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  1. Still the same, the shit kickers never put their names to anything. About time racecafe should make these gutless people to put up their real name. And John you are so right about this, be up front and it can't come back and bite your arse. This is why a lot of people like me will never get back into the game. All my punting is on Aussie dogs, 400m and over. Brian Richards close to 35yrs as an owner or trainer
  2. Hi guys, I see something's don't change between people. I have not had dogs for a few years now but I still believe Greyhound racing is just the same as farming sheep, cattle, deer, goat,[ which is the most eaten meat in the world]. All of you have chosen to farm greyhounds as with all animals you have your good ones and not so good ones. If we were in the Philippines dog meat would be sold just the same as all other meats. All you can do for your dogs is give them the best life you can until they have past their used by date then you rehome them or put them down, just the same as cattle etc. They all go to the works at some stage. I had a townie out at our please the other night and she saw we had some pet lambs she asked what will happen to them, they will be in the frezzer before xmas I said, but you are feeding them. She will go to the supermarket on the way home and have to pay for it. It cost the same to feed a fast one as a slow one. If they get put down there will be a reason for this broken bones ,seizures, and of coarse the worst one just to slow. And before you all jump on me I have a 10yr Greyhound on the couch and have just spent $500 on her teeth{bloody bitch} Brian Richards
  3. There's no way your sitting on my face with no pants on.
  4. Fat a-s all you seem to do is run people or dogs down. yet you have 10% to 20% share in ready made dogs and think you know it all, after 5min in game. sit back and learn abit more from people from yesteryear.