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  1. RACE 1 - 8 Race 2 - 12 Race 3 - 5 Race 4 - 2/13 Race 5 - 1 Race 6 - 6 Race 7 - 11 Race 8 - 9 Race 9 - 2/5/12 Thanks for running the comp
  2. When do they expect to be racing again at Ellerslie?
  3. nick


    Opie not riding today by the looks either. Carded rides have all gone to other jockeys in last half hour
  4. Derby - Mission Hill Oaks - Mark Two Many thanks for running the comp
  5. Couple i like for today Tauherenikau Race 1 Divine Power $1.72 to beat Malambo Te Rapa race 5 Vendella $1.85 to beat Choulee
  6. nick

    2018 Punting advice ?

    What exchange do you use to buy your ripple P4P if you don’t mind me asking
  7. nick

    head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Jimbob — So if i bet on over match total points in a rugby match 3 days out and then the day of game a torrential storm arrives that was not forecast can i then blame Metservice for my loss? Your horse lost your analysis was well off look how far back in the field it came. Take some responsibility for your own pick and give up these petty crusade.
  8. nick

    head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    You lost a bet don’t ruin things that that some of us enjoy. Infact stop betting all together if you can’t handle the odd variation. it’s h2h betting you know what risks are involved. Or at least you should
  9. nick

    head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Couple of things Jimbob A- You lost a bet stop been a sooky. I bet this option quite often and have had lucky wins and unlucky losses. This is the risk i take with betting this option. Unless it is made into the same as Australia books where it is only paid out if winner finishes top 4 that’s the way it is. It’s a bet not a guaranteed return. B- This is not the same as the a sports h2h. In this option there is only a win or a loss for each team. In a h2h horse bet the horses can finish last and second which means a win or loss in the bet but no difference in stakes for the horses.
  10. R1- 2/5 R2- 1/5 R3- 3/6 R4- 5/6 R5- 1/2 R6- 7/10 BB R8- 1/4 BB R9- 2/9 Thanks Peter
  11. R1- 2/6 R2- 6/7 R3- 3/7 BB R4- 5/9 R5- 1/7 R6- 2/7 R7- 2/7 R8- 3/6 BB R9- 4/9 Thanks
  12. Everest Clearly Innocent/ Brave Smash / Deploy Caulfield R7 - 1 Hartnell R9 - 15 Theanswermyfriend Thanks Boss
  13. Livamol - 1 Volkstocknbarrell Flemington - 2 Winx (not to win) Time to take a risk Sir Isaac Newton (not to place) Thanks
  14. R6 - 9 English R7 - 9 Tom Melbourne R8 - 1 Libran No lives lost Thanks