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  1. The current lease has a right off renewal for a further 10yrs....that would need to be bought out....and unless it was big money why would you do it....also to change zoning is a major not just the strike of a pen...resorce management comes into play as does public opinion.....greyhounds are safe there for at least 15 years unless as I say are bought out which in a meeting with council last year was not a option......more a dream from our president and his followers..
  2. But in saying that I think for the future of greyhound racing auckland and waikato should combine into one club....resite at suitable site and have a 2 turn track and 1 turn track like Melbourne.....build there own sports bar grandstand like cambridge and run it with pokies and have it open 7 days...also provide a straight track for training and breaking in purposes .
  3. Were did you hear that....the club still has years left on there lease and it is zoned recreational..so will never be housing..
  4. Again I will say...this guy is a professional and if it wasnt said he would not print it......
  5. Have to ask...you might of thought it was ridiculous....but you were there ..so what did you ask?
  6. I believe it was Mario ba sari....couldn't inform us Gordon because it would be a conflict of interest being CEO as well as part of this futures board......so why was he there and why hasn't this been discussed with the grassroots......time for him to look at himself.....we dont need another secretive leader that has there own agenda..
  7. Still after reading it I fail to see were greyhounds or trotting are going to improve....this report is all about gallops.....only part is this tab out sourcing....but surely if winston wanted to do something he should revamp our tab....I dont know about anyone else but in my area we have had 3 pod machines taken out of 3 local hotels in the last 12mnths....in my opinion it's like poker machines there should be more pods around to increase turnover....every club and hotel in nz should have one....put them in shopping malls as well......not all people want a tab account and want to bet on phone
  8. Mike....1...to be honest to the average greyhound person the timing is wrong...to get there after racing on Thursday is impossible for most....2..if we turn up and listen ..what questions will winston answer...when he was racing minister in his last life at a luncheon at the northshore rugby club I asked him why he blew all the government money givin to the racing industry on 3 races......I got cut off and was told to sit down.....no different this time..he is the most failed politician in my lifetime...only he thinks he's good...if he can get something free out of it he will....its not going
  9. Worst way and most painful way for a dog to die if it was heat exhaustion.....grnz need to stop greyhound farming and eliminate the numbers game right now if they are serious about welfare.....limit numbers breed per kennel and numbers trained before our sport is destroyed through greed...
  10. So this is personal....get a life
  11. Look it seems hard for you guys to apprehend....but the dog was never nominated for a race or trial and never would have been if he had not requalified.....the point is was he eligible to race in nz......yes he was subject to requalifying....clear and simple
  12. Really how long does this need to there ???????
  13. Wow Taylor you are so predictable...lol
  14. Yesterday at cambrige the dress police were back.....I went to the track with black and whites on but I had white trainers on.......so to cut a long story short I went to get opawa loyal out and next minute the kennel steward was pointing to her feet saying trainers....Tracey Steele said what she on about....kennel steward kept poining to her trainers saying trainers...we were both perplexed as I had proper black shoes on by this time....o my God some one dubbed me in........get a life everyone or this sport will fold...not the trainers(excuse the pun,)..but over celouse officials who think t
  15. Very clever..good buisness really...club has to put on the races if 8 nominated.....Danny O'Keefe used to do it years ago with the hurdlers.....garreentee yourself $4600 Income....
  16. Wow...must be a non publish part..haven't seen anyone bagging him...
  17. Not a amazing chase trial..
  18. Haha...to late enjoying the freedom....new van ..new car...and new 30acre block of land...you only live once and I will never die wondering..lol
  19. No he wasn't...he was a maiden and grnz rules were clear...invitation races and group races are c1 and above..and last year the amazing chase was a invitation race....last I say about it...its with the jca now..
  20. Hay marrick...I just sold my property on the northshore for 1.6m...so I will tell you what I will give you 100dollars for your ticket...but if he starts we go half....cheers clarky
  21. Look let me explain again.....I rang grnz and asked what was the eligibility clause...was told it was there to protect the domiciled nz dogs....asked the question on pinny mack....was told he was eligible as riding shotgun was the year before...but he had to requalify before he started.....so what has been done wrong.....why don't you put your name to your personal attacks....and they as you say is me ...nothing to do with the connections of the dog so keep them out off it.......amazing how gutless some of you are.