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  1. Don't we get a vote on that this year? A referendum run in conjunction with the Election, I mean?
  2. Oh I know who he is, ziggy! I was congratting him, sarcastically, on his trolling...
  3. Careful, you two, lol... It mightn't happen this Election - or even, hopefully, the next one - but some day the public is going to back a Centre Left government again... Of necessity, it'd probably need to be a coalition... Can you imagine Hone in discussions with whoever is leading Labour that year: Hone: For me to join your gang I'd need a special concession. Labour leader: What would that be, Hone? Winston has got Foreign Affairs... Hone: I'd want Mumsie as Governor-General. In perpetuity...
  4. However do you perceive that as a lie? I said, perfectly truly, that all mails I get that aren't okayed by me go into Spam. They stay there - except that once in a while I go through and look at new names (including your one) and decide whether or not to accept that mailer as a Goodie. You failed to make the cut. But the mails stay in Spam... I just stopped reading them after you made the nose-punching threat...
  5. He did it again! Oh how they must be laughing!
  6. Let's do the checking again: Relevant comments. Zippo Messianic complex in play? Yep Answering of questions made to him? Zero Demands that I answer questions he puts to me? Plenty And now you're a lawyer? Are there no ends to your talents? Or to your 'stalking'? Race Cafers might care to know that this individual has not just ben flooding my e-mail In Box with threats (as detailed earlier), insults - including to a person I hold dear, and - bizarrely - a running total of my daily posts. If I wanted to know how many posts I was making, bu
  7. Ah I thought the nutter would reply ... in the nutter's usual language, too... Let's go through your 'points', such that they are: My interpretation of assault is actual or threatened assault. 'I am going to punch you' pretty much fits that bill... An ISP number is remarkably easy to track down, Taylor... You? In a corporate box? When I mentioned I was in a corporate box once, you accused me of being 'up myself', 'above the rest of us' etc etc. Implying that you were an unsmirchable, salt-of-the-earth type that only frequented places like the bank a
  8. Ah, well done, Rumpole... The Boss here had a dollar each way on it, too, as an interest bet - the horse being chosen solely because it reminded her of the TV program, Coro excepted, she loves... (Why she loves watching animals on TV I don't quite fathom. When we were in KNP a real live zzzpard looked at her hungrily from 10 yards away and instead of her usual 'Aw, innit cute?' she whimpered a 'Save me!' to big macho me (who was, craftily perched, on the 'safe' side of the safari jeep...)
  9. Now, see, kiah, that's the difference between normal, sane commentators (like you. And, one trusts, me!) in a chatroom and, well, a Taylor clone. You and I can read each other's posts, ridicule each other if we feel like it, but - after the event - agree that, in this instance, Arguer A was right and that Arguer B was wrong. Whilst fully reserving the right to disagree just as much over the next event, ha... This is called rationality - the acceptance of other folks views and the knowledge that, occasionally, your opinion is wrong. Rationality is not, however - as
  10. If that was the Oil slides as rally runs out of gas article, SS - I am reading the paper on-line - I see it is sourced '- AP, Bloomberg'... Predictable! Some curious claims there ... much talk, eg, of silver dropping '8 per cent, extending the biggest four-day slump since 1983 to 25 per cent.' (Why do newspaper use the words 'per cent' when there is a perfectly good % symbol easily typable by holding Ctrl down and pressing 5?) For mine, the recent fall back in commodies is simply because most are testing record highs at present and because some folk, particularly th
  11. Ta for the 'up', SS - I don't usually bother with the Herald which must surely be the most drab newspaper on the planet... But I will read that article... 'Black Caviar' odds says that it is simply borrowed from an overseas ragsheet! It's not just Oil prices that the burgeoning Chinese and Indian economies are going to push up ... think virtually any commodity: metals in particular and not just the precious ones either...
  12. You wonder, don't you? There can be no advantage to them in continuing to take bets - they'll be refunded - and if they are doing a Fixed Odds Final Field market, they'd need to refund Uncle Mo bets there too... Lest they tell you 'We didn't know!', they talk bovine excretia: CNN had the story as a rolling-across-the-screen Newsbreak and the Teleprinter had it barely minutes later... What would be so wrong with one of the TAB presenters being handed the story and being told to mention it a few times during the day?
  13. Latest US odds: Name - Trainer - Jockey - Morning Line - Current Odds Archarcharch - William Fires - Jon Court - 10 - 13 Brilliant Speed - Thomas Albertrani - Joel Rosario - 30 - 30 Twice the Appeal - Jeff Bonde - Calvin Borel - 20 - 7 Stay Thirsty - Todd Pletcher - Ramon Dominguez - 20 - 16 Decisive Moment - Juan Arias - Kerwin Clark - 30 - 37 Comma to the Top - Peter Miller - Patrick Valenzuela - 30 - 42 Pants On Fire - Kelly Breen - Rosie Napravnik - 20 - 9 Dialed In - Nicholas Zito - Julien Leparoux - 4 - 5 Derby Kitten - Michael Maker - Javier Castellano