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  1. So that makes it right? Yesterday I saw a game of soccer being played - no distancing there. So why is racing different Stables - you are the resident expert!
  2. Only just under a week to first harness meeting (at Addington). They need patrons on course with smiley ladies behind the betting counters. Not a word about this from the pooh bahs. Tomorrow "she" will announce loosening on gathering numbers (cafes, bars, church services, funerals etc.) but not a word on racing meetings or trials you can guarantee. Most of those groups who will get relief are those who have been making a "noise" over the last 1 or 2 weeks. Silence from racing. People at the races keeping whatever separations are required are no different from people 1 metre apart in cafe & bars. But it is typical of an industry who have big fat asses and are very good at sitting on them.
  3. If Winston is still there after the polls and is still NZ First leader, then no way will they go with National - simple. A leopard never changes it's spots. If he not re-elected then I doubt anyone from his party will be there. They will need an electorate seat - doubtful they will get 5 %
  4. and John (believe it or not) Cambridge need horses from the Auckland region for exactly the same reason.
  5. John - Infohorse only gives me 5 plus 1 in Wairarapa. Bill only has a stablehand licence these days - had a few beers with Bill over the years.
  6. 5 trainers in Wellington area - easy to find in HRNZ site
  7. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Bad day for Cindy. Don't turn round Cindy, Nikky is right behind you. Yes the one you have never been able to beat!
  8. You have a plan, Stables. It's called my plan.
  9. eljay

    TAB costs

    So you think owners can afford these rises? And then told by Taxcinda they cannot watch their horses race. And then Winston thinks he has fixed the problem. There is more sense in a volume of Mother Goose
  10. The first two ploys will be the Means Test and Capital Gains Tax
  11. He should be worrying about the leaks in RITA
  12. eljay


    All the Taranaki venues have Gallops but the Harness have all been wiped. The facilities are there so why not utilise them? Are there any Harness people on the dates sub committee or are they all TB folk?
  13. You interpret my statement incorrectly - what I was saying is that if you want to travel it not a big thing and that up to the trainer/owners if they want to - I never said anyone HAD to.
  14. What an astounding statement. I never tried to "point to a better time"! Pickel, did you ever queue up at the back of the tote?
  15. I stand corrected but Cambridge to Taranaki would be about 5 hours by float. It takes me about that by car from Auckland so really with much better roads these days it is not overly taxing. The last Stratford meeting some trainers travelled down in the morning of the races and back to Cambridge the same night. Yes it's a long haul but some do it.
  16. I think the bitching is not over change but how much and to what.
  17. Easier to register Aussie "favourites" with Harness Australia web site Blackbook
  18. Thats cruel - where would they go
  19. They were made to race on Tuesdays (dats) and to my knowledge most people work at that time so they were behind the eight ball anyway. Not really perfect for a club in the middle of the country's biggest population area - what show did they have. And Ellerslie just grinned!
  20. Stratford wouldn't agree to go to New Plymouth which just up the road and around the corner because their sponsors were all going to pull out - so Blenheim to Christchurch is a joke. Perhaps Palmie can go to Addington too - they would get more horses lol
  21. eljay

    Forbury Park.

    John From the TB Cafe - posted by bestbetbazza Posted 12 minutes ago An update on yesterdays post. TAB advised Clubs now allowed to take bets. Terminals being turned back on by TAB over next few days. As an aside Clubs have been advised that under present Level 2 Pokies must be turned off. The rules changing everyday. To be fair, clubs were advised that this would happen.