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  1. 12 hours ago, We're Doomed said:

    My god. If this was 1 April I would think you were taking the piss. That is an appalling way for someone in a highly paid leadership role to write. What a terrible attitude. What is his background? Is he another ex NZ Post refugee?

    According to LinkedIn: Matt Sole


    I have been in the Banking world for 15 years.
    I have a strong background in Sales and Service, be it on the frontline or management.

    I started out as a Service Consultant with National Bank and graduating to Personal Lender and then Home Lender.

    I then moved to a Team Leader and Site Manager role, coaching and developing Service staff to spot and refer sales opportunities on the frontline.

    I then progressed to Assistant Manager role in one of the busiest Branches in NZ and did a 5 month secondment as the Manager of the branch during the Branch Changeover from National Bank to ANZ.
    I attended several Change Management courses to help with this event, and these have become quite valuable in the following years.

    I then moved into the role of Assistant Manager of ANZ Wellington Branch in the CBD, coaching and developing service and sales staff in the most visible and high value branch in our region.

    I took a role closer to the suburbs as the Branch Manager at NZCU Baywide, this enabled me to connect to the wider community and have an influence in the local business scene.
    The role enabled me to secure sponsorship grants with local sport and arts groups, and help promote Welcome Home Loans to people who otherwise might not of had an opportunity to gain that knowledge and benefit.

    Most recently, I have moved to Kiwibank and taken the role of Team Leader of the Direct Lending team, managing a team of 12 home lenders, with the goal of growing our team year on year.
    Based in the Wellington CBD and catering for the whole country, my team is a busy and driven machine who are making Kiwi's better off every day!


  2. I found this article to add to the mix:

    Rare riding feat at Ascot Park

    JAMIE SEARLE05:00, May 17 2011
    Trio: Ingrid Miller yesterday spent time with her Ascot Park winners Theruler (left) and Relampago.
    Trio: Ingrid Miller yesterday spent time with her Ascot Park winners Theruler (left) and Relampago.

    Ingrid Miller's remarkable riding record at Ascot Park on Sunday could be a first in New Zealand thoroughbred racing.

    The 18-year-old apprentice was riding at a race meeting for the first time and her two mounts won. Miller won the Wairio Plate on Theruler and rode Relampago to victory in the Wairio Cup.

    A cup race among the wins made the feat more notable

    New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing's licensing officer Matthew Barnsley said he had not heard of another rider having two winners from as many rides on their first day of race-riding.

    Records of former jockeys Judy Lawson and Ross Elliot show that they went close.

    Lawson won her first two rides, but not on the same day. She scored on Gypsy Tap at Ascot Park on March 17, 1990, and partnered Melody Fox to win there two days later.

    Ross Elliot was successful with his first three rides - all at Awapuni. Ellen Killeen was Elliot's first winner, on June 8, 1985, while a week later the Bellissimo mare and Scorching Bay gave the rider more success.

    Laura Parker, on her third day of race-riding, gained three wins at Oamaru on August 24, 2003. She was unplaced on two mounts at Riccarton earlier that month.

    Auckland-Waikato stipendiary steward and former jockey Matthew Williamson said Ingrid Miller's achievement was ''extremely rare. I can't think of anyone else who's done it''.

    Southland steward Mike Lawson, who was a jockey in the 1960s and 1970s, also could not recall another rider winning their first two rides at their debut race meeting.

    ''In the early days, there was a big number of jockeys and apprentices didn't get many rides,'' Lawson, of Winton, said.

    Trainers Brian Anderton (Wingatui) and Graeme Rogerson (Hamilton) were also contacted yesterday by The Southland Times.

    ''I've never heard of it happening before. You'd be pretty safe to say she's the first,'' Anderton said.

    Rogerson was impressed by Miller's riding style.

    ''I thought her riding ability was very good,'' he said.

    ''She kept her balance and didn't panic . . she sits good.''

    Miller yesterday said the two wins gave her ''a fairytale start'' to her career on the race track.''

    ''I don't think it's hit me yet,'' Miller, of Invercargill, said.

    The Southland Times

  3. On 10/14/2018 at 9:57 PM, Ponderosa8 said:

    #18 .. when Jason Collett won I think it was in an amateur race if memory serves correctly. And interestingly it says he won on Bobby Dazzler, and there's a 3yo with Stephen Marsh of the same name.

    Also, Natasha, Samantha and Jason are all on the list...

    Finally, Niveesh Teeluck is on the list but I hadn't seen his name in the riding ranks so looked on the NZR website and he's not licensed and last rode in June 2017. Any ideas anyone what happened to him.?

    I believe Niveesh had visa issues and is no longer in NZ


  4. 2 hours ago, Dockers said:

    Tab site down says I have no money in account and error

    My deposit went in three times :-(

    Big issues down in Petone it seems. Six digit account numbers seem to have problems. Customer services wait times are horrendous.

    I just wish the 'system' (and/ or the people at the helm) had the ability to publicise the issues so we are not in the dark, and to indicate the likely length of your wait when a call to them is vitally necessary

  5. The Levin Jumpouts, (which are run as a business by the Levin Track Trust Ltd), have a fully staffed ambulance on course and use the CD gate crew to load the horses. Barrier certificates can also be issued and horses needing to satisfactorily trial before being allowed to race again are also catered for. This all adds significant cost but seems to be well appreciated by those attending. After all $65 is considerably cheaper than attending a trial if you don't need to attend one, or your horse is in the early stages of it's education.

    I am not sure how the Waipa jumpouts are run or whether they are as akin to a trials meeting as the Levin jumpouts are. If they are then that is great for those who are in that area.

  6. You could try:

    1. Deleting your browsing history and cookies. See tools/internet options menu.

    2. If you are trying to login from your favourites list then don't. Instead try logging the address in directly into your browser window or use a search engine to find the site and login from there.

    I have had this exact problem twice and fixed it using the above. In each case the website had made small changes to their setup which meant a login old details couldn't occur.

    Good luck

  7. Yes Lynn. In talking to people I got a lot of colourful hearsay from a long time trainer who had trained horses for that Wellington connection. Stuff I would have loved to have written but felt I couldnt.

    Also you may have read that Patsy rescued Nipper. I heard that the people who had his care were 'detained' but again thats hearsay.

    There is no way Nipper would have made a middling age let alone 33 without the love of Patsy and the girls

    I'm sure you could probably write an entire book on those tales as told to you. I could also write a similar book from my time spent at the Courtenay Place TAB during the 1980's. So many characters from the very rich, the very poor, the rogues and the local celebs all spent time in the establishment. Those tales would likely make people both laugh and cry in reading them but to me they just meld into something truly memorable.

    I'm delighted that Nipper was well looked after and much loved by Patsy and co. in his retirement. So many thoroughbreds don't meet such a fortunate fate when their days on the track end. Thanks, Patsy.

  8. Fountaincourt was bred by one of Wellington's well known rogues, the late Emmanuel (sp), Manny Papadopoulos (sp). He was king of the Vivian Street strip clubs and considered 'notorious' by many. You didn't tangle with Manny or his crew.

    Despite his underworld connections and fearful reputation he could be a generous man (known to tip well) to those who got to know him a little (away from the 'dark side' of his life). My experience of this being gained through serving him at his 'local' TAB. One had to get through his thick Greek accent and tough, grumpy persona to expose a softer, kinder side to this larger-than-life character of a man. Discussing his love of the thoroghbred was a means of doing this.

    He was punter of note who regularly inhabited the Courtenay Place, TAB during the 1980's, sometimes accompanied by a 'minder'. Fountaincourt was much loved by him and his excitement when Nipper won or ran a great race was totally infectuous. Those standing near him were at risk of being inadvertantly being 'thumped' by his flailing arms such was his immense enthusiasm.

    Oh the memories....

  9. I say that you can be a 'silly old git' at any stage of life if the cap fits, Nerula. Clearly this fella was deaf, blind and lacking in sensation if he failed to feel the pounding hooves approaching on hard ground.

    Perhaps the problem was that all his senses were 'blurred' by too much Xmas cheer?

    As for Butch, I'm not sure about whether he will or not but perhaps you could ask and let us know? Mind you we see a really skinny fella leaning on the rails on New Years Day wearing a hearing aid & glasses accompanied by a minder, then it just might be our 'silly old git' post his employment issue sort-out.

  10. The "silly old git" was an employee of the ARC according to this excerpt from the stipes report.

    "A member of the track staff was inadvertently close to the horses near the 600 metres.

    Being an employment issue this will be dealt with by the Auckland Racing Club."

  11. I'm glad Taranaki did well and frankly I'm not surprised that they did. Without competition on a Saturday their chances of failing were zilch (short of an abandonment).

    Perhaps next time Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday someone will wake up to the fact and programme it as if is an ordinary Saturday.

  12. Do you keep patrolling at saturation levels month-in, month-out? How practical is this for a racing club run by volunteers with limited finances?

    IMO it is unlikely that this person is not about to stop any time soon (given what we have seen to date and how arsonists are known to operate).Clearly 'sick puppies' are at work here.

    In this case the firebug(s) obviously know the property well & are prepared to take the odd risk to set their fires. Hopefully this will be their downfall if police are not able to make arrests on the info they have to date.