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  1. mightymo

    $1.04 Win

    Sensational Gabby won yesterday at 1.04
  2. mightymo

    $1.04 Win

    I think there have been plenty more than the 3 you mentioned
  3. mightymo

    Georgetown set to race in Canada

    you forgot Royal Cee Cee She has done enormously well over there
  4. mightymo


    So by "average stallions" Im assuming you are referring to McArdle, Grinfromeartoear, Jeremes Jet, Live or Die, Lis Mara, Elsu, Badlands Hanover... Did i miss any?
  5. mightymo


    "Well maybe it is time the sellers woke up and got real." Can you please elaborate on what you think sellers should be doing??
  6. mightymo


    I have done a quick analysis of yesterdays sale. As a general rule, i have always worked on needing to get about $15,500 at sales ie $14000 in the hand in order to break even on most yearlings. In yesterdays sale, there were 211 lots catalogued. Of those, 28 were sold for greater than $15,000. In other words, 87% of yearlings were either taken home by their vendors or sold at a loss. Now that cannot and will not continue...
  7. mightymo

    Ladyship Mile

    Courageous Annie would need to win this week to get a start. Her form recently has been below her best. Pacific Playgirl is one that would be getting a start and is deadly off a fast speed
  8. mightymo

    Stunin Banner

    in the main that is very true, although there is a filly in Aust called Marquess de Posh(Nz bred) and I reckon she is right up there with the best 3yo fillies in Australasia
  9. mightymo

    What is a fair winning Stake?

    The NZ handicapping system needs a complete overhaul. It is the single biggest issue that the industry faces. Something very similar to the Aust tiered handicapping system needs to be adopted, and soon!!
  10. mightymo

    Yearling Sales 2012

    What about vet fees? They are totally outrageous too. I know of vets charging around $1000 to serve a mare twice, and that doesnt even guarantee you a positive test! The bottom line is that fees in every area are too high and someone needs to do something , and quick!
  11. mightymo

    Yearling Sales 2012

    G unit That would be a great idea, but it will never happen. The studs have paid too much to the US owners to get the horses so are over a barrell...
  12. mightymo

    Yearling Sales 2012

    It was a Major in Art colt, not an Art Major
  13. mightymo

    Better Cover Lover

    we are blessed with some amazing mares at the moment. Besides the 4 who competed in NZ last week, the following also awaits in Aust: Make Mine Cullen - arguably our best mare Broadways Best - last years premier mare and Ladyship mile winner Pacific Playgirl - absolutely flying and competing with the best colts/geldings Torque in Motion - very exciting and lightly raced 5yo Courageous Annie - NSW Oaks winner Baby Bling - Aust Oaks Winner Bellas Delight - Breeders Crown winner Vertigal - Breeders Challenge winner If only we could get these 12 all in one race...
  14. mightymo

    Smoken Up Decision

    12 months for the horse?? By all means fine and ban the trainer, but dont impose any more penalties on the owners, especially after having just lost 1st place prizemoney...
  15. mightymo

    Better Cover Lover

    Forever gold is a very quick beginner and I would be surprised if they handed up to De Lovely and run the risk that she then hands up. I cant see them handing up to any horse except Carabella