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  1. Can't say they weren't warned quite some time ago... From: Sent: Thursday, 11 August 2016 10:42 p.m. To: Phil Holden Subject: NSW ban on Greyhound Racing Dear Sir, Firstly, let me congratulate you on your recent appointment to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Greyhound Racing. I hope the role will be a fulfilling one for you. I write to you as a very concerned participant in the industry. Despite breeding and owning a number of greyhounds in New Zealand I am based in NSW and have been following events here very closely. After sitting through numerous hours of debate last night from the NSW upper house of state parliament, I made a few observations. Those speaking in support of the industry could rightly point out that wastage in greyhounds was no different in principle than many other animal industries from equine racing to dairy to chickens, domestic pets etc. Death and injury of animals as a result of an industry providing a gambling medium was no different to horse racing. The inability of the industry to stamp out live baiting was as much the fault of government appointed oversight and a lack of appetite to go after offenders by those tasked with that responsibility as it was the industry's fault in not doing more to eradicate the people involved. There was one area though that really cut to the bone so to speak. Given all the controversy after the Four Corners episode last year when transparency and accountability should have been at its zenith those involved at Greyhounds New South Wales sought to sanitise figures relating to deaths and injury's in the form of stipendiary reports. Whilst the intentions may well have been to protect the sport, once exposed it only reinforced a belief that the industry and completely lost it's moral compass or even it's "social license", such that any other alternatives the industry might come up with to reform couldn't be trusted to be enacted. I point this out because a similar process has been exhibited in New Zealand racing and I hope it is being stopped. There will come a day in the near future where pressure will come to bear on Greyhound Racing in New Zealand from the Greens and animal activists like the Greyhound Protection League who made submissions to the McHugh report. They will no doubt be seeking to draw as many parallels as possible and as an industry we need to distance ourselves from all similar behavior. To watch a sport I love being torn apart by politicians and the media is heartbreaking. The untruths littered through the McHugh report have been used to deride the efforts of thousands of good hard working folk who have never done a thing but love their dogs and cherish there company. To have these untruths splashed across television and print media as fact by a government so malicious in its intent horrifies me. I firmly believe the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association has an opportunity to get well ahead of the debate about the industry's right to exist by implementing a groundbreaking and world leading set of measures to ensure full lifetime management for all dogs and the highest level of welfare enforcement. Whilst the structure of the sport in New Zealand is different, similar issues never the less remain. There are systemic welfare and wastage issues arising from the business models employed by some in the industry that I believe we need to address and address quickly before the same tactics employed by Four Corners and some of the animal activists arrive on NZ shores. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email. Regards,
  2. I have 3 young sprinters that I am looking to move, whelped Nov 2014 so plenty of racing in them. Magic Sprite x Motley Blue Runnin' Cloggs (C2) 3K 9s-3w-2p. Cut the Ribbons (C1) $2.5k 8s-1w-2p Settle Gretel (C0) $2.5k 2s-0w-0p Can all trial around 17.5 Addington, a couple have gone 5.8/17.3 previously with good early speed but the latter 2 bitches taken a bit of a dislike to Addington after race incidents so best suited in CD/Auckland on tight tracks. Wont go beyond 300m at this stage. Will offer a discount for all 3. Contact via email, Michael.
  3. I have a few dogs I am looking to move on to accomodate some break-ins. All from Oct 11 mating of El Grand Senor x Motley Blue Motley Man $3500 (23s-8-3-3) Fast dog but clumsy in a field and had minor injury issues. Recently downgraded from C4, should pick up a race at very short notice. Has trialled under 17.2 at Addington and won in 17.32 and 18.55 at Forbury. Harpic $3000 (10s-3-1-2) Large dog with decent motor but have had trouble keeping him on the track. Fit after suffering a small tear in back muscle at his last start. Would much prefer one-turn tracks in the north. Lightly raced and well-graded. Has run 18.55 at Forbury. Fireman's Legacy $4500 (22s-9-3-1) C5 at Addington is a bit rich for this girl but she has very good manners and plenty of wins left in her. Recently downgraded where I expect she will find her feet again very quickly. She can run a 5.80 first section at Addington so would be well suited on any 2 turn track. Any inquiries please email and I will be happy to call and discuss. Mike.
  4. Well done Ashley, did you get the name Amber form the bitch Crafty had? She says well done from Sydney.
  5. While the Christchurch club have supported Canteen and Tony Music in particular has done a lot of work getting them set-up with the dogs I think the NZGRA have missed a great marketing opportunity so far. With all the negative publicity on the TV not so long ago I would have thought they would have been eager to promote the fact that these dogs were doing something very positive for the sport and the charity..
  6. The way your carrying on you will be dropping your pants off at the dry cleaners quick smart if Fireman's Salute gets up!!
  7. Like a fireman misses Manchester St.
  8. Hi Jim, she has been very good to me lately. Got the quaddie today for a very small spend and couldn't resist the $41 in heat of the Stayers Cup a month or so back. I know her formline looked average but the drop from C5 to C4 is pretty big at Chch and with no pace in the race was always a chance drawn closer to the rail. Can't mix it with big boys over the 520m, too one-paced. Just cant go with them in first half of the race. Would love to have in staying races week-in week-out but they are pretty thin on the ground. Have you had a look at kiwidogs site? Dont really come on here much anymore.
  9. I might have something your interested in. My email is
  10. Jibbs, as you have touched on before unless there are commercial rearers ready to promote their facilities for prospective purchasers at the auction then it is going to be a struggle for any new owners. Buying a pup sounds great but then what? Who is going to rear and break the pup in..?
  11. bamboozla


    Not at the moment Jibbs, with the new Super Stayers series running for the next few months there is plenty of racing.
  12. Get your hand off it, your wife wouldn't be pleased to know your dreaming of Helen Clark.
  13. What NZ wants, -As many races as possible (Capitalism) -Races for all dogs irrespective of form/entitlement (Socialism) -High stakemoney (Capitalism) -Kiwi bred races only (Protectionism) -Aussie sprinters tax (Protectionism) -More breeeding but we cant afford it or too lazy, just buy in another cheap sprinter and keep moaning.. (Apathy) -Lots of 500m races without the dogs to run them -More staying races without actually providing regular scheduled races -Less Sprints Anything else I missed?
  14. bamboozla


    I was on track last night and thought his run was ok, but will have to find plenty of improvement over the next week. Despite not beginning well he got into a good position following the calamity at the first bend that wiped out five other runners. Ignoring the winner for a minute the concern would be that he was level with the eventual runner up through the second section but finished more than 6 lengths behind that dog. He will have to step cleanly, hope for a good draw and find the line a lot better next week.