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  1. Gezz Gary stop trolling again
  2. This is nothing to do with the dogs stand down it is to do with the eligibility clause......and the interpretation.....and no when the dog was nommed it was not disqualified.....28days if you can find enough fingers is the 24th ot may...so how can it still be disqualified on the 20th of june...
  3. Remember the wording...eligible to race in nz......not eligible to race in the race
  4. Haha...the dog was eligible to race in nz...otherwise it would not have racing papers and been graded here...was it qualified to race here ..no...but that was not the condition of the race....the dog was not under suspension its 28days were up on the 24th of may....it was subject to a satisfactory trial.........remember the dog still has not been nominated for a trial or a race in the amazing chase...
  5. My point is I have not nominated a dog to race I have just put a dog in a series...even if he re qualifies I do not have to start him and if I choose that road there is no penalty....he has not been nominated to race...I have to nominate for a trial or a race and cannot do so until he requalifys....no more comments from this end...
  6. Intent is a big word in legal terms...
  7. No difference....you are still nominating a unqualified dog which is against the rules.......when I nominated I asked the question and was told he was eligible as he was registered in nz and the eligibility clause was put in to stop Australian greyhounds flying over for lt.....last year riding shotgun was nommed as a maiden....I questioned it and was told as long as it qualified as a c1 before it ran its trial or race it was eligible....it ran second in the final...
  8. The dog has not yet been nommed to start in any race or trial yet for the amazing chase....it is no different than the Canterbury futurity were you nom a litter or a pup but cant start in the quali races until you qualify are these dogs eligible as they are not even named?...the dog can not be nominated for his trial or a race until he requalifys ..
  9. Nzgra site...under amazing chase...push were it says more.....all updated on fastest times...cheers clarky
  10. No matter were he goes he deserves a great retirement...were would distance racing with out him....congrats to all who have been part of him including thayne green who has been in the background but he was at his place for both collars ..enjoy your retirement and I would think stayer of the year title..
  11. I do see where Mike is coming from...the meeting was scheduled wrong ..so noms were reopened because of this and if done correctly all fields should have been redrawn after the new closing time....effectively the first draw was non invoid......but it doesn't matter now it's in the past
  12. Geez jimbob have you got bibola...one minute the dogs a waste of time and now it can place in the amazing chase...just wonder what and how your knowledge makes this comment.....have you seen it trial on it's own....remember it wont get in a 2 dog race till the finals....
  13. You know we can all have banter and take the piss out of each other but we also all have family..no matter who was right and who was wrong today it certainly brings prospective to our lifes....God bless to all the families ..it brings tears to my eyes.......steve clark
  14. Mike..agree 100per cent...association have taken the fall for the mistake but I'm sure there would be others who could of redirected the problem...does no club check there schedule?...and yes you got my pun about waikato being run from auckland...lol
  15. And sorry I blame auckland because they control cambridge
  16. Schedule says 4.30 start...night meeting....I cant nom for night racing simply because I have to many dogs to leave for 8hrs to go racing...day time no problem because I'm home to feed them after the races....after a complaint nzgra did the right decision to reopen moms ...they blamed themselfs which is honorable ....but come on are you telling me the auckland club didn't see this???????....come on....good on grnz ..poor from auckland..
  17. Never seen on this site or heard anyone bagging naomi??????
  18. Just wondering ..I thought last year there were fixed odds out before any quali trials...is that right or do they come out after?
  19. Sorry scooby...no personal trolling...what I stated was facts...and willing to back it up anywhere you like...
  20. Agree and as I said to Greg Kerr at the silver collar meeting ..fine wait for the spca on live baiting but there is no reason not to charge them on dead baiting under our rules pending the live baiting.. ..it is so clear even stevie wonder can see that....more head in the sand stuff from our board when it suits....it will bite them in the bun in the finish .
  21. You know the biggest problem is ego...we have a majority of people in the sport now that never fought for anything..and think there's a living in it...most young ones don't and will never own a property because they are not prepared to work in a real job and get one...greyhound racing will not provide that unless it's a hand me down.....geez if they knew why greyhound racing is at manukau now and how much some went through to make sure it stayed ...there is not one of them would put that effort in...like our head office and our board and our failed lp rep they take it for granted...they think
  22. Nothing is going to change...the one thing I bet the riu informant you spoke to will also tell you that they know dennis did not give the dogs p or take it himself to contaminate the said dog....the only thing he in my opinion is guilty of is backing his son and the hanger ons for so long......what happened to the 4 horses that gave positives to p at taranaki.....oh it was someone else not the trainers......sorry guys double standards ....punish I agree...destroy a innocent man for stupidity I don't agree....just my opinion
  23. It's a hard one and I believe we should all just leave it now.....as I've said Dennis and I have not always seen eye to eye but to see this happen does sadden me.....to have everything you've worked for taken away at there age is a hard pill to swallow.........I just hope all this isn't to take the focus of the other case,,,