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  1. Is a freak mate. Can be a little tardy from the inside or when it misses the jump but other than that, first to mid sectionals are electrifying. I'm glad for the Mac family. Good on them, wouldn't mind a share the size of it's ear lol....
  2. Diane Donlon had one called Timmy Vine who had accumulated something like 6k in C0 before breaking maidens at it's 66th start...
  3. Unfortunately Jibbs, it mentions that I must log on to view...Do you have any other means of replay?
  4. howrude


    Great post Mike. I think we have "covered some ground" in such a short amount of time. It is going to be a great race tonight, all the best to all connections involved with each runner. My money is on the 1 but in a race with a lot of early speed, anything can happen.
  5. watch the replay again...He was carted right out of the race, and still won by a convincing margin....
  6. Most definitely! I am as well mate. Needs to happen in the CD where a lot of our dogs are only getting starts due to the three miss rule. Not much of a problem to me as one of mine gets a start regularly, therefore allowing me to trial the other 4 at once. But this is not a bad incentive and clubs should seriously consider it.
  7. Most starters from Pizza Girl?? I can name probably two, Homebush Hell's and Homebush Envy...There are a few there that are absolute blisters out of the traps. Glad to hear though my friend, all the best!
  8. Freak sprinter Clone Your Own is racing tomorrow morning at The Meadows. Has box two and is set to jump at 01.02am. All the best to all involved. GO THE KIWI
  9. NO GOOD!!!! Never mind..............
  10. and it also has Kazillion as third where it actually run last....
  11. I was just looking through the form of race 8 at the Manawatu greyhounds today and noticed that Parra Sparra's last start is noticed as 4th, yet it is recorded as 3rd on everything else... Have a look at this... Either someone needs to take more consideration into their job, or maybe select a new one....
  12. I am happy with the odds today... When I saw Bugsy Bangles at $3 I was happy so unloaded on him to find out, after work, that he closed at 10.40, could not believe my luck.
  13. ALSO!!! DON'T DROP COSMIC MACK..............
  14. Raw Energy to win the Cup for me. First two runs in the country have been explosive, clocking the fastest heat, and 2nd fastest semi. It's not easy to run 30.41 first look on the track and from an awkward draw, but that's exactly what she did, and in style. Box one, I'm glad she has drawn inside of Thrilling Quest and with such high speed first sectionals, if shes in front swinging the first bend, she wins for me with the Quest taking off ground, but just missing. Hard to split the two, but no doubt, for me, Raw Energy. Wild Punting. Was a follower of this dog in Aus before it crossed the Tasman. Again, shows great early speed, and from the 1, should set them off the paws tonight. Was disappointed in her in the heat, so was my account balance lol, although she did yield late and to a very good sprinter, Zebadiah. Looks the winner for me, but will be cheering home Ladakh for it's trainers sake. Lovely people with a very honest dog!! Best bets for me, Raw Energy, Fancy Dasher and Piggy Back. Roughies hope, Ladakh in the Railway. Cheers guys and Happy Punting, all the best.
  15. Especially when you take field in leg that was abandoned LOL
  16. Loving the work. Never had third runner but took other two on your sites ratings. Great stuff Neil!
  17. There's no point in that. Look at the situation with dickhead Cross now and how the association has handled it. Nothing has changed since he first started all this shit. "Mr Leach said he had no comment", not an accurate quote, but along those lines. So we complain to them to get the old, "We'll see what we can do" or "We're doing everything we can" and 6 months down the track, things are exactly the same. Cross is having a blast with or without our comments due to our association not having balls themselves and actually fighting fire with fire, responding to him, not showing weakness by backing down. Newspaper articles are in favour of Cross, it's like we have 1 article to his 9. They need to reply to everything he tries to throw at us! Need new faces on the board I reckon, ones who's mouths are as sharp as stupid Harawira and not as slow as a toddlers.
  18. FAR TOO OFTEN! With the chairman of our sport residing in the same city, surely he wouldn't allow for such events to occur. Glass on the track? Bloody hell, never knew of that one. Step up or step down I say! This considers all involved!
  19. Now, I am in no way a track specialist, but the track is in a terrible state EVERY Wednesday. Last week I was there, there was so much "bog" sitting along the rails, approx 30cms wide, it was disgusting! Yet Friday, a dog who runs 18.12 on a Wednesday goes out and runs 2nd, beaten a nose in 17.67 on Friday. Does Friday nights racing have superior priorities over Weds racing do to the better quality of dogs running? Slow or Fast, Good or terrible, no matter the quality of dog, the track should be healthily maintained every race day of the week! This is why I have trouble with heats where the fastest 2nd or third runner qualifies. It is unfair because as the day progresses, the more it is run on, the harder it becomes, making for faster times.
  20. The site is amazing! Reminisce on some of the runners! GREAZT
  21. What's happening? Do we put up with breathing instead of calling or get the real deal back?
  22. I took a trifecta in Aus where there was something like 370 in the pool...The only three in single figures, the $1.90 fav winning, the second fav at $3 2nd, and the third fav also at $3 running 3rd, the trifecta paid $65. Thought was huge value! The fourth fav was at 9.70 and there was only 7 in the field
  23. Are we talking about the same dog bud? I know I got it all f'd up about him winning, but I'm pretty sure, almost 25-50% of his race which he won, was on the jump... I remember when he was at Manawatu, as soon as the traps opened, gone, had 10 on the...this was when he was 11 from 11 T/D... Yeah mate, I am almost certain, he was a beaut off the jump! Cheers