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  1. 5 hours ago, Rules For Some said:

    It would be very easy to have Lisa and Brendan's name taken of the property ownership and put it under one of their children's name

    That could not happen....under money laundering laws you have to have proof were the money goes or comes from you cannot gift a house without paying massive taxes...only way is if someone dies and leaves a property to family...most family homes would be in a trust which protects you from losing it .

  2. Intresting at auckland yesterday when a dog runs 2nd in a c1 sprint and wont pee for a swab ...gets 30mils of blood taken ....yet in the feature colden chase.the 3rd place getter wouldnt pee and no bloods done.....same stipe at both meetings???

  3. 12 minutes ago, GOM said:

    Farewell old mate, one of the good buggers who was just as comfortable talking to the Queen as  a beggar on the street . He did both of those.

    Well known and respected in both Islands as a champion breeder and trainer who won most of the group races in NZ often more than once with his small team. He was a tireless worker for the Tokoroa club right from it's beginning and leaves a large legacy in the industry.

    I don't think I was ever with Max more than 5 minutes without both of us having a hearty laugh about something. He helped many within the industry especially newcomers

    RIP  Max

    Agree mike ....from kath and myself max was a person we aspired to be ....loved max in the way he gave love to all off us....rip max you willl never be forgotten..

  4. Just another thing here which i found out yesterday is if grnz or riu charged  him 18mnths ago with dead baiting the spca warned them they proberly would  not pursue the live baitng charge as he had been charged....remember the cost of the spca investigations would be high........but if this was fact why were lps not notified...to now say they don't know who the person is is when they were part of the original charge is ridiculous. 

  5. 38 minutes ago, Rules For Some said:

    I should add that photos taken illegally in NZ have been accepted in the court of law in the past unlike Australia.

    There was an incident where a farmer had illegal photos taken of animal cruelty and they were accepted in the courts.

    So there is some case law in NZ that supports that these photos will not be dismissed from court 

    The courts come down hard on animal welfare issues and our courts do not care if photos are illegal......just have a look at the cleaver case only months ago...the photos in that were in his nackerey....

  6. 9 hours ago, Everton said:

    I too would sincerely hope the practice of baiting is not widespread, particularly live baiting. If proven guilty you would have trouble convincing me that a heap of people apart from those that have come forward would not have known about it.

    And some of those would surely be prominent within the industry.

    Please grnz...make a public statement...don't hope it just goes away.....does not look good

  7. 15 hours ago, Flabbergasted said:

    The more I think about it the more I can see this as only being a retrograde step. As Emotive rightly points out when the number of imports drops (I suspect it has already started - given the shortage of dogs in Australia at present) then NZ dogs will be required to be bred to fill the numbers. There will be no tarriff to reduce the GAP costs to rehome those dogs and GRNZ will have to rely solely on industry money to offset the cost.

    The cost of getting imports is already prohibitive enough (around $3000 per dog for airfare, customs charges and import/registration fee before it even lands here) so no-one is importing really poor quality any longer. 

    To breed a litter of pups will cost no less than $3,000 per pup to get it to the track with absolutely no guarantee that it will make the track let alone the grade. That's even more prohibitive for the average participant. Enter the bigger NZ owner/breeders who will take up the slack get even bigger empires and dump even more poor quality dogs onto the smaller trainers. 


    My main point here and as a example which is fact.....one of my owners bred a litter payed to get it reared .broken in at a cost of 30k to 2yrs of age...not one has won a race and 2 have been rehomed through gap with the rest being put on gap list now......before they had imported 3 dogs at a cost off 15k which of none have gone to gap ...so now they have just imported another one at a cost of 6k so they can still enjoy racing dogs.....they have tryed to buy a nz dog but the quality offered is not there all they are getting is cast offs for 6k.....i believe it should be there right to a equal playing field and have the choice....if you want to put a fee on imports do it when they go to gap and then we know were the money has gone........and the bitch breed from won 3 group races over the middle distance...


  8. Just read on another site....greg kerr is going to put a $2000 charge on imported dogs....have to ask were are we going to get race dogs up north greg ? You spoke to me last week asking why we are struggling for noms at waikato ? i explained 2 points one there selection policy 2 the lack of breeding in the north......now you are within 3mnths going to charge $2000 to bring dogs in....it takes 2yrs to breed and race again.....tell you that will make me call it quits...it will be the nail in the coffin....sometimes wonder wether grnz under the latest managment is trying to save the sport or kill it?

  9. 34 minutes ago, My Two Cents said:

    Curious to know how the day went yesterday on track? Was there a decent crowd or similar to most years? 

    Good crowd....great atmosphere...and well run by the club....track had plenty of water ...sad thing was the food was the worst meal ever seen...cold meat pastries.....stale buns and watered curry with cold chicken......maybe the food heated up and changed later......

    ...no desert and no coffee....as 1 visitor said ..next time i will buy my own drinks and get a burger...

  10. 1 hour ago, bus stop said:

    Understand from my northern contact that a certain ex Aussie trainer had input on the way the track was presented on Sunday he stated that the track was in good nick.


    The track was in good nick....my point being it has been lacking water and with the drizzle friday and saturday the track was watered perfectly....hope the club has someone there saturday this week to make sure it is watered before 10am sunday when it is normally done from friday.....and if the club has used nigel...congrats to them...a very knowledgeable man with years of experience 

  11. 1 hour ago, Flabbergasted said:

    i know a few trainers dodged it because of the way the track has been in recent times.

    If only they'd known that the club would have a revelation and actually applied adequate water on Sunday and a much better surface prevailed. 

    Congratulations Auckland on that achievment -- keep up the good work.

    Haha..i think that was what was called a act of god...nothing to do with the club....

  12. 2 hours ago, scooby3051 said:

    Hall I asked for proof and they provided it...this is a disgrace...how could anyone be so heartless to animals...just my opinion..but it will be staying up.

    I have travelled dogs between islands many times.....have found interislander staff very accommodating....on hot days i ask to be on the open deck and on cold and wet days i  ask to be under cover...never have i been refused.....human era is a bad thing and we are ultimately responsible for our dogs welfare.....ive always when travelling have a motto.......rather have a cold dog than a dead dog......

  13. 1 hour ago, bus stop said:

    Yes and the Cambridge track is no better the sand compostion is not correct to many pot holes in the sand after the mat has been over it 

    The problem these clubs have is being sued ...auckland for example refuse to listen...as i said the riu have said all racing clubs have to have track staff on tracks the day before and morning off races....this is not happening at auckland which leaves them open to be sued if a dog breaks down due to neglect....funny thing when it happens it will be every one elses fault bar theres.

  14. Agree the track water problem is unbelievable..2 of my 4 dogs did pads...why put water on the track and then put the pads around 5 times after on the tractor which drys out the track....unfortunate we have robert roberts running things and no management...track staff dont want to be told what to do by a robot in the office...i was told when i scratched 13 dogs 3yrs ago by the riu that someone has to be at the track the day before racing.....this has not happened ...bow your heads again auckland your a disgrace..

  15. Why with one race spare would you run a c5 sprint when you already had heats for c5....why would you not cater for a c4 457 race for dogs that had no opportunity to start......pretty obvious why....common robert a bit of thought would not go astray....and no i have no c4 dogs....just  bit of common sense to have another middle distance race...

  16. 5 hours ago, bus stop said:

    Yes that the sun will rise and the sun will set.

    And there will be new stewards at wanganui and palmy next year and there will be a breakin track at levin....and the 3rd positive is the board of greyhound racing have all resigned......shit i wokeup...still guess i was thinking positive....merrychristmas

  17. On 12/10/2018 at 10:02 PM, Lowdown said:

    Wow Steve, I didn't know about any of that shit talk, but it's floating around in my head now! Because of your post, I agree with Scooby, just ignore it, only surprise is that you're not big enough and ugly enough to have realised that yourself!



    Big enough and ugly enough agree .. but sometimes enough is enough....even i get hurt...

  18. Also the argument was supposed to be in front of people...video evidence shows me leaving the track after the race with the dog and not ever going back to the grandstand....only one person was around the owner amd myself in the carpark and on my web cam in the van the whole conversation was recorded.......sad sad people

  19. Please over the last month rumours going around about me have got to a sickining stage.....1...i never refused to bring any dog back from christchurch...i had no room which was explained and when i did i bought 2 dogs back for different people on finals night....but never again...2....i am not in financial trouble and no i do not have to move out of my home by friday this week....i am morgage free on my property at maramarua with kath and also own my new block of land at tekawhata morgage free on my own and thirdly no i never had a argument with pinny macks owner at wanganui on friday... we have never had a bad word with each other at anytime....get a life 

  20. 4 minutes ago, Rules For Some said:

    Well Mike Austin has misinformed us all on the stipes report than if that is the case.

    I'm not having a good at a go at anyone, but this is what he wrote:

    MAD HARRY race 4 # 2 ( S Codlin ) was a late scratching at pre race presentation on vets recommendation at approx 5. 30pm due to the dog having had symptoms of diarrhoea in the race kennel the dogs temperature was taken soon after and was found to be elevated Trainer S Codlin re presented the dog to the vet soon after 9pm for a further check where the dogs temperature had returned to 

    He has admitted the dogs temo was taken after the dog was scratched...my whole point is he scratched the dog without a vet check...the dog had not been looked at at all...

  21. 6 hours ago, Rules For Some said:

    Sounds like a sensible decision. Dog had signs of diarrhea and the dogs temperature was high at the time.

    Maybe the stipes could have rechecked the temperature before the race but what's was done was done.

    In Australia, you would get scratched right away as well.

    The dog had not had his tempreture taken when he was scratched....it was taken after mike austin scratched the dog....as i said sean would have had no problem if he had had a vet check on the dog ...which hes intitled to..