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    Beaten yesterday by an outsider - that outsider ridden by none other than Lisa Allpress - who employed the same tactics she used on Aintree when he last won - taking the initiative midrace - going to the lead - ensuring a true pace - dictating terms. Not sure if she got put off Aintree or took that option herself - either way - good ride, hope she got a nice sling from that dividend.
  2. I see it appears Ann is now back training on her own - is Hadley going it alone now or has he linked up with someone else? Cheers J
  3. From the Stipes' report Otaki today: "Rider M Walker (EL CAPONE) was reminded of his obligations with regard to the use of the whip on a horse out of contention." Kiss em when they win - thrash em when they lose.
  4. A pity indeed Rockhead (how appropriate!)- there have been problems for a number of years now with the exposed rocks at the lighthouse end of the beach messing up the "track". Things had looked to be improving, with better sand-coverage up until recent conditions prevailed. It's a fun day out when they can hold it.
  5. Personally - would welcome any pretrainer who has experience, knowledge, expertise, dedication and takes pride in his/her work. It's gotta beat someone who can just switch on a walking machine, set the timer for 30 minutes and go back to the house to have a coffee while he bills the hapless owners ....
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    Taking the liberty of replying Kay - despite yr post being addressed to Peter .. I'm not sure about the "natural energy" theory - sounds a bit fanciful to me and I'd want a more scientific explanation than that - BUT - I agree! What a fabulous story about the filly! Thanks for sharing that .... some of those old stories are just great.
  7. 106 mares, Fordy. Regards Jess
  8. Theysay - heard on the radio today that the connections were less than pleased with SYT's latest work. Hope he's ok and on track ...
  9. Anyone heard any word on whether he will be back in NZ for the 2010 breeding season? I guess if we're lucky enough for the answer for that to be "yes" - the second question is "how much?"
  10. ..oops .. bumble fingers ... meant COMPARISON in that last post ....
  11. Interesting capmarison Bradez - especially when you consider that almost everything about racing a standardbred is cheaper than in the TB game ....
  12. - is it the usual way to go about it - to go public re the stallion shares - or is this usually sorted between parties and then the big announcement made? Anyway - good to see a new, quality horse join the stallion ranks in the CD. What mares are you pedigree buffs thinking would do best with this guy - and what do you think of the fee he's being stood at for his first season? If you were looking for the Montjeu factor would you go for him at 6K or go up the road to Letham for Mettre En Jeu at half that fee?
  13. - it's bloody hard work for the small breeder - even if you have good sound stock. I have a friend who has been selling young stock under a stud's banner for several years and wants to go out alone but knows that it will likely be a painful experience - at least initially. I have observed the auctioneers seem to work harder for some (big) clients than others. I also know that there are a lot of jack-ups re sales with some of the big players. That aside - why is it that so often the small breeders have such modest success at the sales? Do buyers just not look at/disregard stock which doesn't come from the big boys' outfits? I don't accept the disparity is based purely on difference in quality of stock. I'm interested in responses from buyers and sellers .....
  14. would concede that owners with horses there could be excused if they were a little un-nerved about all that has been said about the goings-on and various players involved with this stable. I wonder if things are getting too hot yet for certain prominent owners whose reputations and dedication to truth, justice and the rule of law are paramount? I suppose their horses could always quietly go out for a spell, and on their return, be placed with another trainer ....
  15. the background noise was pretty intrusive at times - maybe the producers thought it was good "atmos" However you say you had a problem with it drowning out Timtan? Heck - that was a blessed relief I thought! - we usually have the tv on mute when it's his turn anyway. Talk about verbal diarrhoea! :eek: There was a minor crisis earlier in the afternoon when the batteries in the remote went flat and we couldn't shut the wee rascal up - but the situation was soon rectified and normal transmission resumed :tongue:
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    - hard luck to Matt Eales and the connections of Shylo - a bloody awful ride put paid to what I thought was a good chance in a classy field at Awapuni today. Not sure why Masa didn't ride her today and unfortunately the jockey who took the ride put in a shocker. But everyone gets it wrong sometimes and I'm sure he was pretty disappointed with his efforts in the final analysis. He's usually a better rider than that. Good news is - this filly looks a nice one and she'll be back in the winners' circle soon, I'm sure.