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  1. Vin

    Police Raids

    Just aint got the Rose tints on mate Seem to be a few around who like that Dream About horse in the cup too.......Time will tell
  2. Derby Civil Disobedience Oaks treasure Cheers
  3. 1 8 6 12 3 2 2 10 1 any scratchings please sub no.1, then no. 2 Cheers
  4. Two Plus Believe 'n' Bounding Succeed 'n' Recite performance Achiever result Silences field Deal Done by Baker
  5. R1-9 R2-8 R3-2 R4-3 R5-7 R6-1 R7-1 R8-6 R9-1 Cheers
  6. Vin

    Auckland Cup Comp $20 multi

    More Than Sacred Postmans Daughter Cheers
  7. Vin

    Punter's Club Number 8

    Best wishes for your wedding Jason & Sarah
  8. Melbourne R8. Laidback Larry
  9. Vin

    New Years Day Multi Competition

    Duquesa Waterford More than Sacred