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  1. Turny

    Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    Pick up any metro Aussie form book and 70% of starters are heavily syndicated with many having 30 plus owners Aussie woke up to the spin off on syndications 10 years ago - and their racing is booming
  2. Turny

    What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    Probably lacking a bit of confidence Dave, don't sack her yet
  3. Turny

    What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    Nearco, in my view the best judge of pace in the South Island - top lady and very good rider
  4. Turny

    Karaka Million 3yo

    The Savvy horse is extra - is good enough to win this or run second to the toppy
  5. Turny

    TAB Website

    Hedley, you and I know its not a robust platform, you can't pay suits and run a business professionally,,... ain't enough coin left
  6. R1 6 7 R2 2 5 bb R3 2 4 R4 2 6 R5 2 3 R6 6 7 R7 3 7 R8 1 12 R9 3 6 bb R10 8 12 Good luck all
  7. Turny

    Please be nice

    Message to Bernard ... Give Leo a call and have a discussion, I am sure Leo would welcome giving you his thoughts and from the outside looking in, I think Leo's thoughts are valid and should be listened to. We all have skin in the game and are looking for an even playing field - not a big ask surely. Thanks Bernard.
  8. Trentham R6 - 3 Goodsav $250 each way Ellerslie R1 - 3 Merlinu $500 win Thanks for great comp
  9. Turny

    What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    just watched them half a dozen times - very average, in fact poor... You have good reason to feel passed off, she is of course much better than that particularly when in front - great pace judge - and a lovely lady too
  10. Turny

    What is Kylie Williams on....???!

    Dave outside of Riccarton it is a raffle - the standard of riding us very average and the results truely are raffle territory - best left alone in my view
  11. Turny

    Winstons big announcement...

    Don't think throwing money "at it" is the answer as the base issue of poor out of control management will continue - irony is it would be a lifeline. Trump has it covered - sort out the costs over a short period - give them 2 months to present the plan with minimum cost savings of 20% then the Board has to manage and monitor hard and deal firmly with non performance - it is (was) a business - let's fold in basic business tools - targets and performance with positive and negative responses All very simple
  12. Hesi, he won the Pegasus, was well weighted, a team of Wellington Owners and was looking for a good track - all stars aligned I would have thought, but maybe managing expectations was the issue, after all it let out at 70's, wasn't in my first four, but I had him in my first 6 compliments of the Pegasus
  13. Thanks Hesi, knew he was having a great year and so deserved - imagine our South Island racing without Pitty and he can foot it with the big ones with, all due respect, second tier animals - and the CJC didn't need him on board - go figure that
  14. Great placing and planning Pitty and that is why you are the total professional you are - and what a year you are having, I suspect you are over the "mil" already - Go Champ ......
  15. Turny

    Winstons big announcement...

    John Carter said 6 years ago .. Get your house in order and we will be there They haven't Fools and horses,,...
  16. Turny

    Woodville Gone Today

    There were two high weights - the opener at Trentham and the 7th at Ashurst - the boys weighed in at Trentham the drove up for their second ride - doubt if they would do it today - just not the high weight rider s like back there then
  17. Turny

    Woodville Gone Today

    Not really Dave, accounted for a maximum of 7 billion
  18. Turny

    Woodville Gone Today

    9 years of you know who
  19. Turny

    Woodville Gone Today

    Surely the suits have to front up - the slide to oblivion gets more oil
  20. Turny

    Tom Woods wins Award

    What a great export that was - we could have told the fcuken muppets he was something very special
  21. Yes please PJ - can't Capitan sorry out of range for 7 days Tom
  22. Yes please Skelly - looks interesting
  23. Turny

    Smart Patch

    I hope they did land the plunge - it has nothing to do with us - you know the odds beat them
  24. Turny

    Smart Patch

    Dock Leaf, we all know the odds - beating them is the game - frankly if you rely on Trackside interviews you are in big trouble. I had the horse in my first three - but had a question over him - proven wrong but not the first time and won't be the last Good luck to them they landed a plunge - well done