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  1. Trev

    Mark & Natalie

    They are in New Zealand
  2. Trev

    Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges

    Acting on a report provided by Racing Investigators who completed a stable inspection at the training premises of N McGrath, Stewards ordered that CLOUD NINE and STEEL THE SHOW in Race 8 be scratched acting under Rule 213(1)(c). An investigation was opened into this matter.
  3. Trev

    GOOOO! The Dream!

    Nat was in a no win situation.Horse handed up last week over 2200m but was being driven to instructions last night.Error of judgement cost Copy That the win.Great to see Amazing Dream get up and beat the colts.Been 25 years since a filly won this race.Race of the night very entertaining
  4. Trev


    this never gets old:
  5. Trev

    Hill - Jones Partnership

    Went out on a winning note
  6. Trev

    Somebody knew something!

    Probtan all up bet
  7. Trev

    Interdoms 2020

    I have been there in the summer heat and to be travelling horses to tracks will definitely take its toll on there performance.
  8. Trev

    Interdoms 2020

    A PRESS RELEASE FROM ALL STAR STABLES PRINCIPALS MARK AND NATALIE All Stars principals Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen will review their plans to support the 2020 Inter Dominions in New South Wales after what they considered a ‘disturbing’ incident at the Newcastle meeting last Friday. Three horses trained by Craig Cross at Cobbitty were arbitrarily stood down from participating in the Newcastle Mile after arriving only minutes after the two hour deadline for being on course for a Group One event. The circumstances surrounding that decision are of great concern when considered in context of the 2020 Series. The Cross team seemed a victim of circumstances.. A tree fallen across the road near Penrith had disrupted traffic around Sydney causing massive delays. On receiving a text from the Stewards at 2.37pm that there could be holdups the Cross team was on the road by 2.50pm for a journey that normally takes about two and a half hours.But with long delays they arrived just after the 7pm deadline for the Group One horses entered on the night. That was not good enough for the NSWHR stewards on course. “It seems a very harsh decision to us and a red flag for our Interdominion plans”, Mark said. “As the series is in New South Wales this year and a lot of visiting trainers domicile their horses at Menangle or thereabouts there will be two rounds of heats held at provincial tracks one being Newcastle and the other Bathurst.The distance to each of these tracks is approximately two hours and forty five minutes by car with no hold ups. Horses on board add a further forty five minutes to the travelling time,meaning a round trip would take seven hours, presuming there are no hold ups, road works, accidents etc. At that time of year, as we know, the summers can be extreme. Given the distance between meetings there is potential for hold ups and if the New South Wales stewards are going to be so unreasonable and scratch your horse if you are a few minutes late, as with the Cross team at Newcastle, it would be a major concern.” Mark added “Another concern for the stable is horse welfare from the amount of summer travel required The horses are expected to race three times in eight days plus travel on two occasions. Seven hours by float or truck under those conditions is brutal. If the official’s rulings are going to be so inflexible that no reasonable discretion was exercised, and if it was our stables that was affected by an unforeseen event we would find ourselves out of an Interdominion series. “ This would be an unacceptable result for us, our owners and the betting public. Natalie and I are serious about reviewing the situation in light of the Cross event at Newcastle. A lot of planning, time, money and effort goes into getting these horses from New Zealand to New South Wales to compete not just by ourselves but owners and staff as well. We do not want to see it all go for nothing because of decisions like this being made by New South Wales stewards. Mark Purdon
  9. Trev

    The n

    Tui (cannery) Cooper Menangle on Saturday night will they have the 48 hour holding barn in place ???? Does she think they won’t? I welcome it just to prove her wrong
  10. Trev

    Princess Tiffany

    1.49.9 would of won the Chariots of Fire just
  11. Trev

    Princess Tiffany

    Great to see she has taken no harm from her fabulation and has bounced back to win tonight.
  12. Trev

    The n

    The racecafe MOTTO we support all the rules in harness racing as long as NONE of them apply to any of our members But we DON'T support any investigation into any of our members who are caught breaking any of them from Tui (Cannery) Cooper
  13. Trev

    The n

    Gee they love to bag everyone on harness owners racing site. its a comedy show bennett and co don’t think we can read there posts lol
  14. Trev

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    $280 k for a trotter wow great to see
  15. Trev

    The n

    Great post and well summed up about this community of harness enthusiasts. its the racing owners page run by Neil Bennett.Paul Walton,Craig Kennett and Tui Copper. Mitsubishi like the muppet show