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    GONSTA reacted to Leggy in Budget   
    Nope. It's clever, I did hire a Budget rental in the US a couple of weeks ago, though I haven't bought much EPO lately. That said, I'm now getting ads for massage parlours in Whangarei and I've never been there. Have my preferences got mixed up with Midget's?
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    GONSTA reacted to Leggy in Budget   
    Oops,not just rental cars, we're now advertising EPO. Is there a frequent poster discount available?
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    GONSTA reacted to Leggy in Budget   
    Nothing against the site running advertisements. More power to you. But USA Budget used cars?
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    GONSTA reacted to WhoKnows in Best Bets and Tips for Thursday??   
    If you have a chance to see the race this dog was in at the Meadows today it was one of the worst cases of fighting you will see, cruised to the lead and then spat the dummy, much like it used to do here but much, much worse! Don't think we will be seeing this dog grace the tracks again.
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    GONSTA got a reaction from howrude in Dyna Vikkers   
    Amazing win. What a great chaser, gave them a start, came around them, and ran super time. No excuses in behind! Arguably the Robert's probably should have ran the quinella with Brick being awfully unlucky. 
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    GONSTA reacted to MiDeBo Racing in Was Kawi really that good in the Makfi ?   
    Can only beat whats in front of him, and did that fairly easily. For mine I don't understand the Winx argurment. She is clearly one right out of the top drawer. Don't think anyone's comparing Kawi to her. Don't think anything in Australasia for that matter is being compared to her. Will be alot more dodging her in the cox plate than just this bloke. Good horse, Good trainer. Surely that should be celebrated over those with liking for tall poppys........ 
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    GONSTA reacted to Fiery Falcon in Who Is The TABs Harness Bookie?   
    Brodie all you ever do is carry on,carry on carry on and tell everyone on this site that you are restricted with your betting give up telling us this why have you not done the following.
    Did you attend the John Allen roadshow and bring it up with him and if not why not
    Have you phoned the harness racing bookie(Probably a Freephone) and spoken to him and if not.why not
    Considering you are making lots and lots of money from harness? make a appointment to see the harness bookie and fly to wellington and have it out with him and report back to this site airfares are not going to break your bank.You seem incapable of making logical decisions but carry on and carry on
    Do you think this will ever change no? use your systems to bet on Sydney and Melbourne gallops where the pools are so big your betting amounts would not even be a pinprick or else run a tipping line you could call it Whale 2 considering the amount of time you spend on your backside writing on this site I can only think you must be many times larger than the Whale was before he lost is weight.
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    GONSTA reacted to Kotare_Hunter in Nathan Jack Arrested   
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    GONSTA reacted to Shad in Kawi   
    Oh what a win today, certainly impressive, just as well the trainer talked him up and everyone got plenty off him, to all those that were put off by his operation, shame. He is the best we have in this country and regardless if and how he goes in aussie doesn't matter, but he certainly proved quite a few doubters wrong. 
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    GONSTA got a reaction from elbow in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Midget JNR could have won on Kawi! How good. Take that all the knockers. 
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    GONSTA reacted to Bimbo in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Come off it.  They opened Kawi at $5.00 in July.  $5 and more was available after the surgery was reported.  Kawi was over $5 at close on Betfair.
    If 'those in the know' really were doing that, it was a waste of time.
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    GONSTA reacted to CT"s in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Lays the winner and picks the horse who ran stone motherless last.
    Somethings never change short stuff. 
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    GONSTA reacted to MiDeBo Racing in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
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    GONSTA got a reaction from elbow in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Midget JNR could have won on Kawi! How good. Take that all the knockers. 
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    GONSTA got a reaction from elbow in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Midget JNR could have won on Kawi! How good. Take that all the knockers. 
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    GONSTA reacted to zelda kratchanova 2 in BAN NSW   
    next is hurdles, the n0 whips, the no  harnessed and horse racing to get banned, n0?
    what a joke world we living in...
    Boris says Hilter runs NSW
    i visited a duck company where my neihbour Candy Triple - Dee  works a few weeks ago, and 80,000 ducks get the slaughterhouse per week YEP
    breed em feed em up and slaughterhouse em
    lookout chinitos next there will be no peeking duck on the menu at ching chong wongs and no dishlickers at harold park.
    at least theres bingo
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    GONSTA got a reaction from gary1 in BAN NSW   
    I'm assuming you have read the 600 page report then?
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    GONSTA reacted to Fartoomuch in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    Stolen Dance
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    GONSTA reacted to Grant R in Make the call on Makfi who wins   
    The draws are out favorites in the carpark 
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    GONSTA reacted to final luca in tab pay outs   
    could well have..beats the snot out of me... had it explained  a dozen times  .. I guess i'm just to thick for this..
    never mind.. think I understand now.. i'll put all this down to experience... Sorry for the drama ... normally when I get a horse in an enquiry its mine that gets tossed out.. this is a first for me.
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    GONSTA reacted to N1MUE in tab pay outs   
    No Lecithin got it exactly right.
    The Nancho Lass dividend is $4.40 in all three combinations that included her.  Its the Bayrum dividend that gets adjusted to $1 for any of the combinations that included the unresulted Nancho Lass bet.
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    GONSTA reacted to lecithin in tab pay outs   
    Geez so I told you that and got told I was wrong, and the tab tell you the exact same thing and get praised for being so helpful....
    Good they sorted you out though with the difference!!
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    GONSTA reacted to N1MUE in tab pay outs   
    Yep they did announce change of placings before the next race but for some reason the dividend took quite some time to come through - I was waiting to collect on a place bet on Just Got Home and it didn't result until after the next race had run.
    I know it's frustrating and slack on their part, but I don't think they've screwed anyone - I think their rules probably state that if a race has not been resulted before the next bet in an all-up then that next bet is treated as a $1 payout.  People with horses in all-ups who finished out of the money in Bayrum's race would be happy.  
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    GONSTA reacted to pogo(aus) in Winx Terrific   
    yep 72 km hr in the back of moody's float
    winx 100x > black sardine
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    GONSTA reacted to slam dunk in Gareth Dixon   
    You are quick to jump in on the bandwagon and vilify someone making a genuine contribution. Read the statement carefully. Many trainers all round the world in all codes are finding it more difficult training winners. Thats the statement I see. I don't see any particular accusation against any one trainer. I think your reaction is way out of line.