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  1. Thanks for that, she is my sister by name only she has nothing to do with my stable or horses. Ed is mad he needs to go to heaven before someone gets hurt or be worked 7 days a week hard until he becomes the nice horse is use to be. Stu told me the story. Thanks once again Stacey
  2. Thats is total rubbish, I stand behind all my horses and the 6 we have rehomed via this website have been counted for and doing great We dont sell to older people (ways it always worked out) and all the horses are sold with lovely temperments and MUST BE QUIET and sensible AS CHILDREN ARE AROUND THEM EVERYDAY Anything that was like you stated would have been shot and refused entry to our property! We have not had one complaint asking for $ back and most end up re-homing before alot of work it undertaken as numbers can get too high that we run out of grazing etc All feedback has be excellent I keep all ex owners informed and they are told which part of the country their horse now lives in and any photos their new owner e-mails me. Thanks
  3. Hi Looking for a young tb straight off the track or retired sound Must have clean straight legs and movement Good temperment when working with him/her aswell as riding Must have lots of white markings and be a good show hunter/show horse type as in good med bone Great country home experience horse lady in Canterbury All considered no matter where they are Thanks please e-mail [email protected]
  4. Thanks Pam, got your email and have replied.
  5. Hi, already replied before my training ad was removed due to no enough response. Have been around horses all my life in both racing codes. Not wanting to purchase and wont lease anything that the owner wants back. Thanks
  6. Hi I'm trying to save Canterbury Horses throughbreds and the odd giant standardbred from getting shot- most go on the "truck" decent lovely well behaved fellas but have no home to go to after finishing at the track. We have 6 acres with stables lots of love and care before starting their new career under saddle Three feeds a day-morning and night hardfeed then red clover hay at lunchtime. Career Options available~ Show Horses,Jumpers,Eventors or Just a Hack I will take anything that is sound in MIND as some are NUTS!!!! and have bad legs etc its best for us and them.... Not a bolter,puller ( fine in race conditions as must get a bit keen) does not buck or rear or known to. Any height But on the look out for a giant around 17hh with nice movement and lots of white markings clean straight legs and movement Please e-mail or phone for quick pick-up 027 3012072 Thanks [email protected] Spaces available all year round and transport arranged if out of christchurch.
  7. droversrunfarm

    Weanling for Sale

    Hi please e-mail photos thanks
  8. droversrunfarm

    Weanling for Sale

    Hi Please email me I'm down in chch and would love to see photos of her Thanks Stacey [email protected]
  9. Hi I'm Looking now for my special friend to live with my daughters pony and my big show weanling. He must be a big fella atleast 16.3hh ++nice solid body and good looking white markings,big head and hindquarters. No leg problems or horses that were awful to drive when in work
  10. Hi I'm trying to save Canterbury Horses from getting shot and ending up at Horsey Heaven....... 6 acres with stables lots of love and care before starting their new career under saddle. Any that have reached their mark or not made the grade. Must have a friendly nature, good to ride,not a bolter,puller or tendancy to rear Sound in Wind,Legs and Mind Any height NOTHING WILL BE TURNED AWAY AND NONE WILL GET SHOT!!! so please dont worry Please e-mail or phone for quick pick-up 027 3012072 Thanks Stacey [email protected]
  11. Welcome To Lillybrooke Lodge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where your horse is treated like a family member not just $ He/she will have hardfeed three times a day,exercise incl beach,forrest aswell as the local Riccarton Racecourse to take advantage of their facilities. Combo Rugs,brushing twice a day Brand New large Double float to travel around in. You choose your Jockey Pre-Training aswell as Training Grazing for Spelling Racehorses that need a freshen. 6 Stables Available, that are large and warm Best Care and Rates Available to You $150 a week Shoeing $90 a set Canterbury Equine Clinic if a vet is required Thanks Stacey [email protected] 027 3012072 Will glady keep your boy/girl and train them up as a potential show horse or eventer after they have been retired or not a competitive racehorse I was born into a racing family and have been around horses all my life.
  12. droversrunfarm

    Ex Racehorse Wanted as Show Horse/Show Hunter

    Taking all free horses around Riccarton and outskirts of Christchurch to find the right one....
  13. Hi I'm looking for a special horse that is either way too slow or just finished racing. Must have a friendly in your face nature,great to ride not a bolter,puller Clean straight legs and movement atleast 16.2hh Excellent confirmation and clean straight movement As he/she will be competing up to A&P Level and HORSE OF THE YEAR Please e-mail me photos and info to [email protected] Thanks Stacey
  14. droversrunfarm

    Pony Wanted for 5yr old girl

    Are you still wanting to purchase your little pony, your were very keen when viewing him
  15. Hi We have a lovely big chestnut gelding large white hind sock and blaze 6yr finished racing 12 days ago Needs a good long spell to recover and put condition on Almost 16.2hh a lovely upstanding type of horse that was a please to ride when in full work. By a sire that leave quiet horses that are easy to train Canterbury and transport arranged (cash) [email protected] Thanks