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    Results not updating

    It is happening with IE9 too.
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    BP is a dedicated follower of fashion and I think, from memory, his family have a menswear shop somewhere in the Bay. So, maybe he was born to it. Frankly I don't care what the presenters wear(within the bounds of decorum), I'm much more concerned about how the horses look.
  3. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    I will take the issue up directly with the Trust and if not satisified with the response then it will be the DIA
  4. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    And, they don't appear on your list or the list in today's paper.
  5. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    I will not name them, but will say that they are two registered charitable trusts that benefit their local community. These organisations have nothing whatsoever to do with the racing industry
  6. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    I wonder how many grant applications have failed to get a mention in this article? Personally I am aware of at least two applications that TTCF formally declined in the CD region that don't appear to be mentioned. And, yes, they were 'complying', so don't appear on that list either. An oversight? Maybe, maybe not.
  7. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    My point is that the recipient is hardly an obscure cause. As for the distribution of grants I too find it distasteful given their website states the following: The Trusts welcome your organisation
  8. Chameleon

    Pokie rort??

    The Whakatipu Trails Trust can't be all that obscure as it received $1.8m (that's one point eight MILLION dollars from the Ministry of Tourism in 2008)
  9. Chameleon

    Tony Lee - disgraceful today

    Yes he has - in the 2004 Wellington Cup he mistakenly called Cluden Creek by the name of Cautious Cluden throughout the commentary. Even the best make mistakes.
  10. Chameleon

    The Hombre

    Born in Aus though: THE HOMBRE (AUS) 2006 b g LUCKY OWNERS (NZ) 2006 ATLANTA BELLE (NZ) 1994
  11. Chameleon

    What is the Smallest Horse

    Lady Madonna was under 15hh. She managed to win a Hawkes Bay Guineas and a Telegraph in her day. She didn't know she was a small horse!
  12. Chameleon

    Pokies, the rorts. How they do it?

    New starting gates may qualify for pokie fundiing because as I understand it is only the funding of stakes that is now frowned upon. The industry 'safety' fund could also have been a source of funding for new gates.
  13. Chameleon

    Ch 35 v. Ch 36

    Another one of today's informative comments: Bedlum will appreciate racing in a smaller field today (or very similar words) Really? It only had 5 opponents last time it raced, today it had 8.
  14. Chameleon

    Winter 2011 Gallopers $100 multi

    Cong'er for me, thanks.
  15. Chameleon

    Winter 2011 Gallopers $100 multi

    are jumping wins only given that he is a maiden over fences?
  16. Chameleon

    Scratching rules

    Clearly in an ideal world all horses would start and finish their races with four plates intact but often a horses throws a plate on the journey and to my knowledge no one has suggested that they should be deemed late scratchings. Some horses win or still run well with missing plates (occasionally more than one plate too), while others don't. How can we be sure that the missing plate(s) significantly hinders any horse's performance sufficiently to late scratch it? If we agree to late scratch a horse at the barrier because it only has three plates does it necessarily follow that we should do the same if it happens during the race? Food for thought.
  17. Chameleon

    Wairio Races

    RACE 6: FORDES COMPLETE LIVESTOCK PROCESSING & SOUTHERN VET CENTRE 1360 (1360M) The start of this event was delayed approximately 4 minutes and 28 seconds due to WHITESTRIPE needing to be re weighed and re saddled. TAPINSKY and PETER PORTER were both slow to begin. PETER RICHARD lay out over the concluding stages having to be straightened on at least two occasions and in the shadows of the post shifted out brushing with GOLDEN SPOT. When spoken to regarding the improved performance of PETER RICHARD trainer S Bellew advised the Stewards that prior to its previous start the gelding had gone two good races but had held its breath in its last start and a forward showing was expected to day. When spoken to regarding the performance of favorite WHITESTRIPE apprentice rider J Chong advised the Stewards the mare had never been traveling well at any stage in today
  18. Chameleon

    Horse Feed

    Here is an option that might be worth investigating:
  19. Chameleon

    sinbin ownership

    Hopefully Sinbin will be not sinbin the jock next time. Don't you hate it when horses do that sort of things to you?
  20. Chameleon

    sinbin ownership

    to win Race 6 at Wanaganui today: Karla Bruni (NZ) 2007 (21/10/2007) Bay Filly (Rating: 68) Sire: PINS (AUS) 1996 Trainer: Roydon Bergerson Dam: CANTANTE (NZ) 1999 Owner: C R Sheridan, R J Bergerson, O P Bosson & P G Humphries Sinbin was ridden (for a few metres) by Jonathon Parkes before horse and rider parted company Nothing untoward at all. Someone has their wire's crossed or is stirring.
  21. Chameleon

    Trudy Thornton

    Taken from the Stewards Report: RACE 10: CYRIL & JOY TEAZ MEMORIAL 1400 KEENLY (T Thornton) was hampered on jumping away between FLOWER GIRL (D Johnson) and WAIKEEPADACASH (R Hutchings) which both shifted ground. It is always a good idea to do some basic homework before bagging a ride.From reading that it appears Keenly being 'tardily away' was not Trudy's fault.
  22. Chameleon

    Shane Scriven-Ben Looker whip incident

    You will be able to see it again if Trackside re-shows today's Aussie Retro. It is something that has to be seen to be believed.
  23. Chameleon


    this programme doesn't seem to have permanent viewing times? For instance I can see this week's episode again it at 7am tomorrow morning but cannot find new episodes of the weekly programme being screened again at all (according to the schedule on the TAB website which is supposedly up to date until the end of April).Is there a logical reason for this? It is very frustrating when you have MySky all set up to record the series but there is no series link and no certainty as to when the programme might next be able to be viewed.
  24. Chameleon

    Must be the omen bet - Balaklava R1 trifecta

    Yes you can do a roving banker on the net but not as a percentage bet. A 50c or whole $1 multiples are the only options.