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  1. Its true and then to beat it all i got sean to get them to take the dogs tempreture before he left the track and it was normal.....sean would have had no problem with it if they had had the dog vet checked and found him dehydrated then scratched.....but to do it with no vet check is disgusting.....and still other than the temp.the dog still hasnt been vet checked..
  2. Under our rules you are intitled to a vet check.. This was not done even though sean thought that is what was happening....he was scratched before ...
  3. What the hells going on ....mad harry scratched with no vet check...just a conversation between vet and stipe because the dog pooped in his kennel....then after they scratched it they decided to take its temperature.....surly before a dog is scratched it is intitled to a vet check.....poor decision mike austin....poor guy travelled 6 hours for this for you to tell him you know more about grehounds than him....man no one could look at a bed and say the dogs scratched......no wonder there is no respect for the riu ...
  4. Sad day..RIP delwyn....clarky
  5. Have to ask though...youth award to a 30yr old ?????
  6. Again after talking to Greg yesterday...its not the small trainers that are causing the problem...its the kennels that bring dogs over with 2 tickets and then they get 12mnths and disappear ...I think there 1st move will be banning dogs with 2 tickets...and I think they will judge this on what they do from now on......most australian classed...so called .non chasers I have had have not gone to gap...they still live here....piggy back...magic spike ...lady shambi...royal doll who threw derby winner grizz and Peking tom a good sire in his own right....swiftfantasy....redneckcrazy...nonnas girl who was a super broodie.. throwing blitzing mayhem NZ cup winner and never throwing on any bad traits to her pups....she would be dead if I never bought her here as would the rest off them...then you have a dog like reilly's mate...super dog that would not have been givin a second chance.....in fact I've had one I couldn't change and that was robius hagrid......I've had to put down more of my homebreeds because gap failed them..
  7. Thanks people... been a tough year in fact worst i have had in 63years to be honest and i don't mean dog wise...and no not because Scobie keeps monitoring me....lol.. to see what happened with mac yesterday still has not hit home....he is a special dog with special ability...and was well worth fighting for in the chase....Again thanks for your thoughts it means a lot.
  8. Common guys...you need a university degree to get in now...basic common sense is gone....look at our head guy now..all that they want is puppets not people that have any knowledge off greyhound raceing...again look how long our own lp rep voted in stayed....biggest failure ever......please someone tell me what he did??????and let's be honest this head guy will end up the same....a failure
  9. Sad thing is honestly who is making a real living out of greyhound racing no one ..you have trainers that train by numbers but numbers cost.....you have someone like Karen that loves strike rates...but do they make money?...you have people that bring in imports...do they really make money....the cost is real high and theres mo garreentee ....you have people that breed there own litters...but again with costs how much do they make....but at the end of it without all these people we dont have greyhond racing.....so let's enjoy everyone's way of staying afloat and doing something they love...
  10. Mike agree 100pc...until we get the right inforstructor eill fo no were...breaking in pups is so hard and time consuming....I've said all along if grnz used there brains they would set up levin with a track and employ a specialist person to over see breaking in and at the same time have a training venue for young people coming through..
  11. Funny really...same arguement comes up....the nz bred dogs wouldn't be here if it wasnt for the aussie dogs coming in......and then we dont want the aussie dogs racing here but it's okay for us to go there?
  12. And very much doubt many off us could run a quick lst sectional either...would need a few heiny stops to get 375 in fact I would be a late scratching...refusing to go into the barrier ...lol
  13. Think you are on the wrong page...the curator that came to manukau was from Melbourne and is still the head curator over there...his recommendations were not implemented at all.....it went back to the same old thing.....it was one reason I got of the committee at auckland......dosnt matter what the committee decides robers and Robert's do what they want....the camber changed back to what it was when the track was built...nothing to do with any abandonment...
  14. Amazing now the tracks ready and you can trial friday?????so will it be the same mutton heads that decided the track carnt ne fixed that now decide after 2days it's all good.....unbelievable
  15. What amazes me is 10 years ago rain meant a perfect track at cambridge and auckland....what's changed?
  16. This also begs the question...why are we mucking around with homemade petrometres...why have the riu not invested in professional depth reading machines......its a joke
  17. I can tell you without a doubt if the pentrometer read 40..there is no way a dog could break 21....my own pup improved from over 22 to run 21.66......either someone is telling porky's or the pentrometer is not working....by the way the pentrometer is a jacked up peice of metal dropping through a plastic tube ....many things can happen like it not being dropped properly to under dropping of it....it is just a guide not a measured tool and should be treated in that way....sometimes a softer track is safer than a hard track...
  18. Problem averted....not enough noms for waikato heat...2 heats Sunday?
  19. Corey...you are right. The first special conditions state that the heats are to be run at a venue...not at a club and if cancelled at that venue the auckland club is able to run 2 heats....clearly not transfered race meetings
  20. Bit over the top...dont think anyone thinks it's a laughing stock...at least they were proactive and didn't get there meeting cancelled.....few points need addressing though...if the track was so bad why did trials go ahead with the fastest being 20.98....I think this comes down to a few people thinking they are mightier than the rest.....unusual to see a riu person there....were they there by request?....4 days till racing ...plenty of time to grade and water and roll the track....noms are reopened till 8am in the morning...but hello just been told phone noms closed at 4.30pm tonight...no on there at grnz until 8am......no disrespect to the riu person but come on in 40years I'm not a track expert and neither are the people involved in making this decision but I think the times of all the trials would say it was fixable......my opinion poor call but a laughing stock no....nobody else cares
  21. Dont know.....the handler certainly should be outed for 10yrs....can john be to blame? He wasnt there..but if he allows this practice yes he should be held accountable..
  22. Wow.....gob smacked ...12 hours not checking the dogs........most feel guilty for leaving them 2hrs....I really hope this has been misprinted..