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    King of Cool

    I see another trotter off across the Tasman, just wondering if he is joining Mingara stable ? According to the commentators last night, the connections got a reasonable price for him !! Best of luck to the connections Cheers Archie
  2. Tony, if you do read this , all the best in the new venture and sorry to see you go from the training ranks.You trained a few for us over the years and sorry it eventually did not work out in the long term.Make the most of the new venture and the best of luck. Alan(Archie) Dawson (Perigo !!)
  3. archie


    Racing well in Australia at present, something like three wins in last three starts making four wins total since shifting over there,all at Menagle NSW.Cheers Archie
  4. Oh my god !, wasnt one of those naughty trainers who train on the track leaving their vehicle there was it ?? Cheers Archie
  5. All I can say to Michael Guerin and Mr Bowden, "pull my other leg , it plays auld lang syne" Cheers archie
  6. archie


    I see Mingara now racing in Australia and had a good win last Saturday night at Menangle, winning by over 6 metres and also went out favourite.Now trained by Nicole Molander ex Jason and Megan Teaz here in New Zealand.Naturally racing over there as MingaraNZ and owners and breeders still the same, Barbara and Graham Wisnewski (ex Pukekohe).All the best to them for the racing over there. Cheers Archie
  7. Lloyd, I see she has been turned out for a spell for a few days !! Cheers Archie
  8. Must have learnt it all when he was a Gunner(Private) in 161 Battery at Papakura ? Cheers Archie
  9. I claimed years back they would never end , ever since David Lange opened "pandoras box" with the Treaty of Waitangi act, and cannot see them ending as long as gutless governments keep giving into the claims each time, funny how votes required sways decisions does it not? Cheers Archie
  10. archie


    I see the great Race Relations concilliator is very conspicious by his SILENCE !! I wonder why?,perhaps the wrong coloured skin involved!! Cheers Archie
  11. Barry, I did that with Helen Clark when they introduced the "fart tax" years back.Wrote her a letter saying I had farted so many times that week and at 69cents per fart included a cheque for the amount calculated, exluding gst of course. Received a letter back acknowledging my contribution and a week or two later received my orginal cheque back in the mail.I had made it out to her by name so they could not pass it on to something else. Still have the cheque around somewhere, kept it just for laughs !! Cheers and have a good day Archie
  12. AA is not the AA of old when it was Auckland,Wellington etc. Its now AA New Zealand and a commerical enterprise and in it for the profit so will link into any organisation where they think they can make a profit from things,Bp and whoever. Found that out when I queried a few things myself. Cheers Archie
  13. Any bets on how long it before its applied in New Zealand Lloyd? Cheers Archie
  14. You can have Vatuvei for half the price !! Cheers Archie
  15. archie


    And how many of the senior players should be doing the same thing !! They have not got the guts to also accept responsibility for not performing,the coach can only do so much, he is not on the field playing the game. Cheers Archie
  16. Another one which gets up my nose is ORSESUM !! Cheers Archie
  17. When in the army had a boss who always referred to the unit he commanded as "self deficient" instead of self sufficient. We used to crack up at his briefings everytime he mentioned it.We were the only " self deficient" unit in the NZ Army. As years went by and with lack of resources we started to believe him in the end. Cheers Archie
  18. Na, he is getting more money at the High Wire Trust than he got in the army so he wouldnt be interested. Cheers Archie
  19. Gruff, was watching the head of the New Zealand drug testing agency on the tv tonight and he cannot figure out what is going on, he said the same thing about using steroids(one of the eastiest to detect) so close to the games.He is just wondering if the other woman has been set up too?? However he accepts the decision has been made by the authorities but he still has his doubts as well. Cheers Archie
  20. What are you all going on about.When she got the silver medal she said then, it was not the belarusian that beat her, it was the new zeland admin stuff up which unsettled her so why should she get the gold medal now(tic)!! Seems how stories can change very quickly Cheers Archie
  21. Rooboy, just watched somemore yachting and did you not see the large NZL and AUS also on the sails, just underneath the country flags. Me thinks you just want to start the old theme of "changing the counties flag" again ? - correct!! Cheers Archie
  22. If you are a true blue Kiwi, you should know your countrys flag.You are starting to sound like some of our politicians, whinging about not knowing what our flag looks like.As some one has already said, only four stars and with red in the centre of the starts. I bet if the politicians had to pass a test to recognise our flag BEFORE they got paid, they would recognise it alright without too much trouble.As someone once said to me overseas, is why do your atheletes wear a WHITE FEATHER ??until I explained thats not what it was suppose to be!! Cheers Archie
  23. Many thanks for that.Was trying to figure it out as Perigo's mother has just turned 29 and was trying to figure out how old she was in human terms.Will have to wait a bit for the queens telegram by the look of things.Once again , many thanks Archie
  24. Can someone clarify for me what to use to convert horses ages to human equivalent,is it five or seven years per one year of horses age ? Many thanks. Archie
  25. archie

    Perigo retired

    Teletubby, just to let you know the old fellow is starting his retirement on a farm at Ohaupo, near TeAwamutu.He will be well looked after. Cheers Archie