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  1. Totally agree Griffin. Eventually public opinion will cause the change. It would be great if Aotearoa New Zealand showed the way, and vision, by doing it now, but I can’t see that happening.
  2. Just watched him winning the Kentucky Derby. He was unrelentingly whipped all the way up the home straight. Not hard to see why public opinion will eventually mean riding horses out with a whip will be banned.
  3. So true with most journalism these days. To get a true picture you need to look at how many times this happens against the total number of times horses go around in races in a year. How many polo ponies, pony club ponies, show jumpers, eventers, and hunters are euthanised each year versus the number of horses competing at these events? To get the true picture you need a genuine investigative journalist. Do they exist anymore?
  4. Glad you enjoyed it. They’ll be telling their story in the pub until the day they die! Making memories is what life’s about.
  5. This true story about a group of welsh pub mates who bred and raced a horse, is a great rags to riches story and is on Maori T V next Monday night at 8.30pm
  6. Will be a great day. Usually see at least one Tigers game every year, so disappointing we can’t make it this year.
  7. Nice article on Hazel on TV three news this evening. She’s a very well spoken young lady. I just hope she can keep her weight under control.
  8. Agree, a greenfields track is what Taranaki needs to replace all tracks, but Inglewood is in the rain belt so choosing a suitable site would be problematic.
  9. Or an old favourite of mine”led into straight...stopped as if shot”
  10. A different scenario below, but similar in that the national scouting body ran roughshod over the local community of Waiau after the scout hall was earthquake damaged and the scout group went into recess “The group had applied for all the funds that will be generated from the property sale and had hoped to at least secure half the proceeds to benefit local youth. “We have been battling to retain some of these funds for the youth of our community, but it is Scouting NZ policy that all property proceeds are retained by the national association (as legal owner),” the group says in the l
  11. Full article about Michael in the Herald today
  12. Thanks Red Rum. Stories like this keep me interested in breeding again. Maybe I’m just a dreamer
  13. Great story. Watched a similar story on either Netflix or YouTube a couple of years ago about a group of Welsh people who decided at their local that they were going to breed and race a horse. They got given a mare and went to a 3k stallion - the area they live was quite depressed. Anyway, the horse won, from memory about 150k. Anyone see this and remember the name of it, as I wouldn’t mind watching it again.
  14. As you say Chevy, Racing has just had a huge “top up”. Irrespective of who is in power after September, surely you don’t expect another one (top up)?
  15. “interesting that Cambridge is spending something like $16m on their track, which has never been an actual racecourse, and Winston is now encouraging them to spend more money on a flash entrance and a grandstand” Shows you Winny has absolutely no vision whatsoever, along with most politicians. Grandstands per se are an anachronism. Go to Caloundra Winny and take note!