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  1. Blah blah blah ..... Sorry Jazz ... but anything anyone says EVER which is followed or preceded by the words "going forward" is instantly rendered nonsense and not worth reading. Same goes for sentences about "journeys" (unless there is real travel involved) and "let's unpack that" (unless there actually is a suitcase which needs to be relieved of its contents following the aforementioned real travel ...)
  2. I think that's pretty sound advice Insider ... she is a good mare and it's early in her breeding career. And although it seems dramatic signing up to 5 figure sums for a service fee - everything else costs the same however the young horse is bred ... and those costs will in many cases exceed the service fee ...
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    OK - so here is an excerpt from the Stipes' Rpt from Arawa Park today ... GENERAL: Stipendiary Stewards became aware on race morning that O Bosson was not attending the meeting. When contacted O Bosson’s Riders Agent advised that his wish to relinquish these rides had been agreed with the trainers involved on Saturday but due to a misunderstanding this information had not been passed on officially to the NRB or Stewards. I don't know with certainty what the correct/accepted procedure/obligation is for a jockey/jockey's agent to undertake once they decide they are unable to at
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    .... the bare facts on NZTR; no explanation provided .... Meeting News Opie Bosson will not be riding at Rotorua Monday 2nd April Opie Bosson will not be riding at Rotorua Monday 2nd April
  5. Huey I'm not so sure about them either. Seems to me some of the programmes only take account of the sire side of things which can't tell the whole story. Lots more factors to be taken into account...
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    Indeed ... and probably most are aware of that? sure was a bit random the way it got thrown into the thread in the first place .... but maybe a response to someone mounting a case for OP to become a saint or get a knighthood for services to racing??
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    I'm not sure solidarity is the best descriptor for what he got up do back then ....
  8. Well good luck with your selection. You have a nice mare and so are in a good position to negotiate a discount on many sires IMO ... J.
  9. Have you picked out a stallion for EJ this year yet Caroline?
  10. Oh Champion! Thanks Leggy
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    Probably not fair on the punters what is happening - but I don't talk outta my pocket as I'm very much a small-time punter (when I have a bet at all). Must be darned hard when you are not a natural lightweight .... hopefully he has made hay while the sun has shone and has plenty stashed away and has the option of a change of career before the battle becomes too damaging to the body'n'soul ..... J
  12. Some sleepy stable-hand stumbled and slopped their double-shot espresso into their trough?
  13. Yep Berri those videos are always like that when I try to watch them on my PC. Also - I can't get them to display full-screen - is that just me? Cheers, J
  14. Berri - do you mean it buffers ie. stops and starts the first time through and you can't watch the continuous flow of the race? This is how it is for me anyhow ...
  15. $7,000? That'll learn `em ..... a sentence like that will have the cheats around the country trembling in their boots .... What was that cautionary tale we used to get told in our childhood as our elders tried to shape our moral character ...? - oh yes ..."cheats never prosper"
  16. Can't confirm the veracity of this but I've heard a rumor the timing is no coincidence ... Smerdon tipped to take over from Darren Lehmann ...
  17. Don't know about sue ... but presumably seek to recover costs?
  18. So nothing was said that might have messed with the defence of the cobalt in the troughs? And the valuable, highly strung derby thorougjbreds hanging out amongst his dairy cows, contained by most unsuitable single electic wire fences, rolling in cow pats, risking colic as they gorged on lush annual rye grass pasture, braving whatever the elements threw at them despite being accustomed to the luxury of a cosy stable, and having their elegant silken tails chewed by curious bovines as they napped on sunny afternoons .... THAT farm manager Robert? ....
  19. STOPPPPPP IT - or I'll hunt you both down and bang your heads together!! Aaaaargh ....
  20. 2A2 - yes I can read - the article did not say when he stopped. What I was wanting to know was whether the enquiry or pending hearing had provided any impediment to him carrying on as usual.
  21. Has he been able to carry on business as usual in the meantime awaiting the hearing?
  22. So it sounds like there is no way to require attendance by way of a summons for this type of hearing? If the hearing does not take place - or certain people refuse to take part - what are the options for sanctions against that person? Surely there must be a consequence for that eg. lifetime disqualification? WIthout such a provision the process becomes a farce. An analogy I can think of is if you are caught for suspected drink-dirivng and you refuse to take the breath or blood tests - you get dragged to court and face a charge related to your refusal - and the penalty is as if you
  23. Hey Richie - have a great weekend - don't be shy to let us know how you got on with your choice of venues! Cheers, J
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    Ha! -Weirdos!! - bad or intimidated be buggered! Try ... "grateful" or "relieved" !! (To be fair mine has had his years of blitzing me on the salary front so I need to consider things on balance ... and it's me who's dug this big hole into which I throw banknotes on a regular basis so I guess it's only right I pay my way .... ) Cheers, J
  25. Took the words right out of my mouth Pete. Dunno if it's Chris' words - the owner's spiel - or the Waller stable spin doctor's work - but that strikes all the right chords doesn't it. Nice.