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  1. Thanks, hopefully we will see some jumps. Bit of a worry , maybe it's a struggle, a lot of work goes into developing jumpers.
  2. No jumping race at Hawera. Do anyone know when jumping starts?
  3. I'm just wondering if these races are going ahead. No fields on the TAB app which is unusual. Hope so , I got a certainty
  4. In any business you must have minimum health and safety standards. You must insure the skills are relevant to the tasks. There were rules in place , the rules weren't followed. It's a very bad look to blame the people that were disabled, very distasteful.
  5. That Berri is just a terrible old gossip.
  6. Well said , give the presenters a fair go
  7. Jockeys I always backed and enjoyed Any updates on what they are up to ? Jim Walker, Gus Clutterbuck, Chris MacNab, Leeane Isherwood, Hayden Tinsley, Maree Lyndon, Stephen Jenkins, David Peake I don't want to be nosy , just want to wish them well and thanks for the enjoyment
  8. Is the meeting on Weds 9th March a grass track fixture ? Thanks
  9. Very interesting. Do you have data on how many jumpers in NZ? How many intending to qualify? What grade are the jumpers?
  10. Could anyone tell me what date the 1st jumping race is and where? Is there a jumping calender? My favourite type of racing Thanks
  11. Best betting avenue in gambling Track stats , course/distance, box preferences , where the early pace comes from, downgrades Bit of research identifies value and strong betting probabilities
  12. "Under the ribbon of light " Love it ♥ Classic, iconic phrase
  13. What a load of nonsense Absolutely stark raving mad Back to the Destiny church for you, Pastor Nerula