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    Actually I noticed that and was surprised. I have noticed disparities in the past in this sort of thing - basically how hard the auctioneers are really trying - but in years gone by the biggest difference has been when it came to the small players and "nobodies" compared with the big studs. I thought I could see a different approach in the sales ring and a different approach when it came to the auctioneers inspecting or familiarising themselves with the lots prior to the sale. I didn't expect to see Cambridge appearing to get a bit of the treatment in the ring ...
  2. Have never signed such a form or even discussed it but it was my understanding that if I sold a horse the trainer would be due 10% - and I expect the trainer would thought likewise. Possibly not enforceable without the formal contract - but that wouldn't have come into it.
  3. Thought the same Breeder - it's holding up pretty well after 30 years.
  4. Do turkeys vote for an early Christmas? Why would they get off the gravy train which is carrying them so handsomely ... and if they don't want to - who has the power to make them?
  5. Bottom line - Govt is not a benevolent society. When it comes to racing - they'll put money in where they can see a return. Otherwise - we're on our own. And it's hard to argue with that actually ...
  6. Ah - well perhaps I am wrong Leggy - sadly it does happen from time to time.... Knowing the punters I know, I'm aware they don't transfer their punting money to other (eg offshoreor sports) betting options - they had studied and were interested in that meeting and those horses so their money stays intheir pockets ... perhaps that's not the norm though ... All the ancilliary businesses connecting with racing will also have their profit castled so you'd think that could be a tax loss too .. But I guess neither of us can say with certainty ... ?
  7. I would have thought the lost betting revenue would have meant a loss to the Govt coffers .. am I wrong Legs?
  8. Reminded me a bit of those pictures of the sumptuous burger you are going to order from McDonalds and you pull up to the drive-through window full of hope and expectation - and then you open up that little box when you get home and it's a poor and somewhat floppy imitation of what you thought you were goin to get .... Maybe Winston is right though - the build-up to "the big announcement" was false. So maybe we all deserve our disappointment ..... satisfaction is generally inversely proportional to expectation afterall ...
  9. At the risk of attracting attacks from the Winston fans - I don't think overall that his speech set a very inspiring note for the start of the sales ...
  10. Winston put it down to fake news scenario. Many will see it (given the build up) as a bit of a damp squib. But I'll give my take on it for those who didn't see it: Only real steer was Govt investment in one (and not necessarily only one ....) all weather tracks - and some tax changes. Made reference to the abandonments and the costs to the participants (didn't mention the loss to the Govt's take with those abandonments - which it occurs to me - must be one of the biggest losers when they occur!). As per tax - he made specific reference to how currently buying a yearling does not currently qualify that buyer as running a breeding operation (presumably with the accompanying tax benefits) - but more or less said that this is to change. (Funny really - couldn't help thinking - is the buyer of a colt at yearling sales which is brought home and gelded 2 weeks later (as plenty are) REALLY running a breeding operation?) Anyway - that was about it from my point of view - oh and the comment along the lines that winning a country race used to pay the bills for that horse for the year but no more - so prize money had to rise. Oh and that the industry had to come up with its own innovation and ideas to make things better rather than stagnant or going backwards. Interested to hear what others took from Winston's speech.
  11. Sure. So long as we leave it at that and he doesn't become some kind of brand ambassador for racing or anything silly like that.....
  12. Thanks Porky and Van - and just for the record - I'm not critical of George S if this is what was said - if anything I find it refreshing that someone in that position comes close to saying it how they see it rather than paying the piper with the rest of the sycophants ...
  13. Hi Van - is that pretty much what was said?
  14. .... talking on trackside TV yesterday ... I was outside and only had radio racing coverage. I was told there were some interesting comments by both along the lines of Peter Moody asking why things (NZ racing) were in such bad shape given the quality of the horses we breed - and that G's response was along the lines of poor leadership. It sounded like quite a frank comment/s given G's position and employers in particular - I was quite surprised to hear the account. Now I reiterate that I didn't see/hear this myself so this is just what I'm told of the segment and it may not be entirely accurate - did anyone see this during yesterday's coverage?
  15. Keen for the ride but can't make the weight ....
  16. There are always plenty of little ppl burned in these situations too ... all the contractors & suppliers - and as Nas points out - even down to the people with LFG ... Don't know the details of this one but in general terms I've seen enough of the brazen types who run up the red type on the balance sheet - go into insolvency / bankruptcy - welch on all their liabilities (whilst often somehow managing to hang onto personal wealth & lifestyle via wives, trusts etc) - then re-invent themselves only to do it all over again. Never make good to their creditors. I don't know why people would even deal with those types. I guess in some cases they don't know their back-story ....
  17. OK. So in the CD they've killed off Foxton, Bulls, Feilding, Opaki, Marton and probably a few more that I can't call to mind. Some of those I believe contributed to the RACE outfit. Awapuni has had millions poured into it. And where precisely did that round of track consolidation get us? And just how well did that massive investment in Awapuni turn out? And I think we need to remember that the abandonments have been no means been limited to the small country clubs/tracks ....
  18. Fantastic. It's one of the reasons I try to get the "best" people to break mine in and turn them into decent horses as well (hopefully ) as racehorses - because sometimes they need that Plan B. And my Plan B does not include going to an abattoir. Best of luck with the racing and breeding. You certainly got off to a pretty good start! J.
  19. Eternal Angel - yes - that is the one I was thinking of, thanks Caroline. What did you do with her?
  20. Welcome to the cafe Caroline - have followed EJ all along and sorry to hear she won't be back but she'd done enough and exciting times ahead nevertheless. Please remind me - what was the other horse you had racing since EJ - also a filly/mare from memory? J
  21. jess


    Correct, Tonka. Probably a waste of time responding to Patrick - but in brief:- the worst thing about conflicts of interest is those which aren't declared. It's not a matter of whether or not I "like" the studs or the individuals. I think your analogy is a poor one - comparing apples and oranges. However I'm sure Te Akau appreciate your consistency and loyalty in leaping to their defence in your few contributions here on the cafe. Cafers generally work things out for themselves - in terms of their views of posts - and of posters.... Rgds, J
  22. Ha ha Chevy! Brilliant! I am keeping the faith with the husband AND the horses for the time being. As for retirement? - I would except for the horses. Husband has eased right off but I can't afford to ditch the day job as I've yet to breed the champion that starts filling the black hole back up with money! Gotta carry on while I can I figure - one day will be too old to wrangle the beasts and as I'm hands-on in this game - a few more years at work and a few more foals and I'll be both broke and worn out. But I won't die wondering .... All the best, J
  23. Chevy - been there in the past also and no complaints re the Haunui team. Pretty professional outfit from my experience. Treat - I hear ya! Really I do believe the luck sometimes rolls like that ... I tell ya - horses have a million ways to break your heart. You have to be resilient to last a day in this game. I've not had the best of fortune 2017 to be fair - but it's now 2018 and I'm full of hope once again - fed up the mares today and told them they better have champs on board or else!! Hee hee ... best of luck to you. And remember - like I was told a long time ago by an old sage - good horses come from good horses - champions come from anywhere. J. PS: Chevy - maybe we'll meet some day and not even know it - hopefully at the races though and not at the insolvency court ... .. all the best in your endeavors also. Keep in touch during 2018 - enjoy your contributions here.
  24. ..and No Workplace Health & Safety?