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  1. Please .... No more talk of all weather tracks for gallops. Turf is best. Only excepts are Picnics Beach Races occasionally. Riccarton wasted $ on a wood.bark chip training track years ago. Now they have a track where there is a coarse base done by a roadworks company who sold off all the top soil. The grass on the surface does not have great roots going down, so is very hard. Horses now jar up racing on this road like surface. Look at the numbers racing on it today.
  2. Maverick

    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    Leo Molloy (Memories) Leo did me proud..... One ride one win, my first..... He had a bad check during the race, but got up to win by a neck at Motukarara. I had a $100 each way at TAB the day before... which was worth near $3000 for a winning stake of $450 in the race..... I had another $200 to put on race day but was being watched by too many as I left bird cage asking why it opened up so short, so never put that on. The odds were much better at start time however. Leo was to ride again for me at Trentham but broke his leg in a race fall at Greymouth the day before.
  3. Maverick

    Ricky May

    Driver Ricky May was flown to Dunedin Hospital last night, after collapsing during a meeting at the Omakau track in Central Otago.He fell backwards, seemingly unconscious in the sulky, before falling to the ground.The race steward's confirmed May had a heart attack.He's reined nearly three thousand winners since he began racing in 1976.
  4. Maverick

    NZ Cup Nominations

    Is Dexter Dunn coming back? Two drives in Canada (Mohawk) this week for two wins. It's the first time we have seen anything of him that we can bet on. Both were about 5/1.