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  1. Clover Mac was paying a lot more before Speeding Spur was scratched..
  2. Is Dan Doonayr still running?
  3. Now a rising 9yo, Buriton Bailey ran 3rd in a field of 8 at Globe Derby tonight.
  4. I had the last leg live with 3/4 covered runners, except Emily! Argh! $11 Spend, would have been the heist of a lifetime :D
  5. Disappointed that this wasn't communicated via "News and Tips" or SM feeds. Poor form.
  6. Exactly! Greg Miles’ still has more than enough talent to call a Melbourne Cup, despite claims of declining quality. I seriously hope he’s alright, because the call sounded like more than a bad day at the office. You could hear it throughout the call.
  7. Irrelevant now, but the interviews were on SOCIAL MEDIA (Thats your Facebook/Twitter streams) not the official industry website. Hope that helps for next time.
  8. Clear your cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)
  9. How about a spanner in the works to add difficulty and entertainment? Mix in regular events with a few at the Mandurah greys!
  10. Seems you can do it now. Here's a random go in the last at Perth...Woo 6%