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  1. 1972 by Dave Bradford 1974 by Dave Bradford (2 copies) 1975 by John Costello (2 Copies) 1976 by John Costello 1977 by John Costello 1979 by John Costello 1984 by John Costello 1985 by John Costello 1986 by Mike Dillon 1987 by Mike Dillon 1991 by Mike Dillon All in good condition,residing in Australia(Gold Coast),I am interested in any offers bearing in mind cost of postage or other means of sending
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    Historic DB racing annuals for sale

    These are now sold
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    Peter Mitchell

    Unbelievable!!! so sad,the thoroughbred world will be in total shock of this news , as I am. My sincere condolences to his family. It has been a few years since I spoke to Peter but during the 80,s and early 90,s we were in regular contact through the horses we were racing and the trainers we both were closely associated with..I am in total disbelief of his early departure. Good Night,God Bless and thanks for the memories.
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    HB to a legend of the game

    Happy 80th Trevor, I remember well the Takanini stables and seeing and talking often way back in the 80's. You are a thoroughbred in your own right in the racing industry. Regards David Hodgetts,from the Gold Coast
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    Baker & Forsman

    I first met Murray in Woodville in the 1970's when he was training at Woodville racecourse,the days of Eric Ropiha with whom Murray had early contact as to racehorse training. I have been a supporter of him and his family as he is a genuine guy who doesn't deal in fantasy. but basics regarding the thoroughbred world.Time has proven his philosophies and he deserves all the accolades and success of an Illustrious career.
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    Kiwi's in oz

    Thanks, I am pleased because I reckon he is pretty good at getting the best out of his horses
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    Kiwi's in oz

    Brian Smith has he retired from training???? Havnt seen any starters listed in his name for about 3 months
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    Three favourite Wellington Cup Winners

    Daria,s Fun still holds the race record for the Wellington Cup@ 3.15.59. I was a part owner and she was a stayer of huge ability. We ran in the Melbourne cup and she ran 8th finishing from stone last at the turn. When the jockey came back ,his first comment was " If I had known she could finish like that I would have been closer at the turn. All in all she was our pride and joy and was honoured by being voted the stayer of the year.
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    RIP Bart

    BART CUMMINGS Lifetime legend of the turf Loved the thoroughbred horse started training by beach and surf Races won on Melbourne-Sydney Racecourse Australian smiling personality Talked a little-said a lot Lifetime respected ability Legend for sure,never to be forgot I salute your thoroughbred life True superstar we all respect Supported by your partner-wife Said with your wry grin-perfect Thanks for the memories David Hodgetts
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    To Peter,Shirley,Sharlene Frank and Shaun.- Congratulations on the care and attention you have given Red until the time has come to end his days and prevent suffering and misery. I salute you all. I hope he can say hello to Cedric (Infinite Secret) his travelling companion to Australia when they were 2 and 3 year old. For me this was a golden era in the NZ racing scene and Bonecrusher was a genuine champion,for us all too marvel and wonder at his ability, guts and determination.As well Gary Stewart will and should be remembered as a great jockey and ambassador for the NZ racing industry and the glory and recognition they both engendered and brought to the world of thoroughbred racing and breeding at that time and for the future. Thank you all and I will never forget. Dave
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    rip norm holland

    A wonderful life and a wonderful man, I was lucky enough to be involved with the Holland family during my early years and can only have the most utter respect and admiration for Norm. Always a gentleman,immaculate both in dress and demeanor,a true and passionate supporter of the Thoroughbred scene. Good life, and forever remembered with admiration and friendship. Dave Hodgetts
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    I have spent sometime studying this stallions gene pool and have come to the conclusion he has a good opportunity with some of the older broodmares in existence. I tend to lean toward strong,fast stayers who have good gene pool constitution and inherited athletic ability. I am interested to have comments on type and constitution of progeny to see if there is a typical mold that can be attributed to this gene pool that may benefit and support my opinion.
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    Books For Sale

    Sorry i couldnt wait for a month or so. The books have been packed and on there way to the Gold Coast
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    Books For Sale

    All books left are now "FREE TO A GOOD HOME" Any post or transport costs are yours NOT ours. FIRST IN FIRST SERVED. E mail what you want!!!!!!!! The books are basically in good condition although some are showing signs of age through storage. They are being offered as is where is which is in Auckland.Any costs involved in Posting, courier Etc are at the expense of the purchaser. For those of you who have an interest in the world of thoroughbred racing this is a golden opportunity to fill in the history and there are many hours of fascinating reading. Here we go:- BREEDING 2. Australian Jockey Club Thoroughbred Stallion Register 1978 $10 3. Australian Jockey Club Thoroughbred Stallion Register 1982 $10 4. Australian Jockey Club Thoroughbred Stallion Register 1987 $10 5. Register Thoroughbred Stallions of NZ volume 12 1982 $10 6. NZ Stud Book supplement to Volume 16 1952 $5 7. Thoroughbred Stallions of NZ Volume 7 1970 $10 8. American Statistical review Sire Book Volume 207 number 7 1978 $10 9. Thoroughbred Stallions of NZ 1995 volume 22 $10 10. THoroughbred Stallions of NZ volume 28 2001 $10 11. THoroughbred Stallions of Australia volume 3 1953 $10 12. Broodmares of Australia volume 8 1986-87 $10 NZ RACING ANNUALS 1972 by DG Bradford $5 1974 by DG Bradford x2 $10 1975 by John Costello x2 $10 1976 " $5 1977 " $5 1984 " $5 1985 " $5 1986 by Mike Dillon 1987 " $5 1988 " $5 1991 " $5 OTHERS 13. Thoroughbred Studs of Aust&NZ by Peter Taylor 1986 $20 14. Racing Scene of NZ by Mary Mountford mid 80,s $15 15. Class Racehorses of Australia and New Zealand by Volume 4 1986-87 $10 16. Pictorial History of Australian Racing by ack Pollard 1971 $20 17. A Noble Breed by William Mackie a complete history of the Auckland Racing Club $25 18. Proud Silk New Zealand Racing History published 1979 by Miriam McGregor Redwood $10 20. TV Vet Horse Book (English) published 1984 $5 21. The thoroughbred business,John de Moubray (english) pub 1987 $5 23. Horse Racing by Peter Churchill Paperback 1981 $5 24. From The horses Mouth by Mike Dillon (Keith Haub Biography) $5 25. Tears in The Wind Lance Osullivens Story (Signed my Lance and Denise Haworth $5 28. Horse Racing Dictionary (racing) by Keith Dunstan 1985 Light Hearted drawings. $5 30. Whos Who of South African Racing Published 1986 by Alan Bell $5 For inquiries,further info on any books, acceptance of offers,arrangements for delivery please phone overseas 0064-9-6341164 New Zealand 096341164
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    Thoroughbred books

    Listed in the classified(books for sale) are titles that I have remaining,They are all free to a good home. I would prefer they all go to one person (Less Hassle) however if there are specific requirements I can forward them at your cost.
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    Thoroughbred books

    Where to? and how many?
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    Thoroughbred books

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    Books For Sale

    Thread shown as Books for sale are now all free to a good home. Please see lists in body of advertisement.
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    Help needed reading the Tesio

    If you refer to classified on RC you will see I have a list of books for sale. One of theses is Thoroughbred Pedigree Charts third edition. This aprox 1935 print is an updated version of the 1922 first edition and traces the female lineage of all thoroughbreds back to the original taprrot mares. For instance Family no 1 was Tregonwells Natural Barb Mare and. It has all families known at that time. Also there is Wanklyn and Howells The Australiasian Racehorse 1908. This reference traces the imported families to Australia and New Zealand back to the original taproot mares through the broodmares imported from Great Britain. I used to study pedigrees relentlessly but now dont so if you are interested have a look and give me a call or e-mail.,
  20. Just wanted to let you know about this regards Dave