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  1. Once again Brodie as a harness expert you show your lack of knowledge. When Scott's drive last won at Cambridge he handed up to the fav and took the trail and won on the passing lane. His horse was always going to stop last night - just a matter of when. And of course it had nothing to do with the fact the hot fav belonged to an ex stable he has recently left the employment of. In my opinion he used his horse just to bring down the favourite and along with it a lot of innocent punters. Oh well I guess this sort of thing goes on often but it was quite blatant last night. I see the stripes took his explanation so guess end of story.
  2. Completely agree with your comments
  3. Our local TAB is a joke - First before the jewels went to put on a futures bet - no-one there could help and this was my first time doing a futures bet - found info and figured out for myself. Went down on a Wednesday afternoon to take $400 out of a phone account - we don't have that much cash - I had to take a cheque. Just now went down to open a phone account (as a few are setting up a weekly betting syndicate at work) - she spent 5 minutes looking for a form to open an account and then said sorry she couldn't help as she couldn't find a form -meanwhile the person behind me makes a remark about me holding up the queue - I said not my fault mate if they can't find their forms. I now need to travel across town to another TAB and take my IDs again. This is my only 3 visits to this TAB this year. I told one of my colleagues when I came back to work and he said last week they couldn't pay him out $80 (yes not a typo $80) - told him he would have to come back tomorrow - No wonder the industry is in trouble - is there no-one from the TAB monitoring their outlets.
  4. Just wondered where you ordered from and if it is cheaper to buy mail order?
  5. You cannot step out onto a pedestrian crossing if there is a car inside the diamond. Also you must now wait until a pedestrian has completely exited a pedestrain crossing before moving off - not just your half of the crossing.
  6. I went to the local TAB last Wednesday at noon to withdraw $400 from my phone account. They said they could not pay me in cash - they did not have that much and I would have to take a cheque. I told a work colleague when I got back and they said I bet they wouldn't let you pay a cheque into your phone account. As there was only one greyhound meeting listed for the day before I found their excuse at 12 noon on a Wednesday a bit flimsy - we have had a lot of large payments - me thinks more like a cashflow problem?
  7. two nices horses named after him Didjamakembolt Cyclone U-Bolt (Both sold to Australian interests) but now with Mark Purdon.
  8. the supermarket giving away higher than average petrol savings on your grocery spend - I am sitting on a 10c and 50c discount at the moment from the supermarket promotion - not surprised to see therefore petrol prises had risen.
  9. Watched this last night - what a waste of time - never learned anything I didn't already know. From the previews for this program was expecting some new revelation as to possibility of who the murder suspect may have been. Yes they threw some light on a farm worker but hardly convincing. 1. Some cops corrupt - evidence planted. 2. Len Demmler acted strangely 3. Arthur Allan Thomas framed 4. A lady was seen at the property after the murders. 5. Evidence withheld by Prosecution at both trials. etc etc etc. What did others think.
  10. Harness Racing is a Positive Industry to be involved in
  11. Arsenic - the alternative to excessive use of the whip.
  12. I must add I have felt a 5.4 in Christchurch and that was a humdinger. The 7.0 last week off the coast of Opunake seemed very minor compared to what I have felt in Chch.
  13. At Awapuni and never felt a thing - first I knew was when I heard on radio there had been a quake.
  14. Magoo

    Guy Murder

    was a couple of other people coming forward to say that it might have been mistaken identity and they were the possible target - I thought this must be an interesting area to live in. I also think the jury arrived at the only possible conclusion with the facts presented in the trial - plenty of reasonable doubt.