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  1. hi, im looking for any info on my horse, race name I'm a Panther, i have seen his race history, he raced till june2009 and is 11 years now and black with a blaze. anyone know of him and know if he ever had any injuries in racing? its been rumoured he may have injured his knee at one stage and broke down? i am wanting to find out as dont want to find out when its too late and after putting time and money into getting him into eventing
  2. hi there i was given a black tb back in july 2010 who is now 11 yrs old, his race name is I'm a Panther. i am wanting to know if anyone knows if he ever had any injuries while racing? its been rumoured of a knee injury? i would like to find out as need to know if he will be worth putting more time and money into and get into eventing or if he will be no good for eventing. Thanks
  3. am taking on the 4yr old mare from tauranga
  4. hi there keen on the tbs can you email me as my phone not working to call, thanks.
  5. very keen on horses in tauraunga. can you please email me on as my phone not working at the moment to call. thanks.
  6. looking for a sb that did not make the grade for racing, prefer free, good home offered
  7. looking for any tb's going free to good home that are too slow for the race track, good home offered.
  8. hi there i am considering getting my mare in foal, i have a 15yr old anglo arab mare who i would be keen to get in foal with a nice temperment stallion. whats the costs? also what stallions are cheap and in or near ngaruawahia as it wont be a foal for racing, just one for eventing. thanks