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    opawa jed..."the race is over, even this far from home"...."he's sitting down, oh, he's been beat" trevor! mate, i like you and your commentating doesn't normally bother me, but you need to call the races as they are being run, not determining them with such surety on trap rise lol. this had to be one of the worse ever.......
  2. Mary... The game let alone this world could not have lost such a better person. She done everything she could for everyone especially her two grandsons. She was there in the rain catching dogs for anyone who asked with no complaints or returned services expected. Bruce, my condolences go out to you mate and your family at such a hard time. I wish you every bit of success and a life of joy brother. Nga mihi nui atu ki a Bruce. May Mary rest in peace, watching over her loved ones left behind. Cheers
  3. There is a significant change in times and I tend to go along with Neil's times as even my times at home were not as fast as those submitted by whomever..
  4. Hi guys. Today I was watching the greyhounds at Wanganui and noticed a very enthusiastic handler for the Lowen kennels. In race 4, he boxed his dog, number 7 Rockin Rod, exited the boxing area, ran to the front of the boxes and started waving vigorously before and after trap rise. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for the excitement that is caused by handling the dogs, especially your first winner but what worries me is although the dogs are determined to chase after the lure, (not all lol) , do you think this can disturb the focus of some runners? Also, the same handler in race 7 had rushed to get his dog from the lure without all the dogs being stopped and gathered at the lure harming himself and the dogs that can potentially run into him. I find this an issue as it does happen often with some handlers ignoring the security guard's warning of staying put until the lure is still and all dogs together. When I got my license, the only training needed was to prove to the Stipe during a trial on race day that you are able to handle, box and catch a dog successfully. I don't know if the same rule applies but I think we may need to be a bit more harsher on those wishing to handle greyhounds in the future. Yeah, just my opinion, please express your own and if you did manage to see the young chap jumping around as if he had ants in his pants, what are your thoughts? Cheers, happy punting and safe racing...
  5. Luckily I read this post again. Was about to inquire about the "trigger fingers" behind the clock haha.
  6. Opawa Patch was bet of the day after her two latest runs at wanganui over 520m. I know it is easy to say that now, but my $20 was well placed at $31 Fixed. Call Me Ralph...exceptional!!
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    Very Impressive!! Was great to see, a fella who I drink with down the pub said he is giving up on ever backing him again. I asked if he would like to chuck $20 in and I'll pick us a quaddie. Didn't take the quaddie, put $20EW on Veyron as I have been a huge follower. He almost shat his pants at the beginning of the race, moving to another table lol. Was quick to join as they approached the home straight. Congratulations to all concerned. That will teach you Paddy, never lose faith mate!
  8. Used to follow "Billy Haka". Dog was as keen as they came, barked all the way there, pulled all the way here, and again on returning to the wash bay. Used to jump the boxes well, placing himself in the race but never really had a finish as he used too much walking to the boxes.
  9. A lady I know was drinking down our local and because her son's nickname is Buddy and because he was recently "fired" from work, she chucked $100 on Buddy Broke at $7.50 on Friday. Never have I seen such a remarkable event take place... Any similar stories??
  10. And apologies to Glen if I made that look like I was suggesting you are a stink trainer, lol, in no way is that my intention. I'm just trying to make a point, that he's a mummys boy lol
  11. What I mean by that is when Alesha went to Aus (?) he was trained by Glen. Went ordinary, she came back, took over and look. He's knocking on the door mate. And for a fella like Alan Hall, with all his experience and expertise to make a statement like that, how can you question it?!
  12. I watched it. Was very entertaining. Thayne did our sport proud and the build up into Sunline was excellent. Steve Davis never fails to do a good job! Make sure you watch replay!!
  13. Looks like he is happy to be back with his mum as well. Went ordinary while she was away and now, he deserves a win like no other.
  14. He jumped on terms, tripped over fallen runner, pushed off the rail and flew home for an outstanding 4th. Keep the faith!!
  15. You are not wrong there mate. It is one of the best families I have seen since my years in dog racing NZ. Well Done to all concerned, is a gem to watch local success clean up!
  16. Sorry it wrong...
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    speed legend

    From what I heard, the Bit Chillis were the last. Might have had a change of heart since then, but I doubt it.
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    Im in the same boat. I don't mind him as a caller as I watch the races live, so his commentary means nothing, but if you were to listen on the radio, well you will only get the top three and last one hahah. But other than that, he's alright I suppose. He does do a better job calling the trots as the slower pace or longer journeys enables him not to rush.
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    speed legend

    Right from the start this dog had shown he had massive potential, running a 17.42 qualifying time. His first start he run 2nd to his litter mate Backyard Bully, BUT, made up about 25-30L after early interference, closing the gap to 5L in 29.85. His mother Just Like That, without sounding disrespectful to owners/trainers, was average but the progeny she has had have had mountains of ability. They seem to have gotten faster each litter, from the likes of Just Like Bee, Freddy John, Visionary Man and now Speed Legend. To all connections concerned, well done. Billy, yo have done a tremendous job in being patient with this dog from his little injury to turning out to what he is now and will be. I wish you every success with Speed Legend, as a "King" of the game, you deserve it. It's amazing watching him get faster and faster as the race progresses. With Freddy John proving he was competitive over the longer journeys and up against high classed dogs, is the Silver Collar out of his reach??? Wherever Bill takes him, it will be worth it!!! Are there any other thoughts about the likes of "Backyard Bully" and "Speed Legend" and the Silver Collar?
  20. ..........but then you say he couldn't catch him...9 times out of 10, of what i have observed, they turn...If he pulled away, how can you say he wasn't chasing?? I do understand where you are coming from, but the same race, i watched, and IMO, the dog maintained a strong gallop to the line, whether Hypotential could catch or him not. Was a huge run. My wallet is doing the talking of course
  21. The same can be said about Celestrial Magic... Her first two races, she would absolutely fly the traps, have big margins on them down the back and then fade heaps, now she has come out and is killing them over 520, 545 etc...102 days after a break...
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    By "we're" he means those who followed his suggested bets. Hear/heard it all the time for Peter Early and the best, Brian Martin. What stunned me was how he said Nova's Fortune can't win off the one, LOL......Good job to those who listened!!!
  23. Yeah mate, I agree. If it misses the jump or gets headed, I don't think he will win. Either way, I have only seen him miss the jump twice, proved costly both starts, but other than that, WOW is all I can say!
  24. May I add, I've only seen this happen twice.....