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  1. Stu barber---very disapointing coming from you,just because your life in greyhounds went pear shaped,no need for comments like that.
  2. Both Stipes should resign,the time they took was disgusting, to let race 11 come out with a enqiry in place was not on----it is clear these guys have no knowlege of the rules of greyhound racing.--------The race should have been a no race,dogs were affected,and the punters who backed the inside dogs should have been refunded.----it is getting to the stage up north where the confidence in the stipes is at an all time low.
  3. Me neither but the whole point is,bryan is innocent till proof proves otherwise,and yes you have had a bar that serves drunks ,i've been in them many a times.
  4. zzz,i havebeen in some of your bars when you have givin staff a rev,and you dont think you did'nt sound intoxicated to other patrons?some times your words would'nt come out.(opps maybe you were pissed)---i think a letter to the licencing board should sort that out.
  5. Fair dinkum zzz,you should ban yourself. Have you never been pissed of with a boss so much you do not show anything or don't want to be there? his father has just told you it was not medical or drugs or drink,so why would you not respect that? - Brian Martin is a success and deserves the chance to defend himself,when if he is ready and only then,not when hangmen like you want.
  6. By the way zzz,the facts are he was pissed, but not the way you think,he was pissed off by trackside and the hangers on that dominate it---i think you will find if he takes legal action against these false accusations more will come from it..-----the disappointing thing is people like you that think you have power jump on board,spouting without any facts. -----and by the way Steve Davis has done more for racing than you have ever because he thinks off others not just himself,and his mirror would only be twice the size of yours.
  7. Well it could not be worst than wanganui sand storm track on friday.we are lacking real talent in track prep at the moment.
  8. Gezz,i can now see why you are known as the poison dwarf------
  9. Rumball and ice---july 10 dog 1win--------$1500 Sub Silentio---july 10 bitch 1 win------$1500 Both by cosmic rumble----dimples and ice. contact Kath on 0276556601
  10. Aron Who?---is this the guy that walks his dogs in the middle of summer with coats on so people can't see what condition his own dogs are in?
  11. My understanding is our rules clearly say 8 dogs plus reserves,yet our racing committee in greyhound newzealand cannot give a answer to wether it is 8 or 10 dogs.-------so why worry? Well it makes a hell of a difference to selections and wether dogs get a start-- if its 8 then you can not be made reserve if you had a second prefrence,your second prefrence comes into play-------- if its 10 they can then say as reserve you have been selected in a field and your other prefrences dont count,even to the degree if there is another combined race and you have better form you are still dembed to have
  12. What i dont understand is if the blood tests show a positive to EPO then why not take blood from all group winners and place getters?