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    GONSTA got a reaction from Bruce J Hadley in TAB place fixed odds   
    Tote paid 2 divs, FF place paid out on top 3.
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    GONSTA reacted to Bimbo in Swimming Goat   
    Well done to Swimming Goat attaining the New Zealand record for consecutive wins.  Congratulations to all connections.  Has been running some super fast times.  Nice dog.
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    GONSTA got a reaction from Bruce J Hadley in TAB place fixed odds   
    Tote paid 2 divs, FF place paid out on top 3.
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    GONSTA reacted to toolittletoolate in Kawi   
    Most trainers fit into one of three category's. There is the Waterhouse approach - just talk everything up, the Dummy approach - talk everything down and then those in the middle who by in large just give an honest opinion. A majority of the NZ media fit into the Waterhouse approach and hype anything till it drives you nuts, a majority of the aussie media just report it as it is.
    Either way, what you read or hear in the media is just part of the puzzle that we all have to digest, along with form lines, jockeys, fitness levels, sectionals, track conditions etc when we assess a horses chances and/or ability. If you want to just rely on what the jockey, trainer or media has to say just remember one thing - they are all the worst tipsters!
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    GONSTA reacted to alltheway!!! in Box draws   
    Everyone gets bad boxs mate... No point complaining about it
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    GONSTA reacted to We're Doomed in Kawi   
    Surely you are being a bit harsh, almost a tall poppy situation. He looks like a decent type of horse to me and clearly superior to most of those he is racing against. Obviously not a Bonecrusher, but clearly talented. And I don't think the connections have hyped him up as much as a couple of others I can remember from last season. We should be pleased to have some classy types about the place.
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    GONSTA reacted to alltheway!!! in Cawbourne Kristy, form   
    So kava blu didnt win the race from box 6? My eyes must be playing up on me. A dog that wants an inside box aswell and still had enough class to win easily
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    GONSTA reacted to modest mouse in Congratulations to the mouse family   
    Thank you good people for following our dogs. They try so hard, and make us very proud. I also like to thank Peter Early for his description of our races yesterday. Very well done. And our team of helpers, 
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    GONSTA reacted to jasonmccook1 in Congratulations to the mouse family   
    Another good night for the team with 2 winners and a quinella. Congrats team is firing
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    GONSTA reacted to bus stop in DREAM COLLECTOR at stud   
    What a breath of fresh air to have a topic on Greyhound Race Cafe that see people offering assistance and advice on Greyhound tropics. Please more of it and less of the other rubbish 
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    GONSTA reacted to twirly berly in DREAM COLLECTOR at stud   
    Sorry I don't have time to do a full pedigree analysis at the moment (6 month old baby, running a full race, breaking, rearing and whelping kennels, and charity work in all my spare time). and pedigree analysis are far easier from a bitchs point of view in my (somewhat inexperienced(you can pay people for a full analysis and sire suggestions to your bitch)) opinion. However do feel free to contact me directly should you wish to further discuss any queries or concerns regarding your bitch.

    From my brief look online I would agree with the suggestion made above. Jim lacked early speed but had super strength, it was a shame surrounding his hock and not getting to see him tried more often over the distances.
    His litter sister SHALL SHE ROCK from my quick count had 70 starts for 19 wins and 26 placings. Of those 33 starts were over the 700. Gathering 9 wins and 14 placings.
    So any bitch needing strength would be ideal.

    A few TALKS CHEAP straws made it into NZ being used over Hard Habits, Scamper Clair and Kara Janx. I know there was interest surrounding his straws and the possibility of getting more in so obviously Dream Collector is an option for breeders wishing to tap into the Talk's Cheap/ Spiral Nikita line. 
    Several have used OAKS ROAD in NZ as well, He is very similar is breeding as Jim, so anyone that has had success in their lines with Oaks Road could looking to using Dream Collector aswell. Maybe even crossing daughters of Oaks road back to Dream collector depending on how you feeling surrounding line breeding.
    Hope this helps, as i said feel free to contact me directly
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    GONSTA reacted to Tlw in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    Not sure by what  you  mean " a supporter" of the TAB. Yes  I  have  the odd bet  through them. So if that makes me a supporter then  so  be it. Bit like me calling  into  a dairy on the way  to  work  to  buy  an  ice cream. I suppose Im  also  supporting  them .
    I  have no  idea  who  Gonsta  is.
    In some respects  the TAB are doing a  good  job, in  others, no  so  good.
    So  are you  saying  the  Bookies  should  open up  their  markets  at  9am  at 120% ? No bookmaker in the world  does this ! And with  harness  it would be sheer suicide for them  if they  did .
    I was looking  at   the website  of the TAB in  Aussie  the  other  week. They were opening up  their  harness markets 10 minutes  before each  race !!!!   So the service the  kiwi  punters  get from  the TAB  on  harness is far superior to  anyones.
    No ,i dont beleive the odds are unresonably low  and I dont  beleive that  many (  apart from a few malcontents ) are turning away from  the NZ  TAB
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    GONSTA reacted to SMD is rife in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    The totalisator win rate according to the tab rules is 85.5% so in a true market the tote percentage should be at 116.9%. The variance from this is due to the rounding rules they use which is a complete rort in my opinion. Round every divvy down to nearest 10 cents.
    The point is both the win rate and rounding rule hasn't changed in years which makes Brodie's assertion completely false, but anyone with a half a brain can see his knowledge is more than lacking in this subject.
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    GONSTA reacted to MisterEd in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    You can not seem to grasp that the closing tote price is a public assessment of what each horses real value is and if there are some horses short on the place then there will be an effect on the others and they will be at longer odds to balance out the market to the correct %. Low tote dividends on a race will mean the majority of the public are correct in their assessment on that race, not the TAB being miserly in paying out.  You are obviously frustrated that you can not make as much money anymore but no good moaning the same boring thing day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. 
    “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” - Albert Einstein
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    GONSTA reacted to tonkatime in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    Why are you worried about Tote dividends when you never bet on the tote? 
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    GONSTA reacted to Tlw in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    Firstly. i am NOT an employee of the TAB.
    Of course the odds i  stated are the closing odds. I dont sit infron  of the  computer from  the minute they  open the odds up  and  note every  change they make. If  you want to, then  go  ahead.
    Of course the closing odds are the ones that are offered for most of the. Infact you  answered  your own  question when you said theopening market is around 139% and closes  around  120%. If you dont want to  to bet into a 139% market , wait till they  have to move the odds out to bring the % down. Using your  words..... Not rocket science.
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    GONSTA got a reaction from Huey in Thoroughbred Awards   
    Really?? Provocative wins a rating 65 in NZ, a weak mid week race at Ipswich and wins the QLD oaks in what can be described as an average field at best.
    Tavago wins a maiden in NZ, a G3, and  the Aus derby on an off track paying  $30+ 
    Are you honestly saying you think it was a stitch up Xtravagant won the title over those 2 horses based on his 2 G1 wins in NZ by a combined 16 lengths, and beating the older and proven G1 horses. Personally I think your deluded if you think it's "shades of Wahid and politics and contacts" are the reason he won. 
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    GONSTA reacted to Leggy in Calling Terry Bailey   
    This is getting as exciting as watching paint dry. Now looks like we may have no decision until the end of the year?
      VCAT meeting like watching a hibernating bear
    BY Mick Sharkie - @TheSharkTweet 21 minutes ago Horse Racing       Lawyer Damian Sheales (Pic: Michael Dodge, Getty)
    Buckle up punters because Mark Kavanagh and Danny O'Brien's already long-running Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal appeal is set to extend well beyond the allocated nine days and continue deep into the spring carnival.
    It was confirmed early in Monday's session by VCAT president Justice Greg Garde that he would require more than nine days to hear all witnesses and resolve the case based on the rate at which the appeal has been trudging, but the continuation cannot occur until at least mid-October with both Sheales and Gleeson already committed on other matters until that period.
    The cost of this exercise is already enormous – daily running costs of $2500 at VCAT, plus legal fees on both sides – let’s have a punt and call it $250,000-plus over nine days.
    Kids, a law degree never looked so good. 
    Neither has a role in paper manufacturing given the sheer volume of transcripts – four hand-truck trolleys loaded to the handle bars with over-sized binder folders packed to the brim with paperwork – dozens of little coloured page tabs made the folders look like a psychedelic echidna.
    That observation a brief daydream during a dreary day of backtracking over evidence and conversations had by witnesses over the last two years, all recalled with varying degrees of clarity.
    Former Flemington Equine Clinic (FEC) practice manager Aaron Corby continued as witness and was as exciting as a hibernating bear, but managed variations of yes and no answers during two hours of questioning by Gleeson, again retracing old steps.
    How many steps remained until lunch? Sustenance is required to endure such tedium.
    Former FEC surgeon Dr Stuart Vallance also endured a lengthy stint on the witness stand – not that he had ever used the nefarious vitamin complex, he just happened to see it in Tom Brennan’s car fridge.
    That fact alone was enough to warrant a subpoena and well over an hour in the box at VCAT, as Gleeson poured over the minutia of transcripts and old evidence. 
    “It had nothing to do with me, I was just unlucky enough to get some pentosan from the fridge and to have seen the bottle, and now I’m being dragged into this and have been defamed in the media,” Vallance re-iterated.
    Dr Vallance did manage to provide the highlight of the day though when declaring that the cobalt case was the best thing to happen to the Victorian veterinary industry, describing a 'if you don't get caught, it's not illegal' culture.
    Then came disqualified trainer Sam Kavanagh who was also asked by Gleeson to recall conversations and treatments from the past.
    In short, Kavanagh put his faith in Tom Brennan and the legality of the vitamin complex bottle without knowing what it contained, and paid a severe price – he is currently 18-months into a nine-year disqualification, reduced to six years at an appeal earlier this year in New South Wales.
    But there is nothing short or succinct about this appeal, and Kavanagh was probed and pushed on a variety of points, including the relevant cost of the vitamin complex; he explained that dosage rates relevant to the vitamin complex did not make the $1000 a bottle prohibitive cost with twenty treatments in a 100ml bottle – a comparable cost per treatment to a $40 one shot treatment of 100ml vitamin B12.
    Racing Victoria chief steward Terry Bailey entered and took a spectator's position in at the back of the room; a glance towards O’Brien, a glance toward Kavanagh – who held a return gaze a little longer than the chief stipe.
    It was like one of those moments on Bold And The Beautiful when two characters exchange heated looks across a crowded room – although far from the glamorous setting of the Forrester family home.
    And it wouldn't be a soap opera without a little faux drama and on Monday that came after adjournment when Bailey and Kavanagh engaged in conversation outside of the hearing room.
    Sheales announced the unethical meeting to the rest of the room and suggested to Gleeson that he prevent his client from approaching witnesses, while O'Brien and wife Nina snapped photos of the conversation like paparazzi.
    Whether the pictures prove to be as popular as Orlando Bloom on a stand up paddle board remains to be seen.
    Kavanagh will continue to be quizzed on Tuesday as the appeal continues.
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    GONSTA reacted to SMD is rife in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    your point was the divvies on the tote were poor and worse than in years gone by....and that this was the TABs fault....do you stand by this?
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    GONSTA reacted to what a post in replays of riccarton   
    Not sure whether this is normal these days, but  trackside replays of riccarton  just  shown on channel 62 have been edited to remove any falls.    Obviously those in charge of trackside deem it necessary to hide such incidents.Maybe by cutting it out of race replays means  the falls  never happened.  I  think someone at trackside thinks we are all morons.  
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    GONSTA reacted to SMD is rife in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    Ever since the current takeout rates have been in force, yes. Go on and startle us with your brilliance and show us we are wrong.....
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    GONSTA reacted to SMD is rife in TAB Bookies taking the piss????   
    "the poor tote dividends"....FFS....you really don't get it do you. The tote divvies haven't changed in years. 
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    GONSTA reacted to Toblerone in mynanasgotnoteeth   
    It's been 18 months of you basically talking to yourself about this horse..... we get it... you are involved with the family and like it. Move on to something else.
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    GONSTA got a reaction from GOM in just when you think it can't get worsewell   
    Lol.... If that's your attitude towards slow dogs it's hardly nzgra's fault is it... They aren't a charity, if you consistently breed below average dogs then why on earth should you be rewarded? 
    Some of you guys need to take a long hard look at your attitude towards greyhound racing especially on a public forum. Just because your not receiving a $20 petrol voucher you think all these slow dogs are going to dis appear? No wonder the industry is farked with disgusting attitudes like some of you have on here.
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    GONSTA reacted to rangi in Freedom Fighter and John Dunn   
    the excuses drivers use to get away with thing is amazing, freedom fighter was driven completely different on Friday from its previous starts then makes a long sustained run from the 500m and wins easy 2 days later and they let them away with Fridays run when the horse was clearly there just for a quiet run. Surprised the hitting the disks excuse wasn't pulled from the hat of lies again