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  1. howrude

    Nz breed wins another group race

    Backed both on the same night mate... Lost it all on Silent Achiever, Saturday lol....
  2. howrude

    Wanganui track

    Cheers RileyMate. I don't believe I did. Thank you for the concern also as you dead set correct!! HOWRUDE
  3. howrude

    Wanganui track

    What a joke this site has become... Freedom of speech is "advertised" yet comments/posts are removed... ASBBANK, are you the useless one behind the tote? You seem to be hurt the most from my withdrawn comment. I don't know train greyhounds but I am an owner of a little team whose dogs are going well above average. I have no need to give you my identity due to you being offended by my replies. Cheers HOWRUDE
  4. howrude

    Buddy Broke

    I'm not too sure of the actual injury this dog sustained, but according to Brian Martin, it was a fractured hock... If this is the case, then what a training effort it has been for Bill Hodgson to get this dog back to the races and to be competing and just going under to Mr Chino in this season's edition of the Nancy Cobain. Such a remarkable achievement, I know he run 2nd, but MAN! WHAT A RUN! Congratulations!
  5. howrude

    TAB preselling fixed odds

    Great idea...Needs to be applied to more greyhound races in NZ.
  6. howrude

    Know Class

    I understand he run second, read again. I was pointing out how unlucky he was and how much ground he took off White Air and Ultimate Dream, both very nice dogs. The way he raced was worthy enough of a mention. Was an absolute eye catching run.
  7. howrude

    All The very Best Shayne.

    Huge loss to the sport in Shayne. A very warm, bright and cherry person. All the best with future endeavours Shayne whether they involve gardening or winning the lotto. Live a happy and fulfilling life, and one day, hope to see you at the dogs again!
  8. howrude

    Sydney Cup heats Saturday

    Never saw Know Peaces run... Expect a better run from Platinum Playboy should he contest the final. Wasn't overly fast out of the boxes, settled just off the pace racing 2nd the entire stay until the home bend when he just gave in. Should he had jumped, I think he would've finished 2nd, even the prize. Was a huge run. Good luck to the connections.
  9. howrude


    An ongoing issue! Badja Bale copped the worst of it, didn't look too happy jumping back over the fence... Cross is going to have a blast! Hope Badja Bale is alright!!! As a punter, I am pissed off, but as a trainer, I am outraged!! Faulty tracks causing injuries. Why hasn't this issue been? It almost seems like the lure breaks down every meeting...
  10. howrude


    Yes Jason, and many big name trainers as well! Good to see. No action will take place unless "action has taken place" if you understand that... I mean, nobody will do anything about it until these big name trainers make a move, where they have in withdrawing their puppies from the race. Good on them I say!
  11. howrude


    Like I said above, If Aaron Cross was to see this, he would be having the time of his life!!! Writing up blogs, articles for some newspaper even appearances on Campbell Live.. If nothing can be done, simply, can racing down there!!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!
  12. howrude


    Why hasn't this issue been RESOLVED!?
  13. howrude

    Let Trev Know!

    No doubt! Funny stuff. And they want this man to retire? lol. Good call Trev, Good call
  14. howrude

    Late Scratchings...again

    Mate, not just them. If the dog is unsound and injured, do they race them? Anything can happen you dickhead. Im not getting defensive for Team McInerny but for every trainer who has had a late scratching. Just because it happens often, doesn't mean it happens on purpose. You only notice it from them because they have plenty of dogs, and with plenty of dogs comes plenty of reserves. Grow Up idiot. If you have trained a greyhound yourself, maybe you would better understand.
  15. howrude

    Rate the commentators

    Dave McCauley and Dennis Symes. Champion commentators given the opportunity.
  16. howrude

    steve davis

    Steve Davis, IMO, is an asset to our industry. Monday race days, before they run gallop meetings, was just him, BM and a special guest. Was bringing more attention to us. He may not know much about greyhound racing but he does know plenty about racing in general! He is very humorous and has such a great character. We are all to our own opinions, and in mine, He's better to watch than Bevan Sweeney or Aidan Rodley on a Wednesday... mine the spelling mistakes if there were any...
  17. howrude

    Late Scratchings...again

    Mate, you're an idiot!! With the amount of dogs they take to the track, is it not possible for a couple, out of "x" amount of runners, to be injured prior to race day. I know it is trainer responsibility to prepare their dogs in the healthiest and soundest of manners. It reads like you are trying to impose that they are race rigging to suit themselves. If this is the case mate, you need to be checked by your local Mental specialist. Out of all the runners they produce to the track for race day, it is possible, after all, we are all only human, to have things NOT go our way, by the means of injuries or so on. Could've slipped the collar before entering the vehicle, couldve hurt itself in the kennel on the way to the track... Like winners, there are no certainties!!
  18. howrude

    darryl robinson

    Honest opinion. As a fella in general, complete gentleman. Nice bloke, not a bad word about him. As a commentator, well...Hurts the ears. I know it's not easy and to fill in for a fella like BM is hard but surely. As a caller, hes one toned, boring! "Haters are going to hate" LOL
  19. howrude

    Confident bet

    Hmmmmmmmm...............wanted off the rail
  20. howrude

    Wanganui Cup

    Mate, down in the lower grades, she was looking superb. 12L, 9L. As she got higher in class, times have gone from 29.72, margin of 13L ("") to now, 30.39 3/4L. She isn't as flash as she was down in class, still a good bitch, do not get me wrong. To make a call like that where dogs like Freddy John are proven at C5, windburn? LOL. She can be a bit tardy on the jump but the acceleration she shows to the first bend is incredible, but in a race of C5s where 90% of the field are brilliant out of the traps and can run time, she'll need to improve her box manners. Still though, she is a nice bitch, nothign against her, would love to have 2 of her my kennels anyway!
  21. howrude

    Lucky Number 5

    Chance? So it doesnt come down to ability at all?.... Another Gale, Hifi Allegro, the great Little Mother. Race after race they would salute and yet our sport is based on chance? You should be a comedian... I have a couple of dogs that if put in the same race as the above, and the above had fallen over, we still we get beaten by the above. They simply have no chance.
  22. howrude

    Lucky Number 5

    G'day mate. Not sure of the meeting but i remember the first 5 legs of the pick6 being won by number 1.
  23. howrude


    Kenny. If this is the Plumber one, MUST WATCH!
  24. howrude


    Could'nt have been won by anyone better! Steve and Kathy are two tops! Very good trainers and thoroughly deserved. Congratulations, and well done Platinum Playboy.
  25. howrude


    Was horrible. My cup of tea, but actors can't act, there is hardly any humour. They try to hard to be funny it backfires... Any publicity for our sport is great publicity but to do it through a programme where dogs are getting raped or men are getting "" in the toilets... Not a good look.