE (GB) ch. 1988 NUREYEV (USA) b. 1977 [C] NORTHERN DANCER (CAN) b. 1961 [BC] SPECIAL (USA) b. 1969 * PARK APPEAL (IRE) dkb/br. 1982 AHONOORA (GB) ch. 1975 BALIDARESS (IRE) gr. 1973 * BALLADONIA (GB) b. 1996 PRIMO DOMINIE (GB) dkb/br. 1982 DOMINION (GB) b. 1972 DERRING-DO (GB) b. 1961 PICTURE PALACE (GB) b. 1961 SWAN ANN (GB) ch. 1971 MY SWANEE (GB) gr. 1963 ANNA BARRY (GB) ch. 1964 SUSQUEHANNA DAYS (USA) b. 1990 CHIEF'S CROWN (USA) b. 1982 [IS] DANZIG (USA) b. 1977 [IC] SIX CROWNS (USA) ch. 1976 * GLIDING BY (USA) b. 1975 TOM ROLFE (USA) b. 1962 [CP] KEY BRIDGE (USA) b. 1959 * DARKOVA (USA) ch. 2008 MARIAS MON (USA) gr. 1993 WAVERING MONARCH (USA) b. 1979 MAJESTIC LIGHT (USA) b. 1973 MAJESTIC PRINCE (USA) ch. 1966 IRRADIATE (USA) gr. 1966 UNCOMMITTED (USA)* b. 1974 BUCKPASSER (USA) b. 1963 [C] LADY BE GOOD (USA) b. 1956 * CARLOTTA MARIA (USA) gr. 1984 CARO (IRE) gr. 1967 [IC] FORTINO (FR) gr. 1959 CHAMBORD (GB) ch. 1955 WATER MALONE (USA) gr. 1974 NASKRA (USA) b. 1967 GRAY MATTER (USA) gr. 1966 DARKARA (IRE) b. 2001 HALLING (USA) ch. 1991 DIESIS (GB) ch. 1980 SHARPEN UP (GB) ch. 1969 [BC] DOUBLY SURE (GB) b. 1971 DANCE MACHINE (GB) b. 1982 GREEN DANCER (USA) br. 1972 NEVER A LADY (IRE) ch. 1974 DARALBAYDA (IRE) b. 1993 DOYOUN (IRE) b. 1985 MILL REEF (USA) b. 1968 [CS] DUMKA (FR) b. 1971 * DARALINSHA (USA) b. 1984 EMPERY (USA) b. 1973 DARAZINA (FR) b. 1979
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    Interesting pedigree. There are no 'double-ups' of horses right back to the fifth generation, ie 62 horses in total, 31 sires, all different.
  14. bazach

    New Stallions 2018

    That's conformation la Zip.
  15. bazach

    Maiden Trivia

    Time is the best friend of the majority of horses. Not all of them will be any good, but most would be better at four, five and six than they are at two and three. Costs dictate that most people can't wait like they should.
  16. A nice story to read Swynford. There are a number of these "bargain buys" which come to mind in recent times, ie dams of Tarzino and Gingernuts, and only last weekend, Mazarine (from the eight carat family), the dam of Vinery Stud Stakes winner Hiyaam was purchased (not in foal) from gavelhouse a couple of years ago for 6k. I guess the possibility of having this good fortune keeps a number of people interested in breeding and racing, although of course the odds are stacked against you being one of the lucky few.
  17. bazach

    He's Remarkable

    A previous post noted he only covered 14 mares last year. Pentire will have to show he is a sire of sire before He's Remarkable can expect to make it as a stallion.
  18. Including the stallion Rios. I guess a number of people have thought about the cost of entry, preparation and transport to the May sale and have decided on the cheaper option. Interesting that Waikato and Windsor Park are selling a number of in foal mares (some with foals at foot) for no reserve, - it's good to see they are meeting the market. It would be interesting to hear some feedback from those who have bought horses through the Gavelhouse auction. How did the process work for you etc?
  19. Agree Jess. I wonder if the vendor knew about the possible surgery Louise? As you say..'caveat emptor' (buyer beware), but I guess, as with a vehicle where you can get a mechanical check before you buy, and a house where you have to get a builders report for your mortgage, it is probably a good idea to get a vet to check a horse, although in your case Louise, if it was an internal issue, a vet may not have picked it up anyway.
  20. Thanks for feedback from those that have bought through Gavelhouse. It's Interesting that a number of you are buying without seeing. I guess it is difficult if having a viewing involves a lot of travel, and ok, if photos are extensive and show up conformation well, then that's good, but personally I wouldn't buy a horse (or vehicle for that matter), without seeing it first.
  21. bazach

    Bicarb explained for us simple folk....

    thanks for that Ohoka. I sometimes use it for indigestion, but didn't realize it gave me more stamina. I must tell my wife!
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    There is talk of banning glyphosate (Roundup) as it could be cancer causing. The EU was going to ban it but backed down late last year, as the cancer causing properties are disputed.
  23. bazach

    Get the bugles out...he's going

    Agree Ohoka, there are overpaid fat cats in all businesses these days. Interestingly a lot are public servants, ie paid for by the tax payer or rate payer. Although private companies can pay what they like (but maybe risk rebellion by shareholders), in my view no public servant should be paid more than the Prime Minister of the day.
  24. bazach

    Get the bugles out...he's going

    The farmers have voted over the decades to become a mega co-op, so can't complain that they have lost personal contact and don't have much 'real' say in the company. Interesting that Tatua stayed small, ie just over 100 suppliers and consistently pays more to their suppliers than Fonterra.
  25. bazach

    Mares covered 2018

    What was the reason given skoozi?