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  1. Thank u PJ and my fellow team mates.I enjoyed playing even if it wasnt the result i wanted. To have played abit longer would have been nice.Ray was the MVP for our team for the sesson , so well done Ray and hope to see the same team back again next time . MAGPIES Cheers Vonz
  2. r1-2/7 r2-3/5 r3-5/9 r4-1/8 r5-1/3 r6-4/6=best bet r7-2/5=best bet r8-1/3 r9-8/9 r10-5/6 thank u PJ , I am fearing the worst but hoping for a miracle.All the best team and cross fingers
  3. r1-4/14 r2-5/7 r3-2/6 r4-2/3 r5-1/12 r6-1/3 r7-2/11 r8-8/13=best bet r9-1/5=best bet r10-2/9 thank u
  4. r1-3/5 r2-4/10=best bet r3-2/3 r4-1/3 r5-3/15 r6-5/6 r7-8/12 r8-1/3 r9-5/16 r10-6/9=best bet thank u
  5. ATT- Magpies. Time to play de Joker tomorrow, So hope you all are on de very BEST form. Good luck and good punting
  6. r1-1/2 r2-4/5 r3-1/2 r4-2/6=best bet r5-1/2 r6-1/9 r7-2/5 r8-4/6 r9-3/4=best bet r10-3/13 thank u
  7. r1-1/2 r2-6/10=best bet r3-1/6 r4-8/10 r5-2/14 r6-1/2 r7-1/3 r8-2/5 r9-3/18=best bet r10-1/3 thank u
  8. r1-4/6 r2-4/6 r3-6/7 r4-2/11 r5-2/6 r6-1/12 r7-3/11=best bet r8-9/17=best bet r9-1/3 r10-10/12 thank u
  9. All the best Alf, sorry to have lost you in our team.:beer: r1-6/7 r2-2/3=best bet r3-1/5 r4-2/11 r5-8/9 r6-6/8=best bet r7-1/5 r8-1/7 r9-1/13 r10-2/4 thank u
  10. r1-1/9 r2-3/5=best bet r3-2/3 r4-1/2 r5-2/6 r6-2/6 r7-2/3 r8-1/4 r9-1/5 r10-2/5=best bet thank u
  11. Hello PJ, Could you please put BLACKHEART in the Magpies team please. He has been trying but is having problems. Cheers for that. Vonz