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    GONSTA got a reaction from Todamax101 in Win Halves in $50 multi   
    Haha me neither. Either we're both useless or missing a hint!
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    GONSTA reacted to Todamax101 in Win Halves in $50 multi   
    Can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Are you sure the horse is with Andrew Scott? No horses by Samar listed in the NZ Racing database.
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    GONSTA reacted to chelseacol in Baz's Big Bolters Vs Thomson's Tackleless Tips   
    Nothing funny about that mate. Dead set sawn off, and still painful for some of us
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    GONSTA got a reaction from Todamax101 in Snitzerland   
    What a sensational filly. Everything you could ask for in a horse but more. Amazing will to win. The manikato shapes up to be one of the races of the spring. Love her!
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    GONSTA reacted to Idolmite in How clever is Grant Archer?   
    Who told you that? Must be a new rule, OR a figment of somebody's imagination.
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    GONSTA reacted to Baz (NZ) in Baz's Big Bolters Vs Thomson's Tackleless Tips   
    Beautiful! Just note I was referring to the "bored" cafers who are calling the place a Ghost Town...not proclaiming you as a tipster! You have to admit that you have had any amount of Sh#t poked at you for tipping short priced fav's over the years. Not to mention stopping most of them.

    Anyway thanks for your 3 selections I'll add mine now and see how we go...anything for a bit fun is good for the forum isn't it? You're all carrying topweights in this handicap race!...lighten up!
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    GONSTA reacted to Kiah in How clever is Grant Archer?   
    No one can beat I Can Doosit . I accept that. Though Stig and Clover Don will push hard with handicaps.

    Last week, with a battle hardened horse in Quality Invasion he was the faviourite. He was against a small field of first starters and he sits at the back in indian file on an easy pace. He then tries to out sprint the fresh horses - and yep got done. Most people would realise with a fitness edge you should push the pace - do a Mahe Drysdale on the others!!! But nope.

    This week in a big field of horses he tries to outwork a much bigger field all of whom had had at least one or two runs up now - and gets monstered. Glad I didnt bet on it.

    Conversely, nice move by McKendry on Delight Brigade to put Statesman 3 back on the rails by letting the Wild Card to the lead 800m out. How come lots of other drivers dont do this?? Sure the Wild Card was too good for him but it definitely got him second place over Statesman.

    Some pretty good drives at Addington and Alex Park - a few unlucky horses. They will keep. LOL
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    GONSTA reacted to Idolmite in pick 6 tuesday ( rip off tab)   
    I think you need a flannel to wipe up the dribble
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    GONSTA reacted to bblunt in pick 6 tuesday ( rip off tab)   
    what a load of drivel. good luck with your golden goose
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    GONSTA got a reaction from Jabba2 in NZGRA unprofessional / disgrace.   
    As a general follower / punter of Greyhounds in NZ i must say, from the outside looking in, the people in charge of NZGRA are a disgrace and the amount of false information given out to punters is disgusting. Have noticed so many formlines recently that have been incorrect and noone is ever held accountable. The form for aussie imports is hardly ever correct. Thrilling Ransom's race in the Sister citys final last week was not indicated in form guides when other participants were. How are punters suspossed to bet with confidence when you treated like shit? Its like they are scared to make changes / try improve the sport because they are so caught up in the history / run by traditionalist's that seem to be on a fairly good wage who are to scared to say anything.

    No sectional splits updated online
    No race replays
    Incorrect information

    Rant over.
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    GONSTA reacted to howrude in TAB preselling fixed odds   
    Great idea...Needs to be applied to more greyhound races in NZ.
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    GONSTA got a reaction from howrude in TAB preselling fixed odds   
    Have noticed for the last 3-4 weeks or so the Greyhound bookie has been opening up a large number of races for the CHCH dogs on thursday night early on wednesday afternoon. I for one applaud that decision but why only Chch and why only thursday nights? We have a super card of dog racing Friday night at Wanganui yet no fixed odds on the feature races. Doesn't make sense to me. Cant wait for the nights racing anyway. Some super talents.
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    GONSTA reacted to John Galvin in Arc de Triomphe- Japanese denied again   
    Outsider Solemia nabs Orfevre on the line, Here is the replay

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    GONSTA reacted to scooby3051 in Shez Sinsational   
    Cant believe this has not been mentioned before now, what a great training performance by Allan Sharrock to turn this mare around to win yesterday,was a great performance and well done to him and all his team.
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    GONSTA reacted to Forrest in Proisir v Its A Dundeel.   
    I think these are two very good horses and I dont want to have a go at Gai, but surely her horse given breeding and speed/ race style, he would be an absolute group one horse at a mile or less, and yes if ridden slightly differently probably wins narrowly yesterday.
    I just wonder whether the pierro factor has them going in this direction whereas if Gai did not train pierro she would not have blinked in taking him on, and honestly even if he does run second to him, is it not still great to have on the cv.
    Surely he would have been the only 3yo in australasia who would give him a 'race'.
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    GONSTA reacted to Gruff in Zabeellionnaire   
    All his runs have been positive,but the way southern speed came home in the underwood,superb.interesting to see sabrage,the runner up to zabeel in south aus derby run on pace at moonee valley the other night,stuck on resolutely and 61-1 for metro,not sure of the path this horse is following but looks knockout potential.ive taken a few multis leading into zabeelionaire top 4 melb at 12-1 but looks pretty open and will need weight to get a start,or the exemption.anyone notice any others standing out locally or do the european raiders take home the spoils?