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  1. Have not heard one person who agreed with this decision, even those who ended up backing the winner.
  2. I see that there is a horse called Scorched Earth running tomorrow. I remember watching Meriel Tuffnell riding a horse of the same name to record the first ever riding success by a lady rider in the UK, It was a 50/1 shot and shocked the racing fraternity. Meriel died at just aged 53. If you are interested, here is her obituary.
  3. Fortunately our syndicate are all still good friends! We shall see, I would like to breed from her, but as we all know its normally short way to lose money!
  4. She has a decent page actually, we were considering selling her as there is a syndicate involved and establishing a fair price is not so easy. However, we may actually give her another year and try and "fluke" some better black type.
  5. Funny you should say that.....
  6. Unbelievable that our mare, which we had almost given up on a few months ago should win three straight races. Never owned a horse that won three on the spin before. Great training effort form Richard Collett and his team and young Kavish the 4Kg claimer has been a revelation!
  7. Well done to you and the team Shane 140,000 for the HRE colt !
  8. HK is fantastic racing, particularly Sha Tin as opposed to the midweek Happy Valley. Hutchies Honkers site is a very good resource and worth paying on a meeting by meeting basis. Joao Moreria, Zac Purton and Karis Teetan are the top hoops, but there are other excellent Aussie Jocks as well. Joao is astonishing and to my eye rarely rides a bad race, he has the uncanny knack of being in the right place, he rides at all weights from 52kg upwards. There is so much in the pools, I was there on HK Derby day and there was 20m NZD per race in each pool, but the lack of co mingling for trifectas means that there are tiny NZ pools and better to bet off shore.
  9. if you are going to steal a joke from the Edinburgh Fringe, you may as well steal them all.
  10. From The Guardian Comments re the Highlanders - Lions Game Leo Molloy 2h ago This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted.
  11. Thanks I will just use an overseas provider
  12. Presuming that you are one of the girls then Gubes?
  13. These guys essentially abused a position of trust, so may have been treated more harshly than you may think. But, I understand that those defrauded were recompensed and were happy with that. The "celebrated" NZ trainer whom we all probably know, lets call him/her Voldermort, is famous for such schemes, but appears to have gotten away with it for years and continues to be held up as some kind of role model!
  14. The punishment for these guys shows the contempt that the industry has for the ordinary owner. This is outright fraud and theft , and why the police are not involved, I do not know..The short bans and low fines are an absolute joke.