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  1. optical

    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    naturally you would think the mares would spill over to Almanzor and Tavistock being in similar pricing brackets
  2. optical

    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    massive shame.
  3. optical


    Had a clear pacemaker for him too which exaggerates how disappointing he was
  4. optical

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    Agree, that is a separate discussion however. It certainly is a factor where consideration should be given when mating mares. I feel there are also a lot of other factors; It is also worth noting that sires with these ratings normally get optimal opportunity given the quality of mare they get when they retire and rightfully so...
  5. optical

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    Not sure I make great sense of what you are trying to say here - The subject line is - "Volksraad as a broodmare sire". The fact is that Volksraad was a champion New Zealand stallion on numerous occasions and did a great job for our industry. He's proven that the could leave a top horse and has done so as a broodmare sire. I think the main thing is that horses with his blood are at an advantage to have rather than a disadvantage ...... Interesting where I Am Invincible has come from. Not sure too many worry about his timeform at the moment.
  6. optical

    Volksraad as a broodmare sire

    You sort of answered your own question there. The horses that he is leaving as a broodmare sire backs the argument up as yes 128 for Able Friend, 118 Beauty Flash, 115 Shamexpress, etc.
  7. optical

    2019 New Season stallions final!

    Really? Saw their new ad but didn't see an announcement of a new one?
  8. optical

    Stallion Register

    Seems a cost cutting exercise. Probably cheaper and more effective to be using digital platforms/ Social media and EDM.
  9. optical

    New Stallions 2018

    Smart moves all round with bringing Zacinto up north and bringing War Darcee in with that pricing strategy. Seems a sustainable model.
  10. optical

    Power To Queensland

    Change of relationship with Patrick moving on may have been a big influence to the decision? A lot of other stallions in a similar spot as him should have priority this year of Cambridge's focus I guess with them fully owning the other stallions. If he does come up, at least he will have potentially a full Aussie book. May have the potential to come back if he comes up?
  11. optical

    New Stallions 2018

    Understood and very valid. Over inflated prices I would add though.
  12. optical

    New Stallions 2018

    Almost most definitely. Savabeel has been great at leaving a good horse. Probably lacks the quantity of the top performers that Zabeel and Sir Tristram produced? Who is his best horse Kawi and Lucia Valentina? Very good horses but not out and out Champs like Octagonal or Might and Power for example. Should see him with a good horse of two soon you would think.
  13. optical

    New Stallions 2018

    Not too sure if the stallion lineup is more competitive, I remember when Sir T in his later days was competing against Star Way, Silver Dream, Famous Star, Kingdom Bay and a few others that elude my memory. I maybe misinterpreting your point of competitive now as in the service fees can be higher, but in terms of competition to proven stallions Savabeel is way on top with Tavistock a long second and then Iffraaj? Stocks are bare... So proven stallions are more of a niche for mine.
  14. Take out the Australian stallions in that list and it is grim reading!
  15. optical


    Definitely genetics, they either have it or they don't, just like staying ability, sprinting capability etc Training methods can enhance but they are born with that stuff