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  1. Nope - no need when Hank set him for the plunge win over 400m at his second start at Richmond (but I saw him trial over the 330m there and he ran the hands off the clock) Would have easily won a FFA over the 330m there
  2. He Can Yodel had a month off leaving Aus with Jake racing him up to fitness Trainer know exactly what is required to get the dogs fitness up for the upcoming Spion Rose Dogs has run 22.47sec at Richmond, 22.8 at Gosford Broke 30.00sec at Gosford Won in BOD 30.06 at Wenty Me thinks Mossie = Gary1 clown lol
  3. New laws in Aus means anyone in this country cannot bet on NZ TAB Accounts (even Kiwis visiting Aus cannot use their TAB Accounts) Even though they co-mingle the pools NZ TAB appear to have dropped the ball - interesting to see the turnover on the NZ TAB tonight and over the weekend
  4. Very sad news Gordon - she was a champion and her longevity in racing was amazing - turned up every week and gave her all on the track - jibbs
  5. Great night out at Richmond - Kristy did a few things wrong at the start and still had the pace to come out in front at the first turn and run away to victory - well done to the team Stu, Wasa and Glen
  6. Finished a very creditable 3rd in the semi after missing the start Makes the $10,000 consolation final next week and with a better start will be ultra competitive
  7. Well done to all (Stu,Wasa and Craig) on the win Sat Night Will only improve and a top chance of getting through to the final
  8. Good luck to the boys Wasa and Stu - looks a nice heat to be in so a great chance of making the semi - finals next week jibbs
  9. I raced against dogs called 'The Park' and 'The Black Rock' in the late 80's (both were superstars on the track) and they were the last of the 'The' prefix I can remember Another was 'The' fun police ie Bureaucrats have taken over the sport
  10. Clarkie has some nice pups in the making coming through (just to name a few) Piggy Back x Dee Kay Em Peking Tom x Atomic Claim Magic Spike x Buzz Cafe Magic Sprite x Swift Fantasy
  11. With the new cost structure being put in place initially by Racing Queensland being $1200 to register a brood bitch and $250 to register a pup, it will cease backyard breeding to a trickle Once in place in QLD, wont be long until adopted nationally by Greyhounds Australasia (including NZ) Do the numbers on a litter of say 10 pups to breed and then add in frozen semen, whelping, rearing and break in costs and it will not be viable to breed a litter In 18 months time,there will be a shortage of dogs bred over that time to fill fields within Aus or NZ The problem them becomes that there are less females to breed from and it will cause a flow on effect from there with less pups for the next season and so on
  12. Gay1 You still trolling this site I see Nothing better to do with your right hand again - Hully said next time he sees you,he will be having a quiet word All the best Jibbs
  13. Dashing Corsair Straws for sale (Stored at Wellington) Rare chance to purchase a Dashing Corsair straw in NZ (sire now deceased - no straws available for overseas shipment) A sire just starting to make his mark in Aus with progeny such as http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=2110514 For Sale NZ$1500 (firm) email bryanfreemantle@ozemail.com.au or call 001161412297977
  14. Congratulation to all involved Lots of work went into the win after the dog sustained a bad toe injury back in Jan 2015 Both Warren and Stu Dickinson deserve all the success that come their way with the time and money they spend on the greyhounds they both love to watch run around Well done to the team
  15. Go and look at the head on vision, Atom Bomb had her legs taken out by the 7 dog from the jump -she came off a limited preparation due to a few niggling injuries and will be greatly improved with her first ever 779m run - she has trialled 18.49, 30.20sec to the backmark recently and that will see her leading the final - she is a natural front running stayer and will be even more competitive this week